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Prove all things;
Hold fast that which is good.

1 Thessalonians 5:21

Caisson Drilling Rig
(on-the-job percussion reflexology provided ... free.)

What does a hydraulic powered Caisson Drilling Rig have to do with Percussion Reflexology? Well, when a Rig Operator came into Afoot Connection for a treatment ... a not-so-strange story unfolded. Here is that profound narration:

As Zachary directed percussion reflexology to the Driller's K1 point with the Percus-O-Matic 'jackhammer' he excitedly exclaimed: "That machine makes my right foot feel the same as my left after I have put it up there on the hydraulic line of my Rig. I stick my left foot up there all the time because it is a convenient place to rest it ... right on that pounding 2" steel pipe ... right were it comes out of the hydraulic pump. It feels just like a hammer impacting the sole of my boot ... feels really good. Matter of fact ... feels just like your hammer machine there."

The Percus-O-Matic 'jackhammer' delivered up to 10,000
impacts/minute to the plantar aspect of the foot.

Zachary had noticed during the preliminary interview that all the complaints the Driller had annotated on his medical history form were located on the right side of his body. As the treatment progressed a simple deduction showed the reason why the left side of his body was in a perfect state of health. It was obviously due to daily percussion from the hydraulic line against the bottom of his left boot. "Do you ever put your right foot over on that line?" asked Zachary. "If you could do that you wouldn't need to come see me any more. Save yourself some time and money."

Some Graduates who possess a Jackhammer continue using it for some reflexology applications.

"Well," explained the Driller, "When I'm not feeling good ... I will try to put my right foot over there, but it is pretty awkward ... bad angle. But I see what you are telling me ... that the hammer-action of my caisson hydraulic line is giving me percussion reflexology that helps the left side of my body. Just like your jackhammer machine is now helping my right side. So, if I want to cure my right side ... I'll be needing to get that right foot over on that hydraulic line. Well, well ... thanks for the tip ... my friend."

The driller had intuitively tried to stretch his right foot over to that hammering hydraulic line many times ... whenever he felt out-of-sorts. His body instinctively knew his cure was in the hammer-action of the pounding 2" hydraulic line right where it came out of the power-pump. So, he paid for a one hour treatment that day. A whole hour of percussion reflexology with the infamous pneumatic "jackhammer" at 6,000 impacts a minute. He enjoyed it thoroughly because he left with a smile on his face.

He had it all figured out. He would be able to maintain the health on his weak right side ... preventing future disease and even premature death. Well, that was 12 years ago and the old Driller hasn't needed to come back for another "great" treatment. He is still out there drilling holes to secure new home foundations that would otherwise be placed on unstable soil condition ... and getting daily reflexology too.

1912, Mechanical Vibration, by M.L.H. Snow, MD.
Both cable driven (left) and pneumatic powered (right)
percussion/vibration come out of the same machine.
(Courtesy: Meridian Institute)

Dr. Snow wrote in 1912: "The above machine is a combination pneumatic and mechanical vibratory massage outfit, which consists of a special motor that can be operated at any speed from 200 rpm's to 6000 rpm's, two speed controllers, one for the pump and one for the vibrator handle, a pneumatic pump (right side) that gives a stroke from 0 to 11/4 inches, and a vibratory massage handle. In the handle is an air port hole, which is covered by the thumb of the operator during an administration, allowing him to control the escape of air.

"The cable powered hand piece (left side) is provided with six attachments and the handle has a removable cap and a device for regulating the strength of the vibrations. By means of a two-speed countershaft it is possible to use any size motor, water or electric. Of the numerous vibratodes made for use with the apparatus are: a small rubber cone, a medium sized soft rubber cone, an extra large one and two soft rubber cones for special work. The vibratodes may be attached in a straight line with the handle, or at right angles to it. The weight in the cap-shield has a rotary motion which imparts a tapping motion to the vibratode."

These Vibratodes are used on the above machine.
(Courtesy: Meridian Institute)

"Necessity is the mother of invention," continued Snow. "A demand for means of lessening the laborious task of the therapist gave an impetus to an old subject. French, Germans and Americans have accordingly invented and improved the wherewithal by means of which the work could be better and more easily accomplished by machinery, thereby saving the time, energy and patience of the operator, and enabling him to give treatment with greater precision as to stroke, and definite measurement as to speed. The employment of the apparatus may or may not equal or excel that of manual massage, according to the touch, knowledge, skill and technique of the operator with each, and the adaptability of the apparatus to the particular work in question."

Podiatrist Michael Berlin comes to MIR Clinic for
ReflexoCure with pneumatic powered "Jackhammer"
at Zachary's hand. This photo appeared in a 1992
Living Section of the Denver Post

Snow continued: "The numerous mechanical vibrators of the present day differ in size, in form, in the motor power, in the type of vibratodes; in the composition of vibratodes (metal, hard rubber, soft rubber, spongy rubber), the kind of stroke, (tapping or rotary/oscillation), and in the range of speed and applicability. Some are much more meritorious than others. The selection of a machine should depend upon the work to be done. None of them are perfect, but all have merit. As Dr. George H. Taylor [Massage] so aptly states, 'Mechanical impulse may be so applied as to oppose the end sought, and actually to operate in the direction of morbid activity, it may obstruct physiological endeavor.' There must be such an adaptation of mechanical processes as will successfully blend with the various physiological processes."

The Bio electric Cascade triggered by use of percussion
machines like the Jackhammer or DRUMmer upon the
K1 has certainly demonstrated the health benefits of
barefoot walking.

Barefooted MIR Student takes a 1 hour hike up
Double "O" Trail in Arches National Park.
She practices what MIR teaches.

Percussion to the bottom of the feet is as old as a person walking or running barefooted across the lawn or along the beach or up the sandy/rocky trail like MIR Student Gabriella Gonzales Martinez shown in above photo. The alternating pressures or impacts against the bare or moccasin clad foot encountered from the rocks and twigs or even a goat head thorn will creates a therapeutic bio electrical effect throughout the body according to an Email from Indian Kamal kumar Agrawal of Raipur, India:

"When we walk BAREFOOT we develop Back-Pressure which generates Electricity in the sole of our feet. This Electricity charges our internal organs & endocrine glands in order to keep them active & efficient. This Back-Pressure also helps to raise the blood from the feet against gravity and back to the heart.

MIR Graduate Alfred Obes walks barefooted both summer & winter in northern climate of North Dakota.

"FOOTWEAR diffuses the intensity of Back-Pressure (observe & compare area of contact & angle of sole to the surface: while walking with FOOTWEAR verses BAREFOOT walking). My observation: FOOTWEAR decreases the performance level of internal organs & endocrine glands. My opinion: FOOTWEAR is a contributing factor to the present existence (disease state) of human-beings (Kamal is a vegetarian and makes reference to the killing of animals --- in order to make leather shoes --- as a moral deficit that produces disease in the wearer).


Ancient Chinese enactment of mallet percussion
to the
bottom of the feet.
Source: Raise The Red Lantern.

Chinese ReflexoCurist

This depiction of historical mallet percussion reflexology upon the feet of a Chinese Landlord's wife is historically typical of numerous cultures. Zachary witnessed this foot massage/ReflexoCure (reflexology) treatment on the big screen in 1991 and returned the next day in order to take these photographs: "The servant kneeling on the floor used two hollow bronze mallets in a steady rhythm of alternating impacts which targeted the Kidney One Meridian Point. She slowly worked each foot from the toes to the heel ... totally covering the plantar aspect of both feet. Then alternating back and forth between them; first one foot and then the other.

Chinese ReflexoCure Hammers.

"I was thrilled with this ancient under girding of my more modern machine percussion techniques for foot ReflexoCure (reflexology) ... namely, the Jackhammer and our new and improved Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager aka DRUMmer (note also Dr. Wittman's Reflex-O-Massager). MIR is certainly in harmony with the worldwide history of ancient foot ReflexoCure (reflexology) techniques."

Dr. Riley' Ultra Massager aka DRUMmer has ten reflex probe adapters. Eight of these probe tips come with the Home Study Course and two are reserved when the student reaches the Professional Level. There are three Chinese Mallet tips: 3/4", 1", and 2" in diameter. Each has its own unique feel and dynamic effect upon the body. Compare the number of ancient Chinese Mallet impacts of 240 per minute with the DRUMmer delivering at 4,400. Conclusion: more impacts in less time with less effort and more results/effects.

Beryle Crane receives DRUMmer action on her great toe.
She is the Director of the International Council of
Reflexology which has called a Conference
in Los Angleles, CA in 2009.

DRUMmer with 1" Chinese Mallet.

The retirement of the Percus-O-Matic Jackhammer occurred after the emergence of Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager. The new DRUMmer unit weighed only 16 pounds and didn't require a compressor ... just plug it in the wall outlet (120 or 240 volt). The DRUMmer also had a variety of reflex tips ... ten as of 5-17-05 ... enabling the reflexologist to access difficult reflexes such as the K1 meridian point. The Jackhammer had just one 3/4" tip ... which did a great job ... but limited its applications.

Dr. Ijaz Yamin Ansari opened a ReflexoCure Clinic in
Wazirabad, Pakistan. "DRUMmer forces my
homeopathic patients to get well."


Dear Zachary:

I watched the DRUMmer reflexology video more than 15 times. I wish to continue my study of the video and way of teaching (which very, very good) again and again when I move into my little clinic. DRUMmer reflexology machine is the miracle of the modern Science technology. It gives results on every body when I apply it as you demonstrate in video. Every one gave positive feedback (feeling better) after 5 or 6 minutes. I was surprised what a wonderful results it gave.

I pray to ALL MIGHTY ALLAH: make me to be helpful to HIS human beings. I will try my best to make a sweet smile to those who are worried about their physical and mental condition.

Thanks for your greatest guidance ... Ijaz.

Dr. Snow has some good guidance for all MIR Students: "In the adaptation of all machines to therapeutics, the operator must consider many features other than the directions generally given, for the relative strokes, speed, and pressure of and with different machines vary. He should always test the application of each particular vibratode with varying degrees of speed and stroke and pressure on himself at the same site he is to treat the patient; for without so doing he cannot rightly appreciate effects or obtain the best results."

American Academy of Reflexology owner Bill Flocco
receives a Percus-O-Matic machine for testing to
help him determine if it might be useful for
ReflexoCurist's with weak thumb joints.

History of the Percuss-O-Flex Machine
Modern Reflexology, Inc.
1140 Westgate Street
Oak Park, Illinois, 60301

Disclosure Statement of the Percuss-O-Flex Device

Our first contact with a mechanical percussion device was in 1949. In the spring of that year we saw a "Percuss-O-Motor" made by McShirley Products in Glendale, California. While the company was still in business in 1973, they were no longer interested in building the device. We have a total of 8-10 units in our possession but have no idea how many the manufacturer may have made.

We continued to employ our POM units until 1978 when the first Percuss-O-Flex device became available. During this interim we received numerous requests from individuals for percussion machines of their own, so we began to formulate plans to build such a device since McShirley Company had told us in 1960 that they had bowed out of that market niche.

1980 - Clement T. Wittman, DN.

In 1975 we hired a design engineering firm, Electro-Technic Products, and they produced the first prototype for testing in the fall of 1977. We began manufacture and the first unit was sold to a resident of Illinois in April 1978 and six more were sold to friends and acquaintances that same year.

The first test marketing was done in January of 1979. Direct mail was sent to 26,000 people in this test and 75-85 units were sold through this effort. A second test mailing of 6,000 pieces was sent in October of 1979 and 33 units were sold. In November 1979 an article appeared in Let's Live Magazine along with an ad. This resulted in 350 units being sold. This was a first national promotion of the Percuss-O-Flex device. Then in February 1980, 77,000 pieces of direct mail were sent in the first national direct mail campaign. To date about 170 units were sold. In April 1980 a second ad appeared in Let's Live Magazine and about 13 units were sold.

Over the last 30 years there have been over 5,000 different persons on which the reflex percussion devices have been used for a total of more than 75,000 occasions. Based on this experience and the case histories and testimonials resulting from this clinical study, we have seen measurable improvement in the health of people with various disorders. These 5,000 case histories provide the basis for supporting the results we feel the reflexology percussion device can provide.

----Dr. Clement T. Wittman, DN.

Dr. Wittman had raised the treatment occasions to 100,000 by the time of his death. He told Zachary that he had asked the Japanese to enter a joint venture to improve and mass distribute the Percuss-O-Flex machine, but they declined. However, they liked the idea of the solenoid powered percussion device and developed it on their own. Today this improvement (once envisioned by Wittman) has become a reality with an even better redesign engineered by the Taiwanese. MIR now imports these instruments under the name: Dr. Wittman's Reflex-O-Massager. Clem would be pleased with the percussive action of his new device shown below.

Gabriella easily wields Dr. Wittman's
new & improved Reflex-O-Massager
as she hammers the K1 point.

Life only demands from you
the strength you possess.
Only one feat is possible---
Not to have run away.

Dag Hammarskjold


Physicist Graduates from MIR
"The gateways to wisdom and knowledge are always open."

To: MIR review committees

I would like to introduce myself and allow the review committee the opportunity to see how I plan to use my reflexology certification in the future. I am currently a physicist at Carnegie Mellon University. My research experience is extensive. My objective is to use my experience in research in conjunction with my love of reflexology I realize that some people enter my hair with healthy skepticism I want to provide validation to those seeking scientific proof.

In December, I applied to the Exercise Physiology Master's program at the University of Pittsburgh. In January, I was admitted to their program and given an advisor. My advisor, Dr. Duquin, has received grants, since 1996, to study the physiological benefits of massage. Hopefully, I will be able to learn how to evaluate and analyze the human body and prove the physiological benefits of reflexology.

The master's and Ph.D. clinical programs require separate applications. I plan on completing the master's work in two years. After proving my proficiency, I will continue as a doctoral candidate, another three years of education.

I have resigned from my instructional position at Carnegie Mellon University to pursue my education as a full time student. My goal is to work as a reflexologist and earn enough money to cover the cost of my living expenses. Currently, I have contract with the Carnegie Mellon University Health Center. My next step is to find a place of my own where I can work on people who are not associated with the university.

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying under your program. I am excited by the future and cannot wait to see what unfolds. Thank you for taking the time to review my clinical studies, letters of recommendation, and signing my logbook after validation of my hours.


Stacey Benson

March 7, 2005

Carnegie Mellon University
Student Health Services
1060 Morewood Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890

(412) 268-2157
Fax (412) 268-6357

Ability is what you're
capable of doing.
Motivation determines
what you do.
Attitude determines
how well you do it.

...... Lee Holz


I see the LIGHT.

I can make my DREAM come true!!!

Let the JOURNEY begin!!!


This Page Updated: 05/26/08

Rhythmically pounds his drum set much like the 2" steel caisson hydraulic line hammered the left foot of the Rig Operator while drilling holes to reinforce weak house foundations.
Kidney One Meridian of the Driller's right foot was primary focus of treatment
Eunice Ingham's Zone Reflex Chart shows Solar Plexus area ... which is synonymous with Kidney One Meridian point. Take your pick ... call the point whatever you choose. These excellent results occur regardless of what name you call the point.
"I am a diabetic and have undergone noticeable diabetic paresthecia and, on the first treatment with Percus-O-Matic instrumentation by Brinkerhoff, almost immediately have felt sensations that have been absent for a number of years. What impressed me is that, without instrumentation, it would be humanly impossible to deliver the intensity and duration of mechanical stimulation that is so essential to the treatment of this almost impossible condition."
R. H. Richardson, DPM
Grand Junction, CO
Percus-O-Matic Jackhammer
was mounted in a plywood box by reflexologist Noah Lee so his severely injured daughter could self-treat her lower back reflex. The air hammer/percussion action helped her attain full recovery.
Mennonite Noah Lee
My daughter was unable to care for her family due to an auto crash injury. I rigged up her own pneumatic jackhammer in a box and put it by her bed. She used it in the morning, evening and whenever she needed it. She is now able to fully care for her family.
The Meridian System
is shown above with 24 major meridians. The 25th is the Conception Vessel meridian running down the center of the body. The Kidney meridian is the only one originating on the bottom of the feet.
Tutoring for student on use of the Percus-O-Matic Jackhammer at MIR Campus.
Rusty Martinez watches as his wife get her reflexes hammered with the Percus-O-Matic onboard the Transcontinental Classroom during a visit at their home in Las Vegas.
Double "O" Arches near Moab, Utah where Gabriella practiced walking in her bare feet. "Stubbing my toe at dusk turned out to be a positive part of my day. I wiggled my foot deep into the cool sand and the pain went away. This winter I will be walking in the snow just like Dr. Obes does in ND. This is ReflexoCure at its simplest."
Master ReflexoCurist Alfred Bird Bear Obes
has walked up to 1.5 miles in temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit without suffering frostbite.
Bird Bear showed the appearance of his feet after walking in the snow and playing with a wild cat that hangs around his primitive home on the Three Affiliated Tribes Reservation in ND.
DRUMmer hammers plantar aspect of foot with 3/4" Chinese Mallet in lieu of the old Jackhammer and does an excellent job.
The DRUMmer rhythm can be adjusted to the recipients preference; like the drummer above who varies his tempo and intensity to the score of the music.
DRUMmer impacts K1 with 1" Chinese Mallet tip. Look at that nice toe spread. This lady tends her Placerville, CA mountainside farm in her bare feet.
Freelancer Dawn Horn applies DRUMmer to K1 Well Point (Chinese Sleep Point) using 3/8" SS Probe on left foot.
Stainless Steel Probe reaches the deeper reflexes with a more specific focus up to 4,400 impacts/minute.
Bill Flocco & Zachary
both attended 2004 RAA Conference in Nashville. Flocco was given a Percuss-O-Flex machine by Zachary in 1993 for testing purposes. Bill thought practitioners with crippled hands might possibly benefit by use of a percussion machine and agreed to consider testing it with several candidates.

William Flocco
MIR received Flocco's final determination of his "thought" that a handicapped practitioner's use of a percussion machine might increase their effectiveness and extend their reflexology career when their hands are too weak or painful to efficiently perform. At the 2008 RAA Conference in Portland Bill Flocco stated: "The handicapped practitioners who tried the Percus-O-Flex preferred to continue to use the hand techniques."

The Heel Activator ReflexoCure Probe was designed so the DRUMmer could reach deeply into the perimeter of the heel reflexes: sciatica, hemorrhoids, hip, knee, and sacrum.
The stainless steel heel activator is cup-shaped so as to fit around the circumference of the calcaneous/heel bone.
Clement T. Wittman, DN was trained by his Mother during childhood. He was certified by Eunice Ingham Stopfel in 1952 and graduated from Napropathic College in 1953.
Master Reflexologist Kathie Johnson displays a Percuss-O-Flex she purchased while still an MIR Student. However, the Jackhammer is still her favorite. She owns a reflexology clinic called Stress Kure, Inc. in Thornton, CO.
Chinese Brass Mallets (with metal balls inside) deliver a rhythmic sound as they induce subtle vibrations with each impact to the bottom of the feet.










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