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FULL SPECTRUM REFLEXOLOGY applications within the micro reflex/meridian systems of the foot, hand, ear and other selected energy points within the body's zones/meridians is based on: ancient historical practice; modern physio/anatomical observation; and clinical studies. These sources have demonstrated that reflex/meridian point activation triggers the photo-bioelectric aspects of the body's spontaneous healing/wellness processes. (See THEOREM below which describes reflex mechanism of action.)

"The purpose of human life is to serve, `
and to show compassion
and the will to help others."

—Albert Schweitzer, 1875-1965
French doctor, philosopher, theologian
Nobel Prize recipient

MIR Research & Development Clinic has been able to consistently demonstrate spontaneous healing. These type healing's most often occur in clinical reflex applications when photo-bioelectric disequilibrium/equilibrium is activated in the human body by use of: steady or alternating finger/probe pressure; linear percussion machines; ice/heat; intra/ultra sound; non-coherent/coherent (High/Low Level Laser Therapy) light; magnetism; piezo/micro amp electricity; vacuum cups/boots; a positive word of faith; and foot joint micro-alignment reflex technique procedure (note: a believing prayer of faith offered by Dr. Brinkerhoff was an adjunctive choice accepted by 50% of recipients which he personally treated). Hence, Full Spectrum Reflexology aka Instrument Assisted Reflexology (IAR) may be considered a vital aspect of the newly emerging INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL MODEL.

"Disease is not an entity,
but a fluctuating condition of the patient's body,
a battle between the substance of disease
and the natural self-healing tendency of the body
the Father of Medicine

This 'natural self-healing tendency of the body' (which medics call spontaneous healing) has been shown to occur more readily and be more enduring if: (a) the body is brought into a state of normal cellular hydration; (b) maintains nutritional sufficiency; (c) given moderate exposure to sunlight; (d) receives daily reflex stimulus and (e) a clear conscience is maintained by adherence to the inward directive of the conscience by the Sovereign Creator - to live in peace by treating others as you also desire that they treat you - recognizing that to extend forgiveness is an essential element of a joyful and healthy life.

Former MIR Campus in Lakewood, CO

In 1992 a few leaders in the USA Reflexology profession associated with the ARCB challenged the INSTITUTE to differentiate between the Full Spectrum style of Reflexology (which uses both ancient and modern tools) and the so-called "Orthodox USA" and "British Style" (which requires that the practitioner use "hands only" in a professional Reflexology session). This definition page stands as the INSTITUTE's answer to their original request

Founding Father
Wm. FitzGerald, MD

MIR is in agreement with the pioneers of theUSA reflexology profession (FitzGerald, Riley, Ingham, Carter & Wittman); who have practiced with and taught that probe, percussion or radiant energy devices are many times critical to the creation of sufficient levels of the regenerative photo-bioelectric disequilibrium/equilibrium mechanisms; especially by our lightweight practitioners who are sometimes faced with treating some of the more robust type 'heavyweight' recipients.

The INSTITUTE has chosen the term Full Spectrum Reflexology Method aka Instrument Assisted Reflexology to describe the fruit of 52 years of pioneering research into effective reflex stimulus (sedation/tonification of the body electric) by Zachary Brinkerhoff (Dr. Eunice Ingham-Stopfel's enthusiastic student). Zachary has described his learning process over the years through a postulate that he recently posted on this web site: INTUITIVE EXPERIENTIALISM

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The dynamic photo-bioelectric effect of the Reflexology Mechanism of Action is best understood in light of the:

which defiling congestion
to said CELLS;
the byproduct/result of which reveals
and the means to PREVENTION of PAIN,
DISEASE and premature DEATH.

The original scientific research which revealed that excessive BLOOD PROTEIN AND WATER leakage into the space between the cells due to generalized increase in capillary permeability (resulting from trauma "shock" or poisoning) was made among three medical schools right here in the USA.

The basic discoveries (made between 1930 & 1961) were the result of cooperation between Arthur C. Guyton at Mississippi School of Medicine; H. S. Mayerson, at Tulane School of Medicine; and Cecil K. Drinker, Harvard School of Medicine. (C. S. West, Golden Seven Plus One, 1982, LCCN 81-86099.)

The International Society of Lymphology was founded in 1966 by the US Government and US Army when they brought lymphologists from all over the world to meet with Dr. H .S. Mayerson of Tulane Medical School at a meeting in New Orleans. The objective of the ISL was to pursue the findings of Mayerson and his colleagues; that the intrusion of blood proteins and excessive water into the space between the cells must be systematically removed by the lymphatic vessels in order to keep these same cells in the "DRY STATE"; the condition necessary for optimum health. (Ibid., West.)

ABOVE: Dr. West illustrates the "DRY STATE" described by Dr. Guyton as the "STATE OF HEALTH" (Ibid., West.) Note permeability of capillaries (uppermost vessel) allows fluid borne nutrients into the space between the cells; under ideal conditions 9/10 of the fluid returns to the bloodstream on the venous side of the capillaries; while 1/10th remains to become lymphatic fluid which eventually recycles back to the bloodstream.

The stasis of the "blood proteins and water" in the interstitium will "alter" the "DRY STATE." Excessive capillary permeability (porosity) may prevent absorption of oxygen by the cells. They observed that this condition (caused by trauma or poisoning) could cause death "in about 24 hours" or even less; if the lymphatic system was unable to clear the interstitium and prevent the onset of osmotic shock (rupture of cell walls).

In 1981 Dr. Samuel West was invited to present his 31 step equation describing the "DRY STATE" (postulated: impossible for people to have cancer, viral or bacterial infections, allergies, arthritis, MS, polio, Cerebral Palsy, high blood pressure, or heart disease in "dry state"); before the International Society of Lymphology (ISL) membership at a Congress in Montreal. Dr. West's equation was unanimously accepted and he was encouraged by the committee to start the International Academy of Lymphology (IAL); in order to get this information disseminated to the people of the world. (Ibid., West.)

Rebounding and deep breathing have been shown by West to be powerful lymphatic vessel activators; as have electrical defibrillators used in emergency rooms. Here defibrillators are used for reactivating the heart; which can become erratic or even stop beating due to oxygen depravation; caused by the blood protein-water congestion and the resultant osmotic pressures in the space between the cells. Sufficient electrical shock closes the dilated pores and instantly activates the lymph vessels. Life returns as blood volume is restored and oxygen is again able to access the cells.

A drummer hammers his
drumheads; like Riley's
DRUMmer hammers the feet.

Likewise, the dynamic hammerhead of Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager aka the DRUMmer has demonstrated its ability to generate massive static/piezo electricity and the negative direct current of injury; especially when applied to the K1 Meridian Point as pictured in diagram shown above.

The DRUMmer, in conjunction with the Photoluminescent Reflex BEAMER's creation of both thermal-electricity from heat and photo-bioelectricity from light waves, have (like the medical defibrillator) demonstrated their ability to close the dilated pores and activate the lymphatic system, i.e., dissolution of edema, etc.

When excessive blood proteins and water are allowed to remain in the interstitium; this congestive mixture will continue to grow and undergo degenerative changes. The albumin (blood proteins) will begin to congeal and take on the glue-like appearance that is similar to that of egg whites (see pictures to right); while other blood components along with metabolic waste products and dead cells will become contributing factors to this oxygen deprived emulsified anaerobic swamp of fermenting mucoid debris. The manifestation of outward symptoms produced by the interstitial disease state are progressive:

1) first latent or hidden; 2) then progressing to the acute stage where pain becomes a "pain"; 3) and finally the chronic or degenerate stage where cellular tissue groups begin to become anaerobic (cancer potential is high) and die.

Photo-bio electrical energy has been shown to break the electrical valance bond of the sodium/blood protein mixture; when it has been clogging the space between the cells and jamming the lymphatic vessel "sewage drain pipes" and the lymph node purification system. When the lymphatic system is cleared and again flowing freely; the Immune System (which operates within this structure) is liberated from its state of suppression (see diagram below).

MIR's Cellular Biologist Scott Olsen, Ph.D., thus far in his studies, has found no scientific contradictions in the 31 step equation of Dr. West. "After listening to West's 6 video tapes on his equation, I went out and bought a rebounder," admitted Dr. Olsen. Following Scott's nod of approval ... MIR has officially accepted West's Equation as the explanation for the multitude of spontaneous healing's and remissions that have resulted from the dynamic impact of photo-bioelectric energy upon the lymphatic system.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine; but will interest his patient in care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." Thomas Alvin Edison, Sc.D.

Now you can give Tomorrow's Treatment Today.

Let the JOURNEY begin.

Make your DREAM come true.

"If you do what you've always done;
You'll get what you've always got."

----- David Steele

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Reflexology Postulate

By: Ignacio E. Sanchez
P.O. Box 3256
Hallandale, FL 33008
July 26, 2007

Zachary & Nachi meet in Nayarit, Mexico

Unknown to science without scientific speculation are the origins of the Universe. Unknown to a reflexologist without practical speculation is the concept of the how it works. The universe exists, and that is without a doubt. It is a complex and ever-changing universe, with proven concepts that prescribe and describe its laws and effects.

New concepts will be discovered, and new laws will come in effect: The same can be said with reflexology.

A variation of pressures on the reflexes combined with other modalities related to the field of energy and integrated electro mechanical zones of the body, allows the many systems of the body to re-energize and conform to its original design. Light, energy and pressure on the reflexes are the bases for activation of what are relays, transformers and switches that are hidden within the body. Activation of the same produces changes in internal function. It is proven by the law of practice that reflexology works on a remote control format and/or on the bases of the fiber optical signal which is sent to the glands, organs and all other parts of the body.

New concepts will be discovered, new laws will come in play because the universe and its laws are ever being uncovered. Reflexology and its positive reactions on the body are being uncovered and re-discovered with the use of new methods, a combination of the basic (or old methods) with new, as well as implementation of combining methods that promote the fundamental objective which is total systemic healing! Human observations of the universe are similar to the amazing bodily responses observed by those who practice in the world of reflexology!

Ignacio "Nachi" Sanchez
Certified Reflexologist & Perpetual Student
(Ignacio is a graduate of the International Institute of Reflexology &
a Professional Freelancer with the Modern Institute of Reflexology.)


Who Are the Quacks?
by A. W. Brinkerhoff - 1880

A.W. Brinkerhoff, M.D.

“Not every man entitled M.D. is, or ever will be, a ‘doctor!’ Too many of them shoot at random, and they are the gentlemen who most cry ‘quack, quack!’ They are men of no genius, no common sense, no brain power, yet they are members of the Association ... ‘regular’.

“When a physician knows he is giving no value received for the money he receives, and confidence reposed in him, he should direct his suffering patient to where the cure can be secured, or, like an honest man, go himself and become possessed of the means to do what he knows other men can do, and end his quackery! Alas, the vast majority of physicians are governed by jealousy and egotism! Still, there are many honorable exceptions. However, when a stranger comes amongst them who can and does cure such maladies without even a failure, without any knowledge on their part of his practice, such, at once, cry, ‘Quack!’ Actually, they should have been well informed in relation thereto ... SHOULD HAVE BEEN TREATING CAUSES INSTEAD OF EFFECTS.

“Our best mechanics are often those who never learned a trade; our best statesmen not those with the most education; our best lawyers are men of sense! So in the Medical profession. Some of our mothers are better doctors than some ... yes, many graduates!”

Respectfully submitted,

A. W. Brinkerhoff, M.D.
Upper Sandusky, Ohio


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Dr. Alfred Reinhard Bird Bear Obes, MD.
"I accepted an appointment to sit on the MIR Advisory Board after my graduation in April of 2004. I am in full agreement with the INTUITIVE EXPERIENTIALISM
page which is a very accurate process for cultivating intuition. I like the concise aspect of the Home Study."
Meet Dr. Obes

Hippocrates was born in 460 B.C. on Kos which is a small island just south of modern day Turkey. His father was a man of medicine by whom he was taught & influenced..
The old-style Rainbow Red Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer V-5 creates photo-bioelectric activation of reflex zones
& body meridians
This old-style
Reflexology Chart was the outgrowth of the Zone Reflex System. It was used at the Institute in combination with the Meridian System by MIR Students.
Denise, first graduating class uses a probe to reach the difficult SOURCE point of bladder meridian.
Fr. Josef's Cream Thumb-Slide feels painfully good. He also uses his index knuckle and a wooden probe to reach the more difficult reflexes. His tortuous style leave good results it its aftermath.

The DRUMmer is the new stardard for percussion reflexology to the feet, hands and other selected energy points on the body.

Kidney 1 is the only Meridian originating on the bottom of the foot. It is known in China as the Chinese Sleep Point; Well Point; and in the Chakra system as the Bubbling Springs Point. This powerful point is the focus of treatment in the Full Spectrum Reflexology Method.

"I have found no scientific discrepancies in describing the Theorem of Blood Protein and Excessive Water congestion in
the interstitium as a cause of pain, disease and death."

(Dr. Olsen is a graduate of both the University of Minnesota & M.I.R.)


Life is like a Toilet
Keep it clean and don't do anything to clog the drain pipes. Eat right and keep your emotions under control.
Imagine a water shortage?
What would yours look like if you could only flush it once a day?
Once a week?
What about tree roots and no plumber for a whole week?
Keep that drain pipe open!!!
Keep those lymphatic vessels moving the waste down the tubes.


A Toilet that is overflowing with dead cells, live microbes & putrid waste debris? Don't apply useless remedies or stopgap measures. Call the plumber; see a Reflexologist. And then keep it clean.
Live long and prosper.

Virginia Commonwealth University Reanimation Engineering Shock Center considers shock from battle-injury trauma to be one of the most complex entities known to man.
VCURES objective is to improve the survival of soldiers from this disease state called shock. This includes its prevention, pathophysiologic basis, diagnosis, and treatment.

The Lymphatic System is made up of tissues and organs (including the bone marrow, spleen, thymus, Peyer's patch, appendix, tonsils, adenoids and lymph nodes) that produce and store cells that fight infection; and the network of vessels that carry lymph.

The Immune System functions within
this anatomical structure


Let's consider (as an example) human blood albumin as being similar to chicken ovalbumin. The consistency of blood proteins would become thick & glue-like as it congealed in the interstitium.
In chronic disease it could possibly take on a consistency similar to that of a cooking egg white; much like the different consistencies of mucous seen when
we blow our nose or clear our lungs or centrifuge the urine.
For HEALTH we need to keep our blood proteins moving through the interstitium and back into the lymphatics for purification and recy ling or back to the bloodstream for final elimination from the body.

He killed the Toilet? Was all plugged up?
Appropriate action? Avoid this problem
and save your life.
Your wife wants you around a long time.
So, eat wisely;
drink water;
breath deeply;
get a rebounder;
use reflexology;
"love your neighbor
as yourself".
Avoid the trauma from negative emotional attitudes. The life you save may be your own.




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