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If you have made mistakes,
even serious mistakes,
you may have a fresh start
any moment you choose;
for this thing we call "failure"
is not the falling down,
but the staying down.

Mary Pickford


Self-treatment or self-help is essential if you expect to regain and then maintain your health. A professional ReflexoCurist (reflexologist) can help coach you if you are struggling with some health related problem, but ultimately you need to take responsibility for your own well-being by following that inner guidance ... intuition, gut instinct, heart ... all culminating in what we experience as conscience.

Nicole's ReflexyCure Probe is one of the simplest and most effective self-help tools on the market today. When you are ready for therapy just place the ReflexyCure probe/roller on the floor in front of a comfortable chair. As you seat yourself reach out with one of your toes and grip the groove on either of the two ends. Then press it firmly against the floor as you position your other foot over the reflexology-wheel located in the center of the long shaft and begin to let it press into the tissues. The search for the K1 meridian/Solar Plexus reflexology area has begun.

Your objective is to comb the target area known to some ReflexoCurist's (reflexologists) as the Solar Plexus reflex area. In the midst of this region (between the second and third metatarsal bones) you will find the K1 meridian point. So if you miss on the first try ... continue to slowly roll your foot back-and-forth as you look for that well known pinpoint of pain that will indicate you have hit the bulls eye. When you find it ... hold your position and begin to increase the downward pressure on the ReflexyCure probe wheel. Press until you reach the point of intolerance. Then back off a little and hold steady for 20 to 60 seconds. Take a short break and press again. Do this several times before going to the other foot where you will repeat the whole process for the other side of your body.

Copyright 1979 by Steve Saran

Note: some folks don't experience any significant level of zone/meridian point pain due to good health, or conversely because of dehydration, severe illness, emotional disturbance, and/or excessive use of psychotropic drugs. If you fit into this category ... don't become discouraged because the benefits are still able to occur in many of these instances mentioned ... whether you feel pain or not. However, if you do find other points of painful discomfort in your search for the K1 ... do not allow yourself to become sidetracked from your objective by working other reflexes. You may go back later to any of those other points after you have fully activated the K1 which is buried 1/2" to 1" deep within the plantar muscle ... right in the center of the Solar Plexus (Note: Saran's nerves point corresponds with K1 compared to Ingham's Solar Plexus).

The K1 is the only meridian that originates on the bottom of the feet (the other 22 major meridians either originate or terminate on the tops of the feet or hands). The K1 is also known as the Chinese Sleep Point, the Well Point and the Bubbling Springs Point ... it is one of the most powerful points found on the foot. Although you can get all of this reflexology activation by walking bare footed on the rocks or standing on golf balls ... the ReflexyCure Probe is convenient for the busy city dweller in order to easily access this point (some self-helpers have one under their desk at work). You can get pinpoint accuracy with this quality (patent pending) instrument that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

Help resolve insomnia and other dysfunctions with Nicole's
ReflexyCure Probe. Or stand on smooth rocks or golf balls
to help produce a good "shock" to K1 as pictured above.


An MIR Reflexology Student writes (4/10/05) of a dramatic healing response to K1 (Kidney One) activation (name withheld at request of this male student):

"My digestion has been somewhat of a problem since 1979. My foot reflexes have been very tender, so I began stimulating them as part of my reflexology studies. The most recent self-treatment that I performed was with Nicole's ReflexyCure Probe and it lasted about 1.5 hours (my feet at times became numb from the pressure that I created with the reflexology-wheel of the REFLEXY). This agonizing activation of the sensitive Kidney Meridian origins (encompassing the stomach and small intestine reflexes) on the bottom of both feet, resulted in a deep cleansing reaction which produced pulsing pains deep within my abdomen. This pain gradually diminished as my condition improved over a 7-Day period.

Nicole's ReflexyCure Probe

"For those first two days after that grueling self-treatment ... shooting pains would radiate across my abdomen every 20 minutes. I had to run to the toilet constantly, where I once observed expulsion of partially digested food that I had eaten as much as two weeks earlier. However, by the 3rd day the pain was a little better, but I still had the diarrhea.

"During the 4th day there were hardly any pains, and the stool began to firm up. On the 5th day of my ordeal, I still had pain ... but much less: and the stool was getting back to normal. By the 6th day there was very little pain and on the 7th ... the pain was gone.

" This has been a firsthand (foot-first) learning experience that has demonstrated the virtue of 'shock type' reflexology taught by MIR. This single treatment has started a healing in my body for which I have been praying. I plan to repeat this procedure periodically (as time permits) in order to gain my optimum level of health. (I should mention that I had lost my appetite and couldn't really eat. However, I did drink 3 cups of dandelion tea daily ... those first two days.)"

Eunice Ingham Stopfel's 1958 Zone Therapy Chart
shows location for Solar Plexus reflex area
depicted in black. Red spot is superimposed
overlaid to show close relationship with
Kidney One (K1) meridian point.

Yes, it is possible for you to start a self-treatment reflexology program. It is as simple as going barefoot on the grass, pressing both K1's upon two smooth rocks, stepping simultaneously onto two golf balls, or purchasing a ReflexyCure Probe. Any tool that enables you to easily access the K1 with dynamic activation will help generate the bio electric mechanism of action needed to improve your sense of well-being. Yes, you can feel good again.

Please note that each end of the ReflexyCure Probe is designed to work the meridian origins and termination's located at the corner of the nail beds on both the feet and the hands. Imagine all that power in one tool ... under your control (see chart and photos in right hand column).

If you purchase a Reflexology Starter Kit you can begin to track your improvement by daily or weekly entries into the 'MIR Reflexologist Log Book'. If you decide to become a ReflexoCurist/Reflexologist Practitioner; those documented hours of self-help and your case history will count towards the MIR Reflexology Home Study Course or the Professional Freelancer Reflexology Certificate. Order a Reflexology Starter Kit today and start logging your practicum hours. Help your friends and get even more hours.

The Hands & Fingers in ReflexoCure

Dr. FitzGerald prescribed rubber bands or his steel spring-rings
to be used on the fingers of both hands. This is a simple
yet powerful technique to affect the whole body through
the meridian/reflex points found in the fingers.
Change fingers when they becomes bluish.
Simple. Anyone can do this at home.

Dr. FitzGerald has banded key Zones 1, 2 & 3.
Let the pain go and the healing begin.

Korean Hand Reflex Therapy

Courtesy: KHTSystems.com


Note that the Conception Vessel (CV) Meridian runs down the center finger. In Korean Hand Therapy this is the extra Meridian from which the other 12 are situated or located or referenced. Locate the CV1 or (as it is known in KHT) A1 on the bottom of the hand. These points are extremely small reflexes are worked with the fine ball on the end of the Stainless Steel Acupressure probe.

The CV1 (a special full body merididan which runs down the center of the body from the lower lip to the scrotum) point on the main body meridian (aka the Well Point) can be easily and effectively treated (in conjunction with the A1 on the hand) with self-help using the Reflex Beamer I-1c. Please note in the photo below that the prone or reclined position is necessary in order to expose CV1 to therapeutic infrared radiation. Dr. Long - who conceived this position as best for self-application - volunteered to demonstrate his technique. In a private self-treatment session you can expose and easily target CV1, located between the rectum and the scrotum or vagina, without the hindrance of clothing. CV1 been shown over the centuries to be an excellent point for increasing your life force/energy through its tonification of the Kidney. It also regulates menstruation and refreshes the Mind.

Note the Beamer I-1c is tied to a brick for
stability and the level of heat is controlled
by a Rheostat held in the right hand.

Note that CV1 is located between the rectum and
the bottom of the scrotum as illustrated above.
Specificity is not necessary when using
non coherent infra red light.

Photobiomodulation of CV1 will have a profound effect on itching of the perineum, hemorrhoids, seminal emission, enuresis, irregular menstruation, pro lapse of uterus, infantile convulsions, convulsions, schizophrenia and many other benefits that accrue from the systemic effect of chemilumenescense of the red blood cells. Enjoy these and other health benefits in the comfort of your own home. Reflex Beamer I-1c is especially suited to this application due to its vertical column of light projected onto the target area which concentrates the rays where they are needed. "I am taking preventive measures to keep my prostate in shape as I continue to age. At 74-years I need to become serious about regaining and then maintaining my health or get ready to endure a premature death. I don't want to wait till they tell me I am dying with prostate cancer: like they had to tell my good friend," exclaimed Dr. Long during his demonstration for these photos.

To catch the CV1 you must rock the pelvis
toward the naval by pulling the legs upward.

Note: feet resting on chair: held together with soft
rope while Beamer 1c is shining on CV1 meridian
area to help create photobiomodulation.

The New Advanced Starter Kit

Professional Reflexology Starter Kit

$475.00 Value for only $325.00.

A more serious first step toward ultimate enrollment in the ReflexoCurist/Reflexologist Home Study Package/Course is the Professional Reflexology Starter Kit pictured above. This kit contains some extras: 1) Reflexology Decoder [temporarily out of stock --- substitute Carter Color Foot & Hand Charts]; 2) a 3-ring binder w/Lesson #1 and #2 of the Home Study with 12 Dougans' 8 x 10 Major Meridian Charts [extra]; 3) Dr. Wittman's New Reflexology Hand Book; 4) New & Improved Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer I-1c; 5) Nicole's ReflexyCure roller probe; 6) Reflexologist Log Book; 7) Dr. Wittman's Reflex-O-Massager w/DVD (based on DRUMmer principles); 8) Bernardin 4-Color 11x17 Foot Reflexology Chart [extra]; and 9) DVD of Ann Gillanders British finger/thumb-walk Technique [extra].


Dovid Wheeler (Israeli Rabbi) experiences hammer
action with the DRUMmer upon K1 point at MIR.

You only need 100 hours of practicum to complete the Home Study ReflexoCure (reflexology) Course or 500 hours to attain an Experiential Freelancer Reflexology Certificate. A Professional Starter Kit will help you get started building your hours of required practice to attain your reflexology certification. One of these kits could ultimately lead you into a part time reflexology job or even a new vocation/occupation. So, continue to study this Website and simply follow your heart as it harmonizes with intuition. And then ... your conscience will either say yes or no.

Not I, but God in me.
dag hammarskjold, 1953

Rebb Wheeler visited the Institute for Tutoring.
He opened a Reflexology Clinic in Israel in 2006.

Listen and then Obey.

May your DREAM come true.

Let the JOURNEY begin.


If Columbus had an advisory committee
he would probably still be at the dock.
Justice Arthur Goldberg


Good News from MIR Graduate

Donna M. Bean
When Donna M. Bean of Gwinnett County, Georgia, decided to train with Modern Institute and become a Reflexologist ... she ran into governmental regulations that required she become licensed as a Massage Therapist. Here is her story:

I was asked to write my story about overcoming ill conceived governmental reflexology regulations in order to inspire others to follow their heart when confronted with such barriers. I want to let people know that just because someone says something, or the government makes a law, that doesn’t mean you can’t change it. So, here’s my recent experience with such rules and regulations.

Well, as most of you know, I have been trying to get a business license in Gwinnett County for Reflexology. When I first called the county I was told I needed a certification, three letters of recommendation from registered voters in the county I live in, and I had to complete the application for the license. I thought, "NO PROBLEM!!"

After completion of my 350 hour reflexology training course I got the required letters and filled out the application ... then off to the business license department I went. When I got there I was told that I had to have a National Certification, so the clerk gave me the number to call in order to get that "certification".

OH BOY!! When I called I discovered that I had to complete a 500 hour course in Massage Therapy or bodywork, and then send them $250.00 just to be able to sit and take a test. The county was going to make me become Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy to get a license to practice as a reflexologist.

At first I said okay, no problem. So I continued my reflexology studies and completed requirements for my 500 Professional Certification with Modern Institute of Reflexology (MIR), which is the 500 hour course that the National Certification Board required.

After reading the test center’s booklet and Website, it said that you have to have in-class hours. OH NO!! MIR's courses were home study. So I called the center, "Are you sure it’s in-class hours???" They said, "No, the certification from MIR would do".

Great!! I continued to talk with the gentleman asking questions. I asked, “How much of the test would be on Massage Therapy??” The answer was, about half. Another question was, “What would happen if I didn’t pass?”. The answer? You can pay $250.00 to take it again, but you can only take the test three times ($250 each time). I thought to myself for a moment and told the gentleman okay, and hung up the phone.

Okay, I was going to have to do some major studying. This bothered me for a couple of weeks, but I could not quit thinking about my problem and ways around this law that my county had. So, I phoned the President of Modern Institute of Reflexology, Zachary K. Brinkerhoff, III, and he told me to hang tough and have faith and fight it. Then I spoke with family, friends and massage therapists who said, “that’s just crazy ... Reflexology and Massage are different."

"Most people are so busy
knocking themselves out
trying to do everything
they think they should do,
they never get around to do
what they want to do."

– Kathleen Winsor

I asked myself if this was God’s way of testing me (to see if this is really what I wanted to do) or was I going to give-in or just give up and do something else. My answer to Him was "YES, this is what I am going to do!! It feels right." With all the pain I had been through with my legs (ankles and knees) ... I knew what it felt like to hurt. Now I know how to help other people. I felt like this was the reason that I was here ... reflexology is what I am supposed to do. I have always been told that if something is hard to get ... don’t give up ... it will just make getting it feel so much better and worth it.

I decided to call every government license agency for Georgia and found that I didn’t have to get a state license. So my question to myself was why should I have to get one from my county. There’s got to be another way. So I called the county and asked them what to do next. The clerk told me to send the application back in and the Board would deny it. Then they would send it back to me with the Appeal Process. That process would start when I sent a Letter of Appeal along with $500 dollars for the appeal.

So I said, “YOU’RE KIDDING”. The guy I was speaking with (and had been speaking with since the beginning of the mess) said I could write a letter asking them to waive the fee and send it with the Letter of Appeal. The Board could either waive the fee or make me pay, but they would decide after reading the letters.

So, I wrote a nice little letter asking them to waive it, and of course they did. I also sent in a Letter of Appeal along with that letter. When I called to make sure they got the letter, they said they would set up the process and make an appointment for me to go before the members of the Gwinnett County Board to let me have my say.

I made up my mind … the County was in for a fight. I was not going to give up and I WASN’T going to pay anyone any money to take a test that I wasn’t qualified to pass. I was going to set a precedent for Gwinnett County. I was going to get my license for Reflexology and I didn’t care how many appeals I was going to have to go through. I was going to win.

What we need are more people
who specialize in the impossible.

--- Theodore Roethke

So, along with the Letter of Appeal and a request for waiver, I sent letters from everyone who had written recommendation letters to the reflexology school and the county ... along with letters from my Chiropractor and Nurses who are my patients. I also included a letter from my orthopedic doctor stating that I was not physically able to be a massage therapist. I also sent in the name and address of every association in the United States for reflexology and made sure to include their phone numbers. I didn’t stop there ... but also included the history of reflexology and how it has evolved over the years. This data showed how it can benefit individuals. Then I added information from a couple of Website's that I had referenced during my studies. I gave them so much data on reflexology they were probably choking on it.

A week later they left two messages on my cell phone asking me to call them. I was expecting they wanted to make an appointment time for my appeal to the Board. So I called them back. Since I had sent them all that information, the gentleman said they had decided to do some further checking on reflexology. After doing their research the Board had decided that I was right. Reflexology and Massage Therapy are not the same. I was informed that they were going to separate Reflexology from Massage Therapy and put it in a separate classification. That meant I didn’t have to go in front of the board members to fight my case.

So, today I went to pick up my business license – REFLEXOLOGY FOR THE SOLE!!!!!

I want to thank everyone who was there by my side and those who stood with me in spirit!! I got my answer ... this is what God wants me to do.

Thanks and God Bless!

Donna M. Bean
Certified Professional Reflexologist
November 5, 2004


This Page Updated:

Nicole's ReflexyCure is in MIR's Starter Kit.
Get on the road to
joy & health today!
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Kidney One Meridian depicted by red spot on diagram of bare foot.

Nicole's ReflexyCure Probe is able to banish insomnia and other dysfunction's by pressure on K1 Chinese Sleep Point. This painful reflex activation creates the Bio electric cascade through the twelve major meridians. Note that K1 points are located on bottom of both feet. Try it today !!!

K1 meridian point (Red Spot) shows overlap with larger Solar Plexus reflex area (shaded) depicted by Dr. Ingham.

Retired Chiropractor Richard Long stands on two golf balls to activate the body's self-healing system via K1 Meridian Point also known as Chinese Sleep Point.

Note that he steadies himself on bookshelf with left arm. Bearing most of the weight on his heels ... he leans into the balls. When the point of pain intolerance is reached ... he backs off a little and holds it steady ... right there.

At this point Zachary recommends that you begin to pray to your Maker ... the Sovereign Creator ... seek insight into the causative factor of your insomnia or other discomforts.

You may need to make a lifestyle change, so listen to your conscience. Listen and then obey.

"Beloved, I desire above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul (mind, will and emotion) prospers."


Monica McGuire
Charlotte, NC
"My skin was itching and burning terribly, so I called for Mildred Carter's help. Her son-in-law Gordon Weber told me to call Dr. Zachary Brinkerhoff for advice and consultation. So, I got a hold of Zachary and he advised me to follow the golf ball program as outlined on this Web page.

"I went to WalMart & got a bag of balls, but my feet were so sensitive that I could only sit & do one foot at a time. 2 minutes was top treatment time, but I rolled them 3 or 4 times a day (and at night if I had to arise).

"You are a genius, Zachary!!! The itching & burning has gradually improved. After 8 days it is almost gone. This golf ball ReflexoCure really does work. I feel like I have had a body transplant ... almost.

"Let me add that Dr. Carter's 'nail buffing' has been turning my hair back to its original color during six months of daily reflexercise: buffing nail against nail."

MIR Graduate Alfred Bird Bear Obes, MD, stays healthy by walking bare footed at minus 25 degrees on the snows of North Dakota. If Alfred can do it in the snow ... you can do it on your carpet or lawn or gravel driveway. Give it a try (the snow too).

Doctor of Reflexology Eunice Ingham Stopfel
"We try to fool ourselves and place the blame for our illness on external things. Instead, it is what we cause to happen in the functioning of our glands within the body, through the type of (negative) thinking we have done, and not something on the outside .... barring accident,"
said Eunice.

"Do not let the wild forces of your nature run loose and fill the body with poison from anger that is not under your emotional control. I call your attention to the wise words in the Bible, Proverbs 16:32:
'He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that rules his spirit than he that takes a city.' "
Eunice Ingham

These silver (sedation) or gold (tonification) spring-rings should be moved to another position when discomfort occurs. Move to another finger when the end of finger become bluish in color. The spring-rings capture all the points on each level of the posterior, interior and anterior aspects of the physical body.

Meridian Well Points
6 Major Meridians begin or end near the cuticle of nail beds on both the feet & hands (mirror image of points also on opposite hand or foot).

In this self-help view of Triple Warmer 1, aka Endocrine origin point: note how the targeted finger is supported firmly by both thumbs beneath point of probe contact.

Here we see self-help activation of the Circulation/Sex Well Point located as shown on hand meridian chart above using the ends of the ReflexyCure Probe.

Hand Clasp Technique
has proven an excellent self-treatment to relieve: "colds, all pulmonary conditions, hysteria, nervousness, insomnia, tension, vomiting, paralysis agitans, and to bring relaxation."
(Zone Therapy, 1955, Harry B. Bressler, ND, DC.

MIR's youngest student (Gabriella Martinez) is an actual case where Hand Clasp worked to relieve painful tension throughout her whole body within 15 minutes.

Gabriella had just come from a successful Full Body Massage paid for by her mother to resolve her "home-work" tension. She felt wonderful until she began to use the MIR computers to finish her home-work assignment. In short order the muscular tightness enveloped her body. She was in tears from the painful agony.

"I was rather skeptical when told by Dr. Zachary to clasp my hands tightly for 15 minutes. I didn't want to do such a seemingly silly thing like that. But he followed me around the school and kept telling me to squeeze tightly. There was no escape," said Gabriella.

"As Dr. Zachary cornered me in the kitchen he had me move my grip towards the finger tips. First the space between the joints -- then right on the joints themselves. The joints were very painful," said Miss Martinez.

"I was amazed. All the tension in my body was completely gone after 15 minutes. I felt normal again and was able to decide to seek help from my teacher before finishing the home work assignment.
Dr. Zachary had me shine the Reflex Beamer I-1b on my face before I left for home. The new 125 watt shatter-proof bulb has a wonderful feel to it. It was like the icing-on-the-cake."

"A certain amount of discomfort to the patient occurs when we give a manipulation, so do not try to accomplish too much in a short time (by giving too strong a treatment). Patients do not like rough treatment, and you should not try to rush Nature. She goes along serenely and perfection is brought forth in its own good time. Our work as practitioners is only to assist Nature, we cannot assume Her prerogatives."
Harry Bond Bressler









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