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The Modern Institute of Reflexology's Home Study ReflexoCure Program is rooted in the emerging philosophic-theory of INTUITIVE EXPERIENTIALISM .

FitzGerald's granddaughter receives Tutoring from
MIR Tennessee Director Kendal Eckert, DR.
Pamela has chosen to begin a
new reflexologic career
at the age of 72.

How complicated is it to learn to walk? brush your teeth? comb your hair? pick or blow your nose? climb a tree? nurse a baby? suck the teat? learn to walk? chew your food? Right! Those are activities that we can learn with very little help and with enough practice are able to perform it automatically. Such is reflexology.

Steve Sharp
Reno, Nevada.

Utilizing this innate ability is the philosophy behind MIR's Home Study ReflexoCure Program. Learning to give a reflexology treatment to others is similar to scratching an itch on your own body. You first get the feel of how long and how hard to scratch the skin on yourself. Then you can scratch someone else's back or feet or scalp. This scratching action creates a bio electric reflex stimulus within the body. Learning to scratch just comes naturally; instinctively; intuitively.

This ability springs out of what Barbara and Kevin Kunz identify as a reflexology archetype (a genetic encoding found in the universal unconscious mind: Jung). Zachary believes the animal kingdom was designed with a reflex system that benefits from a rub or a scratch or a pinch or a poke; which is initiated by an innate response (an intuitive directive) to an internal need of the body. He believes Garden of Eden ReflexoCure (reflexology) occurs automatically when walking barefoot on the rocks and sand.

Richard Morton
Hiawatha, Iowa.

Not everyone will need Tutoring due to the availability of videos, audio's, books, written lessons and the 100 hours of practicum required for completion of the Home Study ReflexoCure (reflexology) Course. If tutoring or coaching is needed, then it can be accomplished via Email; telephone; letter; fax; on campus in Lakewood; through Graduate Tutors; and/or aboard the Transcontinental Classroom (when it is available on the road). Charges for a personal tutor are $25/half-hour. That is less than a 1/2 hour treatment in Lakewood, Colorado.

Lili Zarate
Joliet, Illinois.

The Division of Private Occupational Schools Board gave a favorable nod when presented with the Institute's Reflexology Tutorial program. A tutor can be a student or graduate that coaches under the authority of a professor. Dr. Brinkerhoff (a state credentialed occupational Reflexology instructor) has given Tutorship authority to Dr. Richard Long and other qualified graduates scattered around the USA and in some select foreign countries. In special cases he can assign an advanced student to tutor when necessary.

Lorraina Telepo
Whitehall, PA

Why sit through time consuming classes when the information may not even be pertinent to reflexology. Your place of learning are those feet, hands and ears that come to you for help. Lets not complicate a simple, archetypal, intuitive method of reflexological stimulation which releases photo-bioelectricity; which the body uses to help heal and maintain itself.

That scratch, that dig, that gouge on a place that may tingle, itch or radiate unexplained pain on a point ... this is a call to do ReflexoCure to yourself. Yes, you do it every day in one form or another. These natural ReflexoCure (reflexology) techniques are not complicated to learn and neither are the INSTITUTE's methods which are designed to facilitate helping others. That is what MIR's Home Study ReflexoCure Program is all about.

Both Students & Graduates came to the old MIR Campus for Tutoring. Now they attend the new 3,600' facility at
4086 Youngfield,
Wheat Ridge, CO.

The INSTITUTE has invited certain MIR Graduates into a ReflexoCure Tutorship Status to aid new students that need help grasping the Full Spectrum Reflexology concepts. Here is an example of the enthusiastic response exhibited by graduates to the new Tutorial Program:

MIR TUTOR David Patterson
Rehoboth, DE

"My MIR Tutorship appointment is indeed a nice surprise and an honor. I would be delighted to help students in this way; as it can be intimidating not to have much hands-on time with instructors. I think this is a great move on the part of the INSTITUTE. I have also been contacted by one of the local educational institutions to possibly teach a class. The local hospital wants me to do a series of lectures based on diseases; and show some helpful reflex techniques that can be done at home.

"I am now in the process of getting my case studies and professional letters assembled in an application packet; in order to advance my certification to the Professional Level. It will take a little while as I build up capitol, but it will happen.

MIR Student David Patterson
onboard the Transcontinental

"I am also excited by the new IPEDS CIP 51.9999 transition code. This is a great step to get us away from association with massage therapy and into our own reflexology entity. I have educated many, many people with free 10 minute demos at the chiropractors office about the benefits of reflexology; and they are constantly telling me about their massage therapists and nail technicians doing what they call reflexology. In most cases (from my point of view) they are only rubbing the feet.

"I have about 90 clients now and that is building all the time. Even though my rates are low because of client demographics, I am making a living and loving it. Hope all is well with Rachel and you. Peace to all." DAVE PATTERSON.

(NOTE: In May of 2004 the Commonwealth of Delaware told Dave to report his qualifications for his practice of reflexology because he had been operating with no city or state license. After reviewing his MIR Certificates of training and other supporting documents the inspector gave his nod of approval to the Delaware Board of Massage Therapy and Bodywork. The DBMTBW granted Dave a "massage therapy technician" license which then allowed him to freely practice his reflexology occupation.) Click here for story.

Children watch and learn from both Mom and Dad.

Many folks who visit this Website hesitate to take on the learning process; after so many years away from the books. But we have made it easy with Open Book Questions! We have made it fun with Tutoring. And as we have plainly shown ... ReflexoCure (reflexology) is an instinctive natural activity. So prayerfully consider your conscience and then follow your inner heart as you seek to make a decision about the role of reflexology in your life: could it be my vocation or avocation? "Should I begin with the Starter Kit? Or go with the Home Study Package now?"

"Have the courage to follow
your heart and intuition.
They somehow already know
what you truly want to become.
Everything else is secondary."

– Steve Jobs
(cofounder of Apple Computer)

Budding Reflexologist:

Vanessa McKinney

Dear Dr. Brinkerhoff,

I wish to thank you for looking into this matter of my lost order. On Thursday, November 29, 2007 I did finally receive my Reflexologist Log Book. The zip code seemed to have been wrong. However, I am delighted and have given it a grand searching because I am so very anxious to begin filling its pages with my many cases. (I have a friend who insisted I give reflexology treatments to her child who suffers from sickle cell disease. On the past two occassions that I have been privledged to assist in her care, she has avoided hospitalization.)

I am but a “budding reflexologist” and have found a reflexology course locally that I am hopeful to take in the spring of 2008. In the meantime, I am interested in purchasing some other reflexologic items in the coming months from your Institute, and only wish that I lived in Colorado so that I could get some of your specialized Tutoring. Nonetheless, I am determined to do all that I can from afar to tap into the golden nuggets of learning from your Institute. Each time that I log on to your Website I feel the inspiration that I have come into my ‘niche’ -- and found what I am supposed to be doing.

I have been a Nurse Assistant (now classified as ICU Technician) since 1995. I have only cared for critical care or acute care patients. So for me, reflexology introduced a new methodology into my spectrum of care which I was able to offer to patients. A way to relieve and sometimes aleviate painful prognosis (in some cases pallative care prognosis/end of life care).

I am now to a point, as the healthcare system I work for FINALLY takes a more proactive holistic care approach, where I can obtain credentials and schooling and be somewhat respected by the physicians and nurses that I work with (you are very silly - Zach the Quack? No Indeed!) as my hospital is finally recognizing alternative therapies as viable care options and hiring staff personel specialized in holistic pathways. (AT LAST!!!)

When my brother was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma many of the medications side effects were more harmful to his system than the disease process itself. But now, through reflexology, herbology, and relaxation therapy methods (that I have sort of “self taught” myself through books), I can finally see him receiving relief. Now he boasts to other patients and friends about these “miracles of treatment.”

I have such great respect and admiration for the healing art of reflexology. In fact, my two year old son enjoys it so much that when I am home from work he insists upon his "flexology".

Anyway, thank you for giving ear to all my words.

Take great care of yourself.


Vanessa A. McKinney, Budding Reflexologist
Columbus, Ohio
December 1, 2007.

MIR Tutor Glenn Britton demonstrates the Foot Joint, Micro alignment, Reflex Technique Procedure. This 90 degree pull helps correct the position of the ankle bones: which opens the flow of the photo-bioelectric energy of the animal frame. These are reflex techniques from which spontaneous healing has been observed to occur.
MIR Tutor Richard Herman has made many valuable contributions at the Institute as both a student and a graduate. Above we see Richard with his portable ReflexoCurist Tool Chest which he recently upgraded to an improved design. Richard is a member of Hanna Krueger's group in Boulder and very studied in the application of herbal remedies.
MIAMI PRISON: Jairo Soto Rodriquez completed HSCC in Miami's FCI and here receives a visit from Dr. Brinkerhoff for Finishing School. "When I am deported back to Columbia I am going to start a little ReflexoCurist Clinic and help many people," explained Jairo. "I am so honored you came to visit me in prison." I talked with Jairo's fellow prisoners that day and they all testified to his 'unofficial' work in reflexology. Nothing but positive for Jairo: he graduated with honors.
MIR Tutor Nicole Schmitmeyer of NEW BRENNEN, OH: Nicole grips Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager aka the DRUMmer while onboard her TCC visit. She recently opened an active practice at a salon in Ft. Loramie, OH. "This is a new step forward in the development of my new ReflexoCurist profession. I accept the Tutor Status offered to me by the INSTITUTE. I look forward to helping new students grasp the Full Spectrum Reflexology Method."
MIR. Tutor Katy Johnson displays Dr. Wittman's Percuss-O-Flex machine which is part of her repertoire of instruments she used in her body wrap shop in Northglenn, Colorado. "I have nearly attained the requisite hours for attainment of my Master of Reflexology. That will put me at the official teacher level for the INSTITUTE; which coincides with my appointment as a Tutor in the new outreach program." Kathy has always encouraged folks that were interested in studying Full Spectrum Reflexology to come to the INSTITUTE.
MIR Tutor Todd Cosart, Harrod, Ohio.
Todd is a licensed Massage Therapist and highly qualified to act as a Tutor Graduate for the INSTITUTE. Be sure to visit Todd when in the Harrod area and get to know him. He is a very conscientious person with whom you would enjoy meeting.

MIR Tutor Dr. Josef Eugster teaches Dr. Brinkerhoff his famous knuckle technique at a meeting in Alna, ME. It was the two men's first opportunity to meet and it was fun. Dr. Eugster really liked the Percus-O-Matic 'jackhammer' applied to his K1. After a treatment and lunch in the Big Bus Josef stated ... "I am going to send all the handicap people (who apply to my USA classes) to your school." Conversely, Zachary recommends that M.I.R. Graduates take at least one of Dr. Josef's classes.

MIR Tutor Fred Lees is a retired Math Teacher from Jefferson County Schools Systems in Colorado. Upon graduation from the INSTITUTE 12 years ago he began to establish a thriving practice in his Lakewood home. Fred is naturally gifted at teaching, especially aspiring reflexologists. As a Full Spectrum Reflexologist he knows his profession. "I recently purchased a DRUMmer at Zachary's request along with several radiant energy lamps. Both of these instruments have contributed greatly to treatment outcome."

MIR Tutor Kerry Tolbert has a dedicated room in his home for his reflexology practice. "Dr. Brinkerhoff came all the way to Birmingham to Tutor me when I was first learning reflexology, so I am more than happy to help others students of the INSTITUTE as a Tutor Graduate. I was particularly pleased that my Tutoring on the second visit included a special prayer for myself."
MIR Tutor Mary Marshall, RN, is intent on helping other students of reflexology get the desired "hands on experience" that is so important for that polishing needed to become a professional reflexologist. Nurse Mary is putting together a special 5 day class which will operate under the auspices of the INSTITUTE's credentialing.
MIR. Tutor Wendi Humphreyes has continued to work with the INSTITUTE's office management since her graduation. In addition to her excellent Tutoring abilities, Wendi is deeply involved in developing a job placement program for aspiring reflexologists who are ready to go to work. Her Englewood clinic affords a stepping stone for new graduates to get a taste of the working world of reflexology.
MIR Tutor Katy Johnson displays Dr. Wittman's Percuss-O-Flex machine which is part of her repertoire of instruments she used in her body wrap shop in Northglenn, Colorado. "I have nearly attained the requisite hours for attainment of my Master of Reflexology. That will put me at the official teacher level for the INSTITUTE; which coincides with my appointment as a Tutor in the new outreach program." Kathy has always encouraged folks that were interested in studying Full Spectrum Reflexology to come to the INSTITUTE.
MIR Tutor Zachary Brinkerhoff works on client
Johnny Johnson of El Cajon, California. Zachary is available for tutoring at the campus of the INSTITUTE as well as the Transcontinental Classroom when traveling on the road. This treatment occurred back in 1969 aboard the original Mobil Reflexology Clinic which operated at the Fountain of Youth Mineral Spa near Salton Sea, California and along the Western Pacific States of Oregon and Washington; with diversions into Idaho.



"Problems cannot be solved at
the same level of awareness
that created them."

...... Albert Einstein


If you Believe you shall Receive.

May your DREAM come True.

Let the JOURNEY begin.

Click here to enroll now!

"If you do what you've always done;
You'll get what you've always got."

----- David Steele


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This Page Updated: 08/26/09

A week after a lengthy tutoring session at MIR Clinic a grateful student stopped by with a nice bouquet of flowers for Zachary Brinkerhoff.

Donna M. Bean, PR
is building a successful practice in Gwinnette, County, Georgia. She is available to help you become a proficient Full Spectrum Reflexologist.


Dr. Alfred Reinhard Bird Bear Obes, MD, Newtown, North Dakota.
Dr. Obes now sits on the MIR Advisory Board. He also respects the concise subjects of the Home Study Course.
Meet Dr. Obes


Maurice D'Arifat
Morcellement Swan; Perebyere, Mauritius; Tele 011-230-263-5107

Nancy Barkdoll, RN.
She is now tutoring in the State of Wisconsin.
Amarjit S. Ghuman has a reflexology practice in Detroit, Michigan area.
Zachary Brinkerhoff
Tutors student on POM.
Denver, Colorado Kathleen Graham
She retired from UAL to open her own clinic.
Dise Withers
Graduation day with his students in Denver.
Kathy Pepe
Wading River, NY
Kathy came to Denver for her day of ReflexoCure Tutoring with Dr. Richard Long and Glenn Britton.
Beautiful drawings like this help to remember the hundreds of points across the body.
Buy Here

Karen Doyle
Chester, New York.
Karen got a day of tutoring on Transcontinental Classroom from Dr. Zachary & Rachel.
Fred Hardwick,
E. Peoria, Illinois.
Fred called for TCC. He has been teaching reflexology privately.
Alice Akers
She has done a great job of Tutoring new students from her rural Ranching Community.
Dr. Hisham AlJaser
Alardiya, KUWAIT.
Dr. Hisham has a Branch of MIR with enrollment of eighty students.


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