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The MIR Staff wants to address all your questions, so if you can’t find your answer contained here in FAQ's or embedded within the Website, simply submit it via Email. However, the answer may already be here waiting for you to ‘find’ it. Along the way you may find some other answers to questions that you hadn’t even thought of. Enjoy your visit and be sure to bookmark us among your ‘favorites’.

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1. What are my cost options for getting started with the ReflexoCure Home Study Program?

2. Does the MIR teach new or old reflexology?

3. Does the MIR have a job placement program?

4. How do I get my Reflexology Credential?

5. Are MIR Teachers credentialed by the State of Colorado?

6. What type of Reflexology organizations exist?

7. Are there Entrance Requirements?

8. How long does it take to get Credentialed?

9. What is the additional cost if two people take the course?

10. Are there requirements between lessons?

11. Do you have Hands-on tutorial?

12. What is Transcontinental Classroom?

13. Is MIR Credential valid in my home area?

14. What about Insurance?

15. Do I get credit for previous medical training?

16. What is the Refund Policy?

17. Does MIR have a Conduct Policy?

18. What is your drop out or time extension policy?

19. Are MIR credits transferable?

20. How do I settle complaints?

21. Does MIR have a code of Ethics?

MIR Student Rabbi Dovid Wheeler stimulates hypothalamus
pituitary reflex of recipient at his Home Clinic located in the
Judea Hills of Israel. R' Dovid learns to let Dr. Wittman's
Reflex-O-Massager do the work.

1. What are my cost options for getting started with the ReflexoCure Home Study Program?
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"All that is necessary to break the spell
of inertia and frustration is this:
Act as if it were impossible to fail."

– Dorothea Brande

1. Reflexologist Log Book ($25.00): You can begin working towards your Professional Reflexology Certificate with a twenty-five dollar investment in a MIR Reflexologist Log Book. Although you are not a registered MIR Student at this point, nevertheless you can begin working on family and friends from the 35 pages of critical ReflexoCure data in the front and back of the Log Book. The verifiable hours recorded in your Log Book will count towards all MIR Certifications explained on this Website.

MIR Reflexologist Log Book
Order now.

2. Frugal's Starter Kit ($55.00): This kit contains the Log Book plus the addition of Nicole's ReflexyCure Probe in order for you to experience the dynamic of self treatment to the Kidney One (K1) Meridian. You will also be enabled to use the double ended probe to assist in working on other recipients of ReflexoCure treatment.

Nicole's ReflexyCure Probe
Order now.

3. Reflexology Starter Kit ($125.00): In addition to the contents of the Frugal's Kit we have 3-Ring Binder with Lessons 1-2; DVD #1 of Home Study Program and DVD #2 Training for use of Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager aka DRUMmer; Reflexology DeCoder (discontinued) or Mildred Carters 4-color Foot & Hand Chart); Dr. Wittman's New Reflexology Hand Book (limited supply); and the Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer I-1.

Reflexology Starter Kit
Order now.

4. Advanced Reflexology Starter Kit ($275.00): This kit contains all items of the Reflexology Starter Kit plus these additional features: twelve Inge Dougans Meridian Charts (binder); DVD Gillander's hand technique, and Dr. Wittman's Reflexo-O-Massager (discontinued) shown in photo below. (No official Student status/Blanket Malpractice/Liability Insurance.)

Professional Reflexology Starter Kit
Order here.

5. Lay Ministry of Foot Reflexology & Biblical Foot Washing ($325.00): This is an avocational program for the spiritually oriented beginner whose main objective is to help people without expectation of remuneration. This is identical to Advanced Kit above, but contains a 3-ring binder that holds a specialty teaching on Foot Reflexology & Biblical Foot Washing prepared by Zachary Brinkerhoff; a Student in Training Lay Ministry Certificate; a handsome Certificate of Completion for those who meet all qualifications; and special tuteledge by Zachary Brinkerhoff via Email or telephone.

Lay Ministry of Foot Reflexology & Biblical Foot Washing
Order here.

6. Freelancer Finishing Kit ($1,250.00): This kit is designed to help the independent Freelancer to have equal advantage with an MIR Graduate. Should Freelancer chose to take Mini Home Study Program for Professional credentialing - he will be ahead of schedule in his abilities and expertise with these fine instruments of the profession.

Contains: Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager aka DRUMmer w/training video & probe tip kit; Photoluminescent Reflex BEAMER II-2b (single bulb reflector); and the MIR Reflexologist Log Book make up this progressive package.

Freelancer Finishing Kit
Order here

Foot Joint Micro alignment Kit ($410.00): This kit is for the professional who wishes to expand his scope of practice to include MIR's presentation of Dr. Hiss' Bone Set Technique. Contents of this Kit are pictured below: HSCC DVD #3 with Dr. Brinkerhoff demonstration of Bone Set Technique (includes 30 minutes of Tutoring by Zachary); Foot bone model (made in Germany); Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer I-1B, and brand new 1948 copy of Functional Foot Disorders by John Martin Hiss (unopened original).

G.G. Martinez studies Video #3 with bone
model in hand. Note Hiss book on table.
Order here

8. Full Spectrum Reflexology Home Study Package, Senior


Home Study Package, Sr.
Click here to enroll now!

9. Full Spectrum Reflexology Home Study Package, Junior ($1,750.00): The Jr. version of the Home Study Package can be obtained for $1,750.00 (DRUMmer not included).

Click here to enroll now!

10. Text Only of 12 Lesson Home Study ($450.00): Professionals desiring comprehensive reflexology information (but not MIR Certification) can purchase the basic Home Study Text for $450.00 (plus applicable shipping and taxes). This updated 3-ring binder of the 12 Lessons does not include any additional videos, audio tapes, charts, books, tools, student insurance or Tutoring. These Lessons are printed on site at the Institute in order to keep them properly update with the latest information.

Text Only: 12 Lesson Home Study
Order now

You can order any of these nine (9) options by clicking the "Order here" links above or call 1-800-533-1837 or 303-237-1530.
You may officially enroll with or without the purchase of the
Full Spectrum Reflexology Courses by following link below:

Click here to enroll now!

Allied Beauty Experts

The Modern Institute of Reflexology and its agents are backed by a Certificate of Deposit for contract performance and insured with a teacher/student blanket liability insurance policy for coverage of our specialty: Reflexology aka ReflexoCure. This policy has been issued by Allied Beauty Expert (a Spa Medispa Insurance) which is a Colorado Corporation located in Lone Tree, Colorado.

Further, the Institute is approved and regulated by the Private Occupational School Board of the Colorado Department of Higher Education for the purpose of training our students in the Health Occupation of FULL SPECTRUM REFLEXOLOGY. Direct further questions about MIR's complaint-rating to D.P.O.S. Contact: Jessica Googins @ 1-303-974-2679.

"We have to fight them daily, like fleas,
those many small worries about the morrow,
for they sap our energies."

– Etty Hillesum

2. Does the MIR teach new or old reflexology?
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Raise the Red Lantern
Chinese Mallets hammer upon the bottom of draped feet in a
1920's film depiction of life in Northern China by Zhang Yimou.

Foot Reflexology was practiced in China over 5,000 years ago where it was known as the Examining Foot Method. MIR Students are encouraged to develop their own methodologies from techniques, both ancient and modern, that have been adopted from cultures around the world. There are some graduates who choose to use hands-only techniques; while others mix-and-match the use of percussion machines, manuel hammers, probes, micro amp current, and radiant energy lamps. They choose from a full spectrum of instruments in order to meet the unique needs of the each recipient of ReflexoCure (reflexology) treatment. You will not be forced to conform to any specific procedure; but encouraged to develop your own personalized style from the plethora of choices we offer. This freedom to choose according to your own taste will make you unique among all other ReflexoCurist's (reflexologists).

1912 Model Solenoid Percussion Machine.

This solenoid powered percussion device was in use here in the USA within the same time-frame as the Chinese Mallets depicted in Raise the Red Lantern.

3. Does the MIR have a job placement program?
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MIR has no placement program, nor any job guarantees. The Wholistic field is a growth market. There is increasing demand for gifted Reflexologists (able to earn $30.00 to $85.00/hour) in beauty salons, health clubs, medical & chiropractic offices, health food stores and the entrepreneurial dream ... your own (home/office) business.

However, businesses do contact the Institute from all over the USA seeking MIR Graduates to fill open positions. Recently the Institute had a call to perform at an Occupational Schools ECOSTA Conference in Syracuse, New York. An MIR Student was able to qualify for the job which paid her $100.00 for an evening presentation and lodging at the hotel with a nice meal. That person was Katelyn Wiley.

MIR Student Katelyn Wiley, Sachets Harbor, NY.

The night of November 3rd Katelyn gave three demonstrations to a group of 35 ECOSTA Conference Participants in Syracuse, NY and was able to answer all questions that arose. Her Mother assisted her that night with setting up 'after glow' treatments and also helped her the next day at the MIR Vendor Table.

MIR Vendor Table at ECOSTA Conference.

"We just got home from Syracuse and what a blast! I've never EVER done anything like that before, it was amazing. Everyone told me that they loved my ReflexoCure presentation and they all had so many questions. I did 3 demos during the presentation part: one with the DRUMmer machine on Eileen Costa; the Piezo ReflexoCure Probe on the president of all NY BOCES; and then I did a hands-only treatment on a woman that everyone knew was having back problems through-out the day. Just a few seconds after I was done working on her, she said to Eileen: "My foot doesn't burn anymore. It always burns and now it's stopped!" So, Eileen and I made her repeat it into the microphone for all to hear. Every one gasped in both shock and delight," exclaimed Katelyn in an Email.

Katelyn Wiley

"After my talk a lot of people came forward to look at all the instruments and ask further questions. So, my mom prepped a lady (who wanted to try a mini treatment) by shinning the Photon Beamer on her feet. She had fallen down the stairs a few years ago and injured her hip, plus her feet were always sore. Her son is a LMT and he had done a mio-facial release and her feet had improved greatly, but they still hurt. So based on that information I worked her hip reflexes, her mid back reflexes and some of her neck reflexes. Her hip points were the most painful so I knew she hadn't fully recovered from that fall. While I was working on her, a bunch of people came over and talked to the lady and me (I guess she was well known).

Katelyn displayed her whole Home Study Package.

"So today during the vending table presentation by exhibitors (I think you can expect a couple of people to be signing up for the HSCC... at least 2 or 3) the 'hip lady' came over and started counting out money in front of me. I thought she just happened to be using my table to count it, and then would visit with me about her treatment outcome. However, she set $10 down in front of me and said: "This is for what you did to me last night, I should have given this to you then."

Katelyn further recounted: "I asked her how she felt from the treatment (if anything) and she said her hip hadn't bothered her all day like it usually does! She was very impressed. So impressed with the whole thing she wants me (or someone else if I can't do it) to come down to her occupational school and talk to her class! ECOSTA Director Eileen Costa said this conference could get me another gig, but I didn't think it would happen so soon."

ReflexoCurist Katelyn Wiley has built a successful practice making house-calls to fellow church members in Sackets Harbor, NY. She still lives at home with her parents and brother, but will soon be venturing out into the world with her Heavenly Father and a good healthy start into the ReflexoCure Profession.

Email Katelyn @ <stellacarina02@yahoo.com>

4. How do I get my Credentialing? What is Certification?
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Upon completion of the Home Study Correspondence Course (Open book questions for 12 written lessons must grade at 90% or better) and fulfillment of all contractual conditions, the student will receive a certificate of completion from a state approved and regulated occupational program. This certificate of completion will help the graduate to obtain a professional business license or similar permit in municipalities recognizing a Colorado approved and US government IPEDS post secondary educational institution in reflexology training (Health Occupations Certified Instructional Program (CIP) 12.0405 Massage).

David was the first ReflexoCurist to be issued a license
by State of Delaware based on his MIR Credentials.
Note new Dune Buggy purchased with proceeds
of his full-time ReflexoCure practice.

Certification for Reflexology cannot be issued by a training school, but is something delegated to an independent testing agency free from the influence of school owners. In the Reflexology profession there are two agencies which recognize the Institute: the RCB ... Reflexology Certification Board and the NTCB ... Natural Therapies Certification Board. Both of these certification boards honor MIR and our two tier occupational reflexology training program.

5. Are MIR Teachers credentialed by the State of Colorado?
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ReflexoCurist Tutor
Donna M. Bean, PR

Zachary Brinkerhoff has been a licensed occupational teacher through the credentials officer stationed at Colorado State University, Division of Occupational Schools since 1993. Basic requirement: 10,000 hours of practice or 5,000 hours of practice and sufficient academic credits to match the other practical hours required in your profession in order to be credentialed to teach your trade in a state approved school.

Dr. Brinkerhoff was again required to renew his teaching credentials on 10/12/2003 through the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools and received the new issue known as the Private Occupational Credential #13410, Program Supervisor/Instructor, Health Occupations, Certified Instructional Program (CIP) 12.0405 Massage.

In turn Dr. Brinkerhoff has assigned Tutors to assist in coaching students that may be in need of help. These Tutors work under his authority and are located across the USA and in selected foreign countries. For a Tutor near you call the Institute @ 1-800-533-1837 or 303-237-1530 or simply left click on Email Icon:

6. What type of Reflexology organizations exist?
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The MIR Alumni Association was formed to keep our graduates updated and in tune with the latest developments in the profession. In addition they are encouraged to join such organizations as the International Council of Reflexologists (ICR), The Reflexology Association of America (RAA), and your local State reflexology association. MIR Officers represent the Institute at meetings of associations on all three levels.


7. Are there Entrance Requirements?
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Entrance Requirements: Ability to read and comprehend at 12th grade level and a sincere desire to help people in need physically, emotionally and or spiritually. The Institute has endeavored to keep reflexology as simple as working just a single point know as the K1 meridian found within the Solar Plexus reflex point area.

DRUMmer hammers K1 on recipient
Sadie Martinez @ MIR Research Clinic.

8. How long does it take to get my Reflexology Credential?
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Students seeking training with MIR in order to become a Reflexologist are expected to complete the Home Study Program within six (6) months. If additional time is needed due to distractions during the normal course of study, then a six months extension can be obtained by renewing the Student in Training Certificate (which includes reissue of student blanket malpractice/liability insurance coverage) for an additional $50.00. Failure of student to renew policy before expiration is automatically dropped from active status. Reinstatement is accomplished by payment of the $50.00 fee.

Handsome 11 x 14 Certificate of Home Study Course Completion.

Advanced 500 Hour Professional Credential may be awarded with an additional 150 hours of practicum following completion of the Home Study Program or to a Freelancer following the accumulation of 250 hours of practicum in conjunction with the Mini Home Study Package.


9. What is the additional cost if two people take the course together?
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A husband/wife or brother/sister or mother/daughter or two friends can both get credentialed through purchase of one (1) Home Study Package. The second person will pay an additional $350.00 which includes: a) Log Book; b) Student-in-Training Certificate; c) extra set of 600 Open Book Questions and; d) two [2] hours of Tutoring. Pay fee now.

Alfred and Iris Obes enrolled in the
Home Study Program together.

The second party can purchase additional instruments, equipment, books, video's, audio's or charts as needed from MIR's online store through the PRODUCTS link. Second party will not be granted certificate of completion until Home Study Package has been paid-in-full.

Alfred was the first to graduate. Iris' busy
schedule has delayed her completion
of Home Study Program.

10. Are there requirements between lessons?
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Students must submit Open Book Questions located at the end of each lesson and turn in copies of your REFLEXOLOGIST LOG BOOK following completion of each set of (4) lessons. You are expected to have a total of 100 hours of foot, hand or ear reflex work performed on a minimum of 20 different persons. A student may progress at his own rate of study and completion.

Dawn Horn applies DRUMmer to K1.

Some have finished the program in 3 months and others taken up to 3 or more years. If you take longer than six months to finish you need to renew before expiration of your SIT Certificate. This creates an automatic renewal of your student status and the Institute will reissue a new Student in Training Certificate. Watch the expiration date or you will be automatically dropped from the program. Students can gain automatic reinstatement of student status by timely renewal of their SIT Certificate.

11. Do you have Hands-on tutorial?
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Hands-on tutorial is available at either the Denver Campus or qualified Tutors across the USA for an additional fee of $35.00 each half-hour. Tutorial is paid for at the time of service. An appointment is necessary here at the INSTITUTE to assure the Tutor of your choice.

The old sign recently got a face lift by decree of the Board.

If you have field experience in reflexology, you may wish to obtain the Freelancer Professional by purchase of the Mini Home Study Package. With previous experience you can quickly attain the Professional Freelancer Reflexology Diploma/Certificate.

Out of town students who come for Tutoring or a friendly visit to the Institute can find a LaQuinta Motel and Denny's restaurant just 4-blocks from MIR Campus.

12. What is Transcontinental Classroom?

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TCC has traversed 47 states Tutoring students.

Transcontinental Classroom was created in order to provide hands-on experience for students who were unable to come to Denver Campus due to distance and time restrictions. TCC consists of a 35 Safari Sahara Motor Home with a slide-out which provides classroom space for up to 5 students. The original objective of the TCC was to reach out to students in small communities (where there is little traditional health care available) in order to encourage beginner students to become part of a simple ReflexoCure system of Wellness which they could offer to their fellow residents.

The mural on the rear of TCC advertises the Institute.

With the establishment of the new Tutorial program the TCC was temporarily put on hold. However, new plans are now being laid for reactivation. Minimum charge for a TCC visit will be $450.00. So, stay tuned.

Zachary served Indian Cusine onboard the
TCC prepared by MIR Student Suknindar Kahour.

13. Is the MIR Credential valid in my home area?
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Each city or State may have its own requirements for license of Reflexologists, but MIR will work with you to help you overcome any obstacles to fulfilling your heavenly call to practice reflexology following your graduation. Extra practicum hours can be earned to meet ordinance requirements that exceed MIR's basic 350 hour training program. This professional level credential helps meet higher practicum requirements by providing a 500 hour certificate.


On December 5, 2005 (after much effort by John Gilbert, PhD) the Natural Therapies Certification Board, Reflexology Division, became fully functional with the election of the first VP/Reflexology who will represent the Reflexology profession as a voting member of the NTCB.


Another certification board known as the Reflexology Certification Board has also been formed in Oxford, MA. This Certification Board recognizes the Modern Institute of Reflexology as an approved school of reflexology and will approve applicants holding a diploma from the Institute.

The reflexology profession has not yet been recognized on a national/state level through any of the three certification boards (North Dakota and Tennessee now on list for ARCB or American Reflexology Certification Board). Some state massage therapy boards have swept reflexology under their massage therapy requirements, but many have reversed that questionable position. However, a precedent has been set in the Commonwealth of Delaware where the massage board (at a hearing for David Patterson requested by the state) recognized the MIR Certificates of this Reflexologist/ReflexoCurist who had been sited for practicing reflexology without a license. David was granted a license as a Massage Therapy Technician and released to practice Reflexology until the laws that excluded his profession could be corrected.

Dave gives ReflexoCure in his Rehoboth Beach Home Clinic.

MIR stood behind ReflexoCurist Patterson during his time of trouble in Delaware after a Massage Therapist reported him to the State for practicing reflexology without a license. The Institute will also stand by your side. Dave was later appointed by the governor to a 3-year term on Delaware Board of Massage & Bodywork (see certificate below).

The State of Delaware
Board of Massage and Bodywork

"I have always believed that whatever
good or bad fortune may come our way
we can always give it meaning
and transform it into something of value."

– Hermann Hesse

14. What about Insurance?
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Allied Beauty Experts

Upon graduation from MIR you may apply to ABE for a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy for your new Reflexology practice. MIR's new policy for our graduating reflexologists aka ReflexoCurists has been designed by Allied Beauty Experts to cover the Institute's array of approved reflexologic instruments.

This new policy is underwritten by Axis Insurance Company, rated by AM Best as an A Superior insurance company, and is available to you for on around $200.00 per year.

"A ship in port is safe,
but that's not what ships are built for."

– Grace Murray Hopper

When you are ready to register for the best (they cover use of instruments) reflexology insurance policy, simply call ABE in order to enroll via telephone:



If you have difficulty with ABE registry, give Dr. Brinkerhoff a call:


15. Do I get credit for previous reflexology or medical training?
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Credit for previous reflexology 'classroom teaching' and practicum is accepted and applied towards requirements for MIR's Diploma.

Handsome 11 x 14 Freelancer Professional Certificate

If you have been practicing Reflexology as a Freelancer or independent ReflexoCurist (reflexologist) and want to get certification through MIR ... you can obtain the MIR Certificate by meeting these requirements: 1) Completion of Mini Home Study Program and verified 250 hours reflex experience; 2) Six letters of reference [1 doctor, 2 nurses,3 patients]; 3) Five case histories; 4) Personal Reflexologist Creed; 5) Theoretical explanation of a reflexology mechanism of action [how and why 'you' think or believe that it works]. Purchase the Mini Home Study Package and you are on your way to obtaining your Professional credential.

16. What is the Refund Policy?
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Tuition refund only after 3-days.

Refund Policy: A refund of all money paid for product received (excluding shipping & handling charges) if returned unused within three business days of delivery (restocking fee of 20%); After three days the refund is limited to tuition on a sliding scale according to refund policy shown in MIR Catalogue or Contract.

17. Does MIR have a Conduct Policy?
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MIR's Conduct Policy requires a student to conduct himself within the ethical guidelines for a Reflexologist which are set forth in the lessons of study. Substantiated misconduct is grounds for termination of Student Status.

18. What is your Dropout or Time Extension Policy?
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If a student suspends his studies for a period of time which takes him beyond the contracted 6 months completion period, or if he needs additional time to reasonably complete his studies, he must reregister. This is done by payment of $50.00 for a new Student in Training Certificate (SIT).

19. Are MIR Credits Transferable?
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MIR does not guarantee the transferability of its credits to any other institution unless there is a written agreement made in advance with the other institution in question.

20. How do I settle complaints?
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Step #1: Notify MIR Officials at (800) 533-1837.

Step #2: Bring your complaint on a personal level to Zachary Brinkerhoff. You can Email him at: zachary@reflexologyinstitute.com or call him at 1-303-324-4955.

Step #3: Contact Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools and speak with MIR's Supervisor Jessica Googins @ (303) 894-2960.

21. Does MIR have a Code of Ethics?
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MIR's Code of Ethics is based on the teaching of Jesus:

"Do unto others as you desire
that they would do unto you."

Further, the Institute is under the regulation/code of ethics demanded by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools Board. They have a direct complaint line for students


if they wish to file a report (good or bad) to MIR's supervisor (which is posted on this Website). The Institute has not had a legitimate student complaint in over 15 years. Our MIR Student files are required to be open for surprise inspection along with renewal of DPOS Board Certification every three years.


The Institute is required to conform to the Code of Ethics of the Natural Therapies Certification Board which is posted on their website @ www.ntcb.org


The Institute is also expected to comply with the Code of Ethics of the Reflexology Certification Board of Oxford, MA, which is posted on their Website @ www.rcb.com

"A ship in port is safe,
but that's not what ships are built for."

– Grace Murray Hopper

22. How do I settle complaints?
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Step #1: Notify MIR Officials at (800) 533-1837.


23. How do I settle complaints?
(to top of page)

Step #1: Notify MIR Officials at (800) 533-1837.

24. How do I settle complaints?
(to top of page)

Step #1: Notify MIR Officials at (800) 533-1837.

25. How do I settle complaints?
(to top of page)

Step #1: Notify MIR Officials at (800) 533-1837.

"Where there is a vision
the People Prosper"



Shahrazad gave her husband reflexology for prostate cancer
diagnosed in USA. After his cancer cure she enrolled with MIR
to learn modern techniques to help resolve his lower back pain.

Home Clinic in Saudi Arabia


"My Conscience
in union with the Holy Spirit
assures me of the Truth."

Saul of Tarsus


This Page Updated: 08/09/2016

"I want to thank the Modern Institute of Reflexology for making the Home Study Reflexology Course accessible in every nation of the world. Thank you for putting this comprehensive program within my reach here in Saudi Arabia," stated Shahrazad T. Lukanic after a year of study with the Institute's Full Spectrum Reflexology Method.

Diana J. Zufall:

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the Home Study Course in Reflexology.

I am soon to be 58 years. I lost my job after 911 and my husband has since had a kidney transplant. Then a virus attacked his heart and he is unable to work.

I am hoping that I will be able to stay home to take care of him and to make enough to support us so that we do not lose our home.

I have been enthralled in the study of Reflexology but I must admit that I am apprehensive with the idea of getting started on the client level. I have been working on family members while playing the training video, but I fear the skepticism of the local people. Too, as I build my courage I feel that they will begin to have faith in what I am doing and I promise that I will pray and work as hard as I can to make the Lord shine in whatever I do.

I have sold some heirlooms so that I could put the money down on this course and next weekend I am having a yard sale to hopefully take care of my balance.

Again, may God Bless all of you and Bless the work that you are doing.

I think it would be wonderful if someone could pay $20.00 for a treatment rather than thousands for surgery!

Again, thank you,
Diana Zufall.
Mt. Pleasant, PA
August 21, 2004

Diana Zufall writes:
Fire completely gutted my home on 9/7/04. My little clinic was totally wiped out and insurance was not enough to cover every thing!!!!

While I can do without the reflexology chair, I do need the "Dr. Riley" Massager and reflex tip attachments. My question is: "Would there be any way to get one of these machines at a lesser cost?"

I have already begun working on clients by using my hands. Its not as easy as using the machine (I really miss the massager), but, my clients understand and are still keeping appointments.

My Log Book record of 411 hours 30 minutes toward my professional status also burned. I do not want to lose my hours. What can I do?

Also enclosed is my "payment in full" toward my schooling.

Zachary, please let me hear from your regarding this matter.

Diana Zufall.
September 17, 2004.

Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager:
Diana Zufall's thumb saver is pictured above with one of ten reflex tip attachments.
This machine delivers up to 4,400 impacts/minute.
Made in USA.

This Lesson includes insight into the influence of ReflexoCure on all major religions of the world with a special insight into the Old and New Testaments.

Zachary Brinkerhoff wrote 9/18/04:
Diana, the news of the complete loss of your home by fire was a personal shock to me.

Today I ordered a new Dr. Riley's Massager. It will be shipped to you as a gift (no charge) in order to help ease the many burdens you are now bearing. Another reflex attachment kit will be included.

Do you need another Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer III-3b?

We'll be on standby here at the Institute to help in any way we can. Our prayers are with you and yours.


Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer III-3b This radiant energy infrared lamp is a modern version of the infrared ray lights used by reflexology's founding father Dr. William Fitzgerald's group in reflex applications back in 1920.

Infrared rays were lost to the Reflexology Profession over the years, but MIR has restored the use of radiant energy through introduction of the new and improved Reflex Beamer's.

In this photo Diana Zufall is treating a lady who came to her with a terrible Achilles heel problem that had plagued her for 3 to 4 years.

"When this client first came for treatment, she didn't want me to touch that tendon area at all. Now she cannot wait for a reflexology session.

"Thanks to all that I have learned through the Home Study Course. I feel so grateful for being able to help not only her but others too.

"Could you please send me another log book? Right now I am keeping track of my hours in a note book. I have a little over 800 hours.

"Thanks for getting the replacement Beamer to me. My clients really missed it.

"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers along with your kindness.

Yours sincerely,
Diana Zufall
December 10, 2004."

Contains 35 pages of reflexology information to educate recipients; a full disclosure statement; and 60 pages to document treatment sessions.

Diane Zufall had to reconstruct her 411 hours of client records as best she could from memory in order for the Institute to make random verification of the treatment and Diana's effectiveness.










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