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Every graduate of MIR’s Reflexology Home Study Program has a success story. They may have developed a full or part-time vocational career in reflexology or simply continue to help friends, relatives, strangers and hopefully a few enemies. Every graduate of MIR is a winner.

Canadian Reflexologist
Takes USA Foot by Foot

Kendall Eckert came to the USA to expand his reflexology horizons and establish not only a practice, but fulfill his vision of establishing a school that would prepare a student to become a bonafide professional practitioner able to fit into the medical model. "So many reflexologists are not practicing full time and are ill equipped to qualify for a National Provider Identification Number (NPI number) through the American Medical Associations (AMA) National Uniform Code Committee (NUCC). It is my goal to estalish a school here in Hendersonville, TN that will turn out reflexologic practitioners qualified to work in the medical arena."

Kendall & Gary Stahl study over MIR's 12
Lesson Home Study Program.

Kendall was drawn to the Modern Institute of Reflexology through a past encounter with Dr. Brinkerhoff at the 1990 Council of North American Reflexologist conference which was held in Toronto. "I remember both Zachary and Mildred Carter were speakers, and every body was abuzz about his presentation on Water the Conductor. Mildred even added his information about the effect of dehydration on reflexologic outcome of treatment in her publication: Body Reflexology - Healing at your Finger tips," recounted Kendall. "Mildred was such a lovely person - so gentle and kind in her teaching presentation."

Kendall tutors Dr. FitzGerald's granddaughter
Pamela at the 2008 RAA Conference on
use of Dr. Riley's Massager.

Kendall felt strongly allied with Zachary since they were both trained by Eunice Ingham: he in 1969 and Zachary in 1967. "After I heard how Marcel Poiron of Winnipeg had a sister school agreement with the Modern Institute - I thought to likewise create my school: The Modern Institute of Reflexology - Tennessee," exclaimed Kendall. Following several phone conversations Kendall and Zachary both agreed to seek approval in TN for such an institution. But soon the process which began in good faith and enthusiasm began to bog down in the quagmire of beauracratic shuffling and red tape. But, Kendall has endured and the vision is nearing fulfillment as of 06/07/08.

Kendall works on stroke patient in Assisted Living
Facility where he has become very popular due
to good treatment outcomes.

It was following his licensed reflexology practice in Florida that Kendall and his wife Jaunita made their move to Hendersonville. Here he has been very successful working with both diabetes and stroke patients among the elderly. "The Tennessee Supervisor of State Assisted Living Facilities, after observing my consistent results among their elderly, told me she was going to dedicate a room in each of the 24 facilities under her care; and asked me if I would give reflexology in each facility?" relayed Kendall. His answer? Well, he explained how he was opening a reflexology training facility and would be happy to train practitioners for each of the facilities. She was pleased and awaits fulfillment of the plan.

Stroke victim is pleased with his improvement at the
reflexologically gifted hands of Dr. Eckert.


MIR Graduate Legalizes
Reflexology in Delaware

David L. Patterson advertises on his Beach Buggie.

Sometimes when you find your bliss in life a person may run into roadblocks. This is the story of finding my 'calling' --- an odyssey filled with challenges to prevent being able to legally practice the profession that God wanted me to do. My chronicle of this journey is dedicated to Zachary Brinkerhoff and his support, Tod Zimmermann and his belief, and a slew of people who supported me through prayer, letters, and encouragement.

Dave works on recipient in his home setting.

My journey began in 1977 at a small hospital in Lewes, Delaware with a fledgling department called Integrative Health. Here a visionary coordinator named Cheyenne Suzader had a student of the International Institute of Reflexology do a demonstration of Reflexology. I decided to give it a whirl and from that day on my life was going to be very different. After my initial session, I felt that this was something I wanted to learn. I went home that night understanding the principles involved and the techniques used. I felt as if I had done this before. I was able the next day to work on my roommate's feet and stop his backache. It was then I decided I needed to get trained. It was here the struggle began.

No pessimist ever discovered
the secret of the stars
or sailed an uncharted land,
or opened a new doorway
for the human spirit.
Helen Keller

In my search I could find no schools to teach reflexology in the area. I received information about the school in Florida that traveled around the country to give weekend training (followed by case studies, books, and video and so on). The problem was that these seminars were not close enough to attend and took about three years to complete. I found a school in Pennsylvania that could be completed in a year, but this was for three 1-week sessions and I was not able to do that. I became frustrated and discouraged.

David & Zachary onboard the TCC in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

I finally found the Modern Institute of Reflexology Website and inquired about the Home Study Package. I had my doubts about home study with a one-stop visit from the MIR Transcontinental Classroom. However, after much prayer I decided to do it. This was without a doubt one of the best decisions in my life. It took a year to complete the course (I maintained a 99% grade point average), but it was worth it because I was able to use my skills to help my best friend with cancer. He had less pain and better body function because of Full Spectrum Reflexology (I used him as one of my case studies required for graduation). Working with a cancer patient allowed me to really experience just what Reflexology could encourage the body to do. I think this was a preamble to my client experience because God seems to send me unusual and difficult cases; for which I am able to encourage balance and achieve homeostasis; much more than I would ever have thought possible.

DRUMmer hammers K1

After researching the regulations and rules and laws in Delaware for this discipline, I could find no indication of reflexology as a modality of massage that needed to be licensed in my State. So, I decided to use Reflexology as part of my ministry for body, mind, and spirit since I was an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. I had been a lay minister and CEO for the Metropolitan Community Church in Rehoboth Beach for five years and had used healing touch, laying on of hands, anointing, prayer, and meditation to assist in healing all during those five years. Reflexology just seemed to be a natural addition to ministry.

It was in this time period that I lost my employment and was denied unemployment benefits. Then a chiropractor friend of mine offered to let me work in his office. I already had a business license so I thought, 'I have nothing ... so what do I have to lose?' After I had started working in the chiropractors office, I won unemployment benefits which allowed me to have a cushion while I built up my practice.

Dave in Action

I used 10 minute free introductory coupons to encourage people to give reflexology a try since not many people knew a thing about the profession. These coupons proved to be a very good way to demonstrate what I knew and almost always resulted in a scheduled appointment. Combined with prayer and faith (and a lot of help from my friends) I was able to survive while educating the public about the remarkable relaxation and equilibrium benefits of reflexology (which leads to a healthier lifestyle and biological balance).

Some people may think that this was a great start, but the biggest challenge was yet to come. In October of 2003 I received a letter from the Board of Professional Regulation that a complaint had been lodged against me for practicing reflexology without a license. This complaint was going to be investigated by the Board to see if criminal charges would be brought against me. Needless to say it was an unnerving time (I even considered moving to Pennsylvania to practice, but Zachary told me to stand firm), but I believed that I was operating within the framework of ministry and had copies of the laws I had dug up early on to back me up.

In matters of style,
swim with the current;
in matters of principle,
stand like a rock.
Thomas Jefferson

It was not until April that the case was resolved. I was investigated and interviewed. The investigators agreed I had the education and that I was not a fly-by-night. They saw that I was doing ministry as well. They told me I had done my homework and research, so I believed they felt that I was a professional. (I had also contacted my state representative who also helped.) They advised me after a couple of days to apply for a Certified Massage Technician license. So, I did and was duly licensed by the Delaware Board of Massage and Bodyworks. I was approved even though my reflexology education was mostly MIR's Home Study Program with only eight hours of Tutoring via Transcontinental Classroom. This was an unusual approval made by the Board, certainly not the norm. But this case has certainly set a precedent that other states can now begin to follow.

At his Long Neck office Dave is shown doing
ReflexoCure on both feet simultaneously
which doubles the dynamic.

What did it take to achieve this? I researched every law in every state and was able to show the lack of consistency in the laws: from no laws to very strict laws; from reflexology license to inclusion under massage. I was able to show that reflexology is a stand alone outside of massage. I was able to prove that no massage school in Delaware and surrounding states had full training programs for massage (in-class setting or home study). What little reflexology that was being taught was CEU's for massage or cosmetology (nail technicians). Twelve hours was the maximum time being taught and what was being taught was foot massage (this was information passed to me from their clients and students). It took research, determination, belief, prayer, emotional balance, and letters of support from clients about my work and my ministry to encourage the right outcome. I believe this is my calling and I believe I proved it to all involved in the investigation.

Dave's Office in Long Neck, Delaware.

The next few months were good and business grew. I did not set the world on fire, but I was able to live with my income. I was asked to teach by the Delaware Technical and Community College for their massage class. The first year was for 12 hours in 2003, the second was for 24 hours in 2004 and in 2005 I will again t each 24 hours. We are looking to start a full course and continuing education credits in the near future. It has been very gratifying for me to be able to know that a state school is teaching correct Reflexology and wants to create a full course. This is what I call a God moment and proves that tenacity and intent can move mountains.


My business continues to grow and I know that I will be earning a comfortable living very soon. I am proud to be a graduate of the Modern Institute of Reflexology and I am pleased to be a successful professional in my field. However, much still needs to be done on a national level to open dialogue and to establish national certification and testing for Reflexology Hands-Plus.

Dave and his new Beach Buggie.

Many states will want to see the testing and certification even though I do not believe that indicates what a practitioner knows. It isn't until you are actually working that the knowledge about reflexology sets in and you become a professional. My advice as a new graduate is to consistently practice in order to learn your craft from each client you serve. They and their bodies will teach you. Reflexology is a sacred profession based in religion from the Egyptians and others ... down to the Mennonites and Amish ... to you. Keep your eye on your goals and believe that you can do it and CO-create it.

It is time for some of Dave's Yummies.

Permit me to share one last experience with you. In March of 2005, I was asked by the contact person on the Board of Massage and Bodyworks in Delaware to apply for a Board position. I was subsequently appointed by Governor Ruth Ann Minner as a Board Member on April 4, 2005 for a term of three years. This position is an answer to prayer and a confirmation of my Reflexology practice. Now I will be a part of the process of creating better rules and criteria for licensing. My hope is to see stand alone professions like Reflexology and Acupressure separated from massage with criteria of their own, so that Bodywork outside of massage is recognized as being unique. I also hope to see legal wording become crystal clear so that there is no question of what is written in law and regulations by anyone visiting any Website that attempts to address this issue. I hope to see Delaware be a model for all state laws concerning alternative healthcare practice nationwide. It will happen! So, pray for me ... and Zachary ... thank you more than I can ever express. Dave.

Victory is won not in miles
but in inches.
Win a little now,
hold your ground,
and later,
win a little more.
Louis L'Amour

Medical Doctor Graduates from MIR

Dr. Alfred Reinhard Bird Bear Obes

"I have a military and medical career behind me, being proud of them because nothing was given to me but everything had to be earned. As a professional, medical doctor and specialist as an intensivist, anesthesiologist, emergency specialist, medical consultant for surgery, internal medicine, gynecology, obstetrics and infant intensive care as well as former adjunct to dialysis and officer of a major blood bank, as a former medical confidant of local and district law enforcement and border patrol and as former head of the intensive care units of a major general hospital with all disciplines of medicine represented, working with two universities, and as colonel of the Armed Forces (NATO), I want to congratulate Dr. Zachary Brinkerhoff, DR on his great reflexology program and his tremendous lifetime achievement in behalf of reflexology.

Alfred cuts his beard every spring.

"My introduction to Full Spectrum Reflexology was administered by MIR Student Richard Crow's Heart Jr. which included the hands, ears and feet. I was so impressed with the beneficial and benevolent reflexology treatment which I received that I thought to enroll myself in the Reflexology Home Study Course. I became fired up about the issues after studying the free sample reflexology lesson. The concise no nonsense style of the reflexology lesson convinced me and my wife Iris that we both should take up the reflexology study course. We are both in agreement not only with Dr. Brinkerhoff's wonderful reflexology concept but also with the particular tone and method developed. Especially, we love the uplifting message reflected throughout the reflexology lessons and are glad to have been his students. I am so very impressed that Zachary has revived an ancient art the way he did: passionately and methodically.

Dr. Alfred Reinhard Bird Bear Obes, MD, MM, works wife
Iris' brain reflex on top of great toe with cedar wood probe
with which she gifted him. Note Photoluminescent Reflex
Beamer III-3b radiating dorsum of the feet.

"It was more than thirteen years ago that I experienced reflexology by a good man who somehow relieved and refreshed us Sundancers by pushing hard on certain points at the soles of our feet. I vividly remember how we exhausted dancers initially twisted in agony ... until a wonderful relaxation came over us. We wondered why certain points should be that painful while otherwise there seemed to be no problem at all! Hence, I can appreciate the "shock-type" reflexology advocated by the INSTITUTE and in turn administer the same to others.

Iris Bird Bear works Spleen Source Point.

"My wife Iris has taught the Native language and culture in the school district of Newtown, ND for many years. As an MIR Student she anticipates completing her reflexology studies and assisting me in my new Reflexology Career. My reflexology practice is growing by word of mouth ... which is the best advertising."

Here we see Iris on her second visit to the INSTITUTE where she hones her skill with a traditional native wooden reflexology probe applied to the Spleen SOURCE Point ... one of her husband Alfred's favorite organs.


The Question may be twofold: why having Reflexology applied and why doing Reflexology. My answers for both are the same.

1. Reflexology is not invasive.
2. Reflexology is not prescribing any medicine.
3. Reflexology is advocating knowledge and natural life, natural food/diet and natural lifestyle.
4. Reflexology is empowering the client to take care of him/herself, and will interest the patient in care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
5. Reflexology involves the heritage's of all peoples and all races around the globe, ancient as well as contemporary.
6. Reflexology has a forward outlook to include promising new developments.
7. Reflexology is seeking to uplift humanity from the morass of  ignorance.
8. Reflexology opens new pathways to health and fulfillment.
9. Reflexology invites new aspects of spiritual approach.
10. Reflexology helps as all-inclusive treatment to gain courage, faith, strength and ultimately happiness.
11. Reflexology is by all these bright prospects a humble and simple craft though, and if masterfully applied a humble and simple art.
12. Reflexology is therefore all in all - while empowering, all - inclusive, open-minded, forward oriented and still simple - elegant!

And that is the beauty of Reflexology!

Submitted by Alfred Reinhard Bird Bear Obes - New Town, ND - April 13, 2004.

Obes develops ancient native probe for deeply
activating back reflexes. Elijah Huff volunteers.

"The thing always happens
that you really believe in;
and the belief in a thing
makes it happen."
– Frank Lloyd Wright


Indian Health Service
Minne-Tohe Health Center
1 Minne-Tohe Drive
New Town, ND 58763-4400

July 2, 2004

The Modern Institute of Reflexology
4086 Youngfield
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

To whom it may concern:

This letter is being written on behalf of Alfred Bird Bear Obes, CR. Alfred is currently practicing in New Town, ND. I am a practicing physician in Internal Medicine in New Town and we happen to have several patients in common.

From all the input that I have received from several patients that Alfred has done treatments on, he has been quite effective in the relief of their myriad symptoms and complaints. In this part of our country most patients have to have pretty serious problems before they would even consider any type of alternative therapy. Alfred has been working with some very tough cases indeed.

Alfred was a practicing MD in Europe years ago and continues to exercise good judgment in the care of his patients. I have no reservations about continuing to send him patients who are looking for another avenue of therapy when Western allopathic medical therapies seem to fall short.


Corey Dean Arcelay, MD
Staff Physician
Internal Medicine

1 Minne-Tohe Drive
New Town, ND 58763-4400

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If You do what you've always done;
You'll get what you've always got.

----------David Steele

Reflexology Queen Reins
in Illinois!

Hand Technique was a Hohmann family tradition.

"I grew up with a Mother that practiced Reflexology. She was always there ... nudging me towards a reflexology career in this ancient healing art," said Sara L. Hohmann of Millington, Illinois.

"In June of 2003 I began a search of the Internet for a Reflexology School that could help me fulfill my childhood calling. I kept returning to the Modern Institute of Reflexology's site because it was the most generous at freely sharing their reflexology secrets. After 2 months I began an in-depth study of their Website's 200 pages of reflexology data and within two weeks I had decided to enroll with MIR. I was very impressed with what they had to offer."

Sara named her clinic in honor of her grandparents and their
farm in Oswego named Four Winds.

Sara graduated in November and got her big break on February 11, 2004 when the Beacon News in Aurora, Illinois did a feature article about her fledgling Four Winds Reflexology Clinic in the Daybreak section of the newspaper. "That article sent my business from 5-6 clients a week to 26-30 clients a week. I have been booked solid until the end of March. I am the only Reflexologist within a 50 mile radius in our area. I am grateful for all the reflexology tutoring I got when I came to Denver Campus and all the other advice I have received from the staff when I call on the phone. Thanks for all you have done in helping me."

Three things in human life are important.
The first is to be kind.
The second is to be kind.
The third is to be kind.

– Henry James

When Sara first tried to open her office in North Aurora where she grew up, the village officials refused to allow it, informing her that she didn't comply with village ordinances. She was told she needed a certificate of registration, a massage license and fingerprinting, but she was able to prevail at her hearing by clarifying that those requirements applied to massage therapists ... not to reflexologists in the State of Illinois.

"As a Reflexologist I am legally exempt," she stated to the Village Father's. "For example, a reflexology session doesn't require a client to disrobe, except for removal of shoes and socks." (Sara finally prevailed and was given the OK from the village.)

Eileen Nagy of Aurora sees Sara twice a week for reflexology treatments according to testimony given to Beacon News Reporter Fran Fredericks. Eileen suffers with low back pain, sinus infections, and has had asthma for 15 years. "It's totally amazing. I see so much improvement," said Nagy, who rarely needs her inhaler since she's been visiting Sara. "I walk out feeling 150 percent better."

During therapy session, Sara plays gentle music on a CD player, lights a few candles for soft lighting and has a small bubbling water fountain creating a relaxing atmosphere for her clients. For ultimate comfort she offers a LAFUMA Reflexology Recliner which is designed to distribute weight evenly.

Sara recently relocated and now has two new offices for convenience of her clients. For the location nearest you and an appointment with this progressive reflexology practitioner, give her a call at (630) 835-9522.

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When Opportunity Knocks
Answer the Door!


I PAID FOR THE FARM GIVING REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENTS,” exclaimed Mennonite Noah Lee of Aberdeen, MS. Noah attended the International Institute of Reflexology and started his practice off with a bang when a TV reporter told his audience that Noah had saved his life. “I told him his heart reflexology point was bad and he should go to a medical physician. Well, after a checkup the surgeons gave him an emergency bypass surgery that saved his life. So he reported his story over TV; and my reflexology business has been boomin’ for the last 22 years.”

Noah gives reflex-towel-rub on Rachel's hand. It felt soooo good.

Noah continued his post graduate studies with M.I.R. under the teaching of Dr. Clement Wittman, DN. Here he learned the benefits of the Percuss-O-Flex reflexology machine. “I was so busy my thumb got to hurtin’. I needed to find a way to save my thumb joints. The Percuss-O-Flex reflexology machine worked great. My patients responded well and my thumb is still in good shape,” explained Noah. “The POF gave me better results in less time and with less physical exertion. And clients said that they loved the feel."

Noah continued to order the POF reflexology machines from M.I.R. over the years and resold them to clients. He encouraged self-help. “I called in an order one day and discovered MIR had a new machine called the Percus-O-Matic ‘jackhammer’ reflexology machine that was even more powerful. Mister Zachary had taken over the reins of MIR and sent me a new 'jackhammer' to test.

"Well, that new air powered machine was a miracle worker for my family ... as well as my clients. I rigged a Percus-O-Matic up in a plywood box and put it at the foot of my daughters bed. Car wreck really tore her up. Before I got the ‘jackhammer’ she was a cripple. Lots a pain in her lower back. But two-a-day reflexology jackhammer action of the lower back reflex point has been doin’ the job. Now she’s taken’ care of her family again. She is liven’ a normal life.”

Why do you call me, Lord, Lord;
and don't do the things
that I say?

Luke 6:46

Now that the farm debt is retired ... so is Noah. But now he has a different sort of problem. His clients won’t let him retire and do what he loves most: farming. “I never could’ve paid for this farm by farmin’ the land. Reflexology was a means to an end: get the farm paid-in-full. Now it’s paid-off ... but I’m a havin’ trouble convincin’ folks they don’t need me. My son tried to help out. He made up a bunch of self-help reflexology stimulator platforms outa’ wood. But it’s hard when I sell’em a tool and tell’em: ‘this is your last reflexology treatment from me’. They don’t believe me ... they just keep a callin'.”

Noah used POM 'jackhammer' on serious cases like his daughter.

Mennonite Noah Lee had a wonderful 22 year career in reflexology. He made many friends. He did what Jesus told him to do by helping many folks with reflexology treatments. And by the grace of his Heavenly Father he paid for the farm and supported his family. Maybe a career in reflexology is for you too? Noah would recommend that you pray about it. And simply do what Jesus says to do by hearing his teaching and listening to your conscience.

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Where There is a Vision the People Prosper.


"I wish I had discovered your reflexology school thirty years ago," exclaimed Alice to Dr. Brinkerhoff; when he stopped by her Tender Touch Reflexology Clinic on a TCC visit. "I helped my husband care for his cattle; from the heat of summer to wintry lows of 30 degrees below zero. Daily feeding and loading of cattle; cooking for my family and rescuing new born calves from the spring snows; this certainly prepared me to become a Master Reflexologist. This is my dream come true."

"The local hospital sponsored a community Health Fair six years ago in which I participated; and they started sending a few patients to me. They found out how powerful Full Spectrum Reflexology can be; so today it is regular routine for patients within my specialty to be sent over, " explained Alice.

She uses the Percus-O-Matic "jackhammer" pictured above which is the tool of her trade in Rancher Land. "Everybody wants the laser, but they can't have that unless they take the POM first; because they work together. I don't give one without the other," she stressed.

Alice Akers, MR Tender Touch Reflexology Clinic, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado.

Alice also employs finger pressure techniques along with the 499mw Low Level Laser, Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer V-5; the DRUMmer reflexology machine; wooden reflexology probes; foot joint micro alignment reflexology technique procedure and she recently added Reiki as part of every treatment. "At first my clients thought Reiki was just a little too weird, but once they experienced the additional benefit they have accepted it as part of my Full Spectrum Reflexology routine."

Reflexology practitioner Akers' rewarding career has not been without opposition: namely the local pharmacist. "I don't think he realized he had come up against a seasoned rancher. Someday he will regret his display of unprofessional conduct." Her words have come to pass. He recently called up for a reflexology treatment. Yes, even your enemies will someday come to feast from your hand at the feed trough of Full Spectrum Reflexology.

830 nanometer laser hits Small Intestine meridian.

Alice still charges $25.00 for a reflexology treatment after all these years. "This isn't a rich community anymore and many of our citizens are now senior. So I keep the price down in order to keep on helping all those in need. There are lots of old injuries to deal with in Ranch Country; and Healing Touch Reflexology has an excellent reputation in this city of 900 residents.

So Alice continues to fulfill her reflexology dream business in Colorado Cow Country as a Rancher's Wife who finally found her niche. You can find yours too.

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Answer the call of your Heart today.

Make Your DREAM Come True!!!

Let the JOURNEY begin!!!

Inmate Graduates from
Modern Institute of Reflexology

In September of 2006 a Colombian named Jairo Soto Rodriguez will have paid his debt to the People of the United States of America for the charges leveled against him in Federal Court for which he was convicted and subsequently incarcerated in Miami, Florida. Upon release he will be deported to his homeland of Colombia, South America.

Although Jairo was convicted on the testimony of a convicted felon, he decided to make the most of his time in the Federal Correctional Institution and asked his friend Silvio J. Camodeca, DDS (a Wholistic dentist in Chicago) to become his sponsor. Dr. Camodeca contacted his associate Zachary Brinkerhoff in Denver and arranged to enroll Mr. Rodriquez into the Home Study Program of the Modern Institute of Reflexology. "Between Zachary and myself we covered the cost of the reflexology course," said Dr. Camodeca.

Jairo was thrilled when he finally received his Reflexology Home Study Package on 6/12/97 and began performing reflexology on a few friends in his group. By 3/12/98 he was well into his studies when he wrote: "I have a patient with a problem in his back. I have worked on his reflexes about an hour a day (Monday to Friday) for 2 months and he got real good (it's not as bad as before the treatments), but He still has a problem with his back. Please send me your opinion how he can get his back out of the remaining stiffness. I repeat again, his back got looser than before. Thank you for your great help. Sincerely, Jairo Soto."

This Photo provided by courtesy of Federal Bureau of Prisons.

During a phone call in late '98 Jairo was told by Dr. Camodeca that Dr. Brinkerhoff was coming to Miami with the MIR Transcontinental Classroom ... the Big Bus: "I was so happy to hear that you would like to visit me. I'm very excited to get to meet you and I'm looking forward to see you. I was glad to receive the Certificate of Completion for MIR's Reflexology Home Study Program. Thank you for your help and wonderful teachings in this ancient field.

"I would like to enroll into the 500 hour Professional Reflexology Program "hands on" Polishing School ... I'm trying to get the money for that advanced course soon. I will do my best to continue this study and to keep on working until I get to perfection. Kindest regards, Jairo Soto."

"... I was in prison,
and you visited me."

Matthew 25:36 (Berkley)

When the TCC finally arrived to visit Jairo, he couldn't come out for class. So Zachary went into the facility after a security check that took two days. "It was a great experience," he said. "Jairo was so excited to meet me and introduce me to some of his friends that he had treated with Reflexology. I updated him on some techniques and I listened to his long range goal to 'build a little cabin' in which he will establish a practice in reflexology and natural health in Cali, Colombia. Our 3.5 hour visit passed so quickly ... we had such a great time together."

Jairo has had 10 years to prepare for his new start in life: "I have continued to study Wholistic subjects while in prison so that I will be prepared to operate my new Reflexology Health Center in Cali. I plan to have health seminars and Dr. Zachary has agreed to visit my country in order to help teach the Reflexology classes. Things are looking very promising and I am so excited at the opportunity that I have been able to envision," said Jairo. "I have done so well with Dr. Zachary's Reflexology Home Study Program and Reflexology Tutoring that two of my fellow inmates are now planning to take the reflexology training course for themselves."

Due to Jairo's extensive studies into the many avenues of Holistic medicine, his vision for his "little cabin" has enlarged. "When I get back to Cali I am going to open a Holistic hospital. I want you to come help me get it started," he said to Zachary during a July 12, 2006 phone conversation.

You Can Make a New Start Too!

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Let the Journey Begin!

"DRUMmer is Great and Working MIRACLES."

On February 21, 2003 a letter arrived from the Island of Mauritius: "Dear Friends: I am really pleased to send you (as requested) some photographs taken in my RELAXATION CLINIC on the Island of Mauritius. It is the mid of summer and so hot that I have to work bare footed and in my shorts. Otherwise I would melt." Wrote Maurice D'Arifat in a report to Drs. Richard Long and Zachary Brinkerhoff.

Photoluminescent Beamer V-5

Maurice got his start with M.I.R.'s advanced reflexology techniques when he ordered a Reflexology Starter Kit through the Internet and began to experience the Full Spectrum Reflexology Method. He next ordered a Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer V-5 to do some further experimenting.

Things went so well with his clients that he finally ordered Dr. Riley's Ultra MASSAGER aka DRUMmer reflexology machine. Maurice was glad that he did: "The DRUMmer reflexology machine is great and WORKING MIRACLES. All of my clients now receive a full treatment of Reflexology plus some time with the BEAMER VI-6."

DRUMmer Brass Tip in Action

Maurice uses the DRUMmer reflexology machine not only on the feet, but also on other selected energy points over the various body meridians. He particularly likes the specialized brass and stainless steel tips for these specific points. He has concluded that 4,400 impacts a minute with the DRUMmer is much more effective than the traditional finger pressure technique that he had used for years. "All of my clients have expressed their satisfaction with my new approach. As you can see in my pictures; I am using some of the tips to stimulate acupuncture points with success."

"I am becoming famous around the Island now because people are beginning to talk about their good results. My reputation is growing by word of mouth." Maurice was so thrilled with the positive feedback of his clientele that he became qualified for credentialing through M.I.R. He completed more than his 500 hours of practicum which is required to become a Freelancer Professional Reflexologist with the Institute. "I decided that I was going to work essentially along the line of your method. Attainment of the Freelancer Professional Diploma from your Institute will honor my clinic."

Maurice was told that Dr. Pretidev Ramdawon, MD (also on the Island of Mauritius) was a colleague of Dr. Brinkerhoff; so he dropped by for a visit to learn a little more about Dr. Pretidev's use of Low Level Laser in treatment of Diabetes Mellitus. Freelancer Reflexologist D'Arifat recently requested of M.I.R.: "Do not forget to send me a quote for the laser equipment you use in reflexology treatment adjacent to Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager aka the DRUMmer reflexology machine."

Maurice is moving forward in the development of his vocation with additional experience and credentialing from the Modern Institute of Reflexology. Likewise, the Institute is here to help you take your next step into The World of Reflexology; if that is your choice.

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You Can Give Tomorrow's Treatment Today.

Let the JOURNEY begin.

Your New Methods will Speak for You.

United Air Line Has Real "Foot Fairy"

Kathy Graham

Kathy Graham had worked for United Air Lines for over 18 years as a Ticket Counter Agent in Denver, CO; before she enrolled with Modern Institute of Reflexology. Early in her studies she had a series of debilitating strokes; and was forced by her condition to take medical leave from UAL in ‘92. Kathy dropped out of the Reflexology Home Study Program and disappeared into her own world.

“I was confused and scared ... my future was uncertain,” stated Kathy. “But Dr. Zachary kept on my case to finish the MIR reflexology course of study. I didn't’t think he knew how sick I really was, so I challenged him. I told him to CURE me; and only then would I finish his damned course.”

Dr. Brinkerhoff accepted Kathy's challenge for a cure; and she came regularly to MIR Research and Development Clinic for treatment at the hands of both Staff and Students. Surprise! Surprise! Kathy finally got her cure with a year of effort and dedicated reflexology; and UAL got their first honest-to-goodness real live Foot Fairy when she was able to return to work!


“Since I made a good wage at United I wasn’t charging money, but Dr. Zachary told me I couldn’t graduate unless I learned that the laborer is worthy of her hire. He suggested I install a donation box since that is the way he started his Reflexology practice in California. Well, I got one. I had told my recipients that I expected a $35/hour donation, but I was afraid to open my money box ... so I kept putting it off. When I finally opened it up; there was over $2,000 in checks. And none of them bounced ... no rubber in there. I had finally arrived.

“Besides my full time job at UAL, I was treating reflexology patients late into the night. Sometimes I only got 3 or 4 hours sleep because of demand for my services. I saw gapping leg ulcers healed; and people brought off their death bed. I was summoned on the job to treat fellow employees who had been injured on duty.

“It wasn’t long before my fellow employees branded me as the Foot Fairy. The name stuck ... I liked it. Soon I began to fly ... fly to other cities to help relieve the side effects of stress on other UAL employees. Especially since 9/11 when we lost two planes.

Kathy Graham loves

Kathy took early retirement from UAL and opened a reflexology clinic in Aurora, CO with former MIR Graduate Mary Marshall. They called their new place: A Key to Health. They operated at full capacity and were both excited to have finally reached that point of confidence to lease a facility.

Kathy and Mary recently dissolved their reflexology clinic operation. Kathy has moved into her full time reflexology practice into a special reflexology room provided by the Administrator of a retirement home right there in Aurora. Not only does she work on residents at a reduced rate, but she is allowed to bring in outside clients for reflexology treatments.

"I am thankful to Dr. Zachary and the MIR staff for seeing me through to graduation and preparing me to become successful in my new reflexology vocational career. My once uncertain future is now more secure than ever.. with the help of God and Reflexology.”

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If you BELIEVE you shall RECEIVE.

Chiropractor says Zachary's "Notes" are Concise, Entertaining &Pertinent.

"Zone Therapy is
simple & works."

“When MIR’s Transcontinental Classroom stopped in Milford, PA to demonstrate Dr. Riley’s Reflexology Massager ... I was thrilled! I felt honored to have the Big Bus pull up in front of my Chiropractic office ... right there on Milford’s main street," exclaimed Jay Kaufman, DC.

“I tried to get the local paper to come and write the story up, but to my disappointment they declined. Brother Zach’s lovely wife Rachel was traveling with him and needed a cervical adjustment. So after receiving my DRUMmer reflexology machine demonstration, I gave her a chiropractic adjustment; and we had lunch before they went on their way. What a joyous and inspirational time!!!”

A month later Dr. Jay decided to take MIR’s Reflexology Home Study Course. “Zachary’s ‘notes’ are better than any course I took at Chiropractic School. His Reflexology Home Study is concise, entertaining, pertinent, and his information is ‘off the beaten path’. His reflexology course has helped open my spiritual eyes and given me a new vision for my life. I have learned that I don’t need to fit into a man made institutional mold!!! I can be my own creative self (like a snowflake, a finger print or a grain of sand) under the directive of our Creator."

“I studied hard and averaged 98% on my test scores. The inspiration I got from God through this reflexology course has revolutionized my health care practice. My main focus in this union of Chiropractic with Reflexology:-- MIR’s Dynamic World Class Foot Joint Micro alignment Reflexology Pressure Technique. Within 2 minutes of watching MIR’s third video on this subject, I was able to perform the foot joint micro alignment reflexology pressure technique procedure because of my chiropractic training.

Dr. Jay working at Milford bank.

"People love my reflexology micro alignment work as witnessed in photo to left. The 12 employees of the local bank enjoyed my newly learned skill; courtesy of the bank president who arranged for me to come into the facility and get his crew in shape.

I am having fun and enjoying myself like never before. I am also making some money; which is important for those necessities of life. As a student I averaged a $17.50 donation per 10 minute reflexology session as pictured above. Here I did reflexology on 12 employees at the bank for which I was compensated by the bank president. As a graduate I now charge $35.00 per reflexology treatment.”

Dr. Jay and Friends 2004

Dr. Jay recently married his long time associate Sharon and merged their Naturopathic and Chiropractic professions: now known as Kaufman and Kaufman. Jay now makes house calls as a professional reflexologist and with the help of his wife has become a representative/associate of the Modern Institute of Reflexology: "I think MIR's offering for training as a reflexology practitioner is the best educational opportunity available for those wishing to get started in the Holistic healthcare professions. My passion for this progressive reflexology training program is directed toward informing the young people through high school career shows, seminars, and personal contact through my reflexology practice."

Dr. Jay has been a great help to the INSTITUTE by giving many positive suggestions to further enhance the Reflexology Home Study Program. MIR appreciates input from all students and graduates in order to make the course even better. "This course is a living organism; pulsing with the life of many contributors; woven into the tapestry of a Reflexology Home Study by Dr. Zach."

Dr. Jay guarantees you won't be disappointed. He ought to know because he has already completed the MIR Reflexology Home Study Course.

Give Dr. Jay Kaufman a call @ 1-845-557-8663. Let him have a little part in your decision process of choosing your vocation and picking a school.

Get Off the Beaten Path.

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Make Your DREAM come True.

Small Town USA Gets a Reflexologist.

Stephanie Fimrite

Thief River Falls, Minnesota hasn’t been the same since Stephanie Fimrite graduated from MIR on 10/05/00 and began her Reflexology practice. In photo to the left Stephanie sits inside the Transcontinental Classroom where she personally experienced every aspect of the Full Spectrum Reflexology Method during a fifteen hour tutoring marathon. Zachary Brinkerhoff was the Tutor who answered her summons for help.

“I got so much reflexology treatment during that 15 hour marathon with Zachary; that the skin on my face had a severe acne breakout the next day. It scared me, so I called him on his cell for help. He was rolling down the highway as he assured me that everything would be all right; it was all part of the dynamic reflexology treatment that I had received onboard the Transcontinental Classroom. It was certainly a learning experience,” explained Mrs. Fimrite. “Reflexology is certainly a powerful therapy with ‘cleansing’ after-affects like that.”

Thief River Falls is a town of less than 10,000 inhabitants, but Stephanie has managed to work with the challenges which that presents ... with the help of MIR. “I want to thank you, Zachary, for coming into my life and making my dream of having my own business, and being able to help others come true!! I feel your teachings have truly blessed and changed my life. Thank you and may God continue to bless you!!! Thanks for your time (on the TCC and telephone), and all the wisdom I have learned from you,” wrote Stephanie in a letter.

"It is only by following
your deepest instinct
that you can lead
a rich life."

– Katherine Butler Hathaway

When she called Zachary a year and a half later she gave another good report: “When Dr. Riley’s Reflexology Machine came on 03-31-02, I put it to work immediately. Within a few months I had doubled my reflexology practice ... because of this wonderful machine. Presently I am working on 12 people a week. My goal is to have 20 regulars a week. I am so excited because that is a conservative goal ... a realistic projection for the growth of my little reflexology clinic. My children are doing great and the relationship with my husband is better than ever. He has always given me complete support to become a Reflexologist .”

Stephanie has been charging $20.00 for a 1 hour treatment. For a 2 hour she gets $35.00. She attained her goal of 20 treatments a week, but she had a third child recently: "With three children I am so busy that I now limit myself to 15 customers a week. That allows me time to care for the household; my husband and three children."

May 10,2005 update:

"On November 1, 2004 I moved my 'Natural Solutions' office to the Professional Center in downtown Thief River Falls in North Western MN. I added a few services to my business in order to 'pamper' current Reflexology clients and draw in new people as well. By the end of December it appeared my move was a good one.

"It is necessary to try to
surpass oneself always;
this occupation ought
to last as long as life."

– Queen Christina

"I have had my Reflexology business for almost 5 year now and I don't regret one minute. Each year my business has grown and I am so thankful I followed my dreams and goals and had the strength to hang in there thru the slow times to reach this point. Because this is my business, I am able to schedule time off to be with my family and spend time with my kids. I am coaching my sons soccer team for the second season, because I can set my own hours. The flexibility is one of the things I love about my career.

"My goal is to keep between 10 and 15 Reflexology treatments on my books each week and fill in spaces here and there with the other services I offer. That is where I am at now and I have been keeping that steady each week since the start of the new year. I have worked on babies with colic, women with fertility problems, people with different types of pain, and many people who just need to relax and relieve stress. It is such a gift to know you have helped someone. People ask me where I work and I have to think a minute because I don't feel like I go to 'work' each day and I don't call it a 'job'. It feels like home to me in my office and the people I work on feel like my guests. Yes, I get paid for what I do, but I also get the reward when people come back and say: "That treatment helped me so much."

"I enjoy every one of my clients and I love what I do!! Growing up I always wanted to have my own business. I didn't know what that would be, but when I decided on Reflexology it just felt like the right place for me. I was so thankful to find such a great school like The Modern Institute of Reflexology and such helpful people like Zachary. I feel like this was the turning point in my life and it not only gave me the career I wanted, it also steered me in the right direction of my life," wrote Stephanie in an Email to the Institute.

It is our goal at MIR to have more small towns in the USA blessed with Full Spectrum Reflexology Practitioners like Stephanie. If she can do it ... so can you with the proper motivation and training!!!!

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Stephanie Made Her DREAM come True.

And So Can You.

Let the JOURNEY begin.

Muslim takes Modern Reflexology
to Arabic World.

Hisham AlJaser of Kuwait enrolled with Modern Institute of Reflexology's Home Study Course. He purchased every item not included in the HSCC package (the Percus-O-Matic 'jackhammer'; 200 milliwatt Laser; Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer V-5) and completed the reflexology course. He phoned Dr. Brinkerhoff in Denver with an inspiration:

"I like your method of reflexology because it works better than the thumb walk technique which I learned from another school. I want to come to Denver and get a franchise of the INSTITUTE so I can teach this in the Arabic World."

Zachary & Hisham dine at
Lebanese Restaurant on initial meeting in Denver.

Hisham flew to Denver from Kuwait for a six day review of the Institute's structure in order to reach an agreement on obtaining a reflexology franchise. Dr. Brinkerhoff wanted to make sure Hisham was qualified to teach the Full Spectrum Reflexology Method and run a branch of M.I.R. By the third day Hisham finally agreed to work on Zachary's wife since she apparently had a medical need (otherwise he couldn't have touch her as a devoted Muslim).

Hisham laid Rachel on the floor and went to work: pulling an arm here; pushing a leg there; manipulating the bones of the feet like a Master craftsman; cracking the back with what appeared to be a chiropractic manipulation. "These are the techniques that are passed from Father to Son in the Arabic world; and the meridian points I worked are Chinese Medicine," he said with a smile.

Egyptian hieroglyph depicts ReflexoCure in 2300 BC.

Afterwards Rachel took her husband aside and excitedly reported: "This is the best reflexology treatment I have ever had from any Bodyworker; at anytime in my whole life. This man knows what he is doing. He is really, really good." Immediately after Rachel's report on Hisham's effectiveness, Zachary went back into the office to announce: "Hisham, you have qualified for the reflexology franchise." The next two days were spent conceiving a plan and coming up with a reflexology program that would fit within the Arabic Culture.

Dr. Long & Dr. Hisham shake at MIR facility.

Hisham further demonstrated his skill as a 7th degree Black Belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu; and talked of his experience with another franchise he held with a Martial Arts school out of England. "I have 30 Black Belt students under me; and they have between 900 to 1000 students under themselves. I am already organized with my cells in Morocco, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria; so those are the countries I want to include in this reflexology franchise agreement." A gentleman's agreement was made with a handshake, a smile and a prayer ... and it has been honored to this very day by both parties.

Hisham received his Certificate of Reflexology Home Study Course Completion and was then further qualified for the experiential Doctor of Reflexology diploma issued by the Modern Institute of Reflexology Credential Confirmation Board (MIRCCB) located in Hiawatha, Iowa. Upon his return to Kuwait Dr. Hisham received the needed assistance from the Minister of Defense in helping to establish the M.I.R. Branch; and just recently completed a fourth class of first level foot reflexology training.

A memorable visit to USA and M.I.R.

There are three levels of reflexology in the Kuwait Branch of MIR. They are identified as (1) Foot Reflexology; (2) Hand Reflexology; and (3) Ear Reflexology. "You will have to come to Kuwait to help with the final training of our first graduating class," said Hisham through a translator on 7/04/03.

"Dr. Zachary is becoming famous in Kuwait through the work of this branch of the Institute. We are leading the way for women to find a new freedom in Arabic Society; I am developing a Reflexology course for women," reported Hisham.

Although Zachary is a disciple of Yahshua the Messiah and Hisham is a disciple of Mohammed the prophet ... they each developed a kinship between themselves during that six days in Lakewood. A brotherhood in the Spirit of the Sovereign Creator which is a bond that is closer than a fleshly brother. "I am so sad to leave," said Hisham on the day of his departure.

"As Hisham left Denver for Kuwait I felt part of me was leaving too," said Zachary. "We had developed this very deep spiritual love that has never faltered to this very day; and never will."

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Your Inspiration Can Become Reality Too!!!

Make your DREAM come True!!!

Let the JOURNEY begin!!!


The Marvals & Brinkerhoffs
dine in Little Cuba after Transcontinental Tutoring.

"Dear Zachary: It felt so good to receive your Email and hear from you after so many years. I followed your recommendation and went back to review your new reflexology Website yesterday. I saw that there are a lot of new reflexology information and things you have added over the last few years. The INSTITUTE even has an advanced reflexology certificate available now? What is the price of the new reflexology DRUMmer and the laser? Well, I printed off every single page of the new reflexology Website and was very proud showing everyone around our island of Aruba that you are my reflexology teacher," wrote Marlyn Marvel in a recent Email.

Patrick Marval admired the Big
Bus' cockpit as he studied the instrument panel and gazed
out the windshield.

She and her husband met with Dr. Brinkerhoff for hands on reflexology tutoring aboard M.I.R.'s Transcontinental Classroom in Miami, Florida. "I think the hands on reflexology practice with a teacher (which you formally required at that time) gave me the help I needed. It enabled me get through the Reflexology Home Study Program a lot easier and gave me insights to get started in my new reflexology practice," wrote Marlyn as she reflected on that memorable experience. "I certainly did enjoy meeting you and Your wife Rachel, you are both very nice people. I will always remember your hospitality and how you helped me to feel right at home in your Big Bus ... the motor coach ... the Transcontinental Classroom."

Marlyn and her husband returned to Aruba after two days of reflexology tutoring and a tour on board the TCC of Homestead, Florida just south of the Miami International Airport Hilton (where they had met). Now she was inspired to finish her reflexology studies and soon began building her reflexology practice. "My reflexology clinic that I opened is next to my house. I named it the M&M New Age Center ... since I have added some other alternative healing techniques into my reflexology practice which work well in combination with Full Spectrum Reflexology."

This native of Aruba is very busy keeping her household, attending a steady job, caring for both her children and husband. But she continues to build for the future with her reflexology practice: "Because I am still working at my old job, I only have time to see one person a day, but on my two days off ... I am able to schedule three appointments per day. I would say that in a week I see about ten persons; and I make between Af 350 to Af 500 a week; which is between $200 to $300 in United States Dollars. So I average $250 USD a week."

Mrs. Marval certainly thinks this extra effort to build her new reflexology practice has been worth the time. She enjoys it and is making money too. "Every month my reflexology practice makes our family an extra $1000 USD. I have all types of clients from professional people to housewives; so this diversifies my work and keeps it interesting. My only form of advertising has been word-of-mouth."

Marlyn is planning to expand in the near future if the present demand for her therapeutic reflexology services continues to grow: "I might go full time next year if things go the way I want this year. My desire is to open a Holistic center which will feature Full Spectrum Reflexology as taught by the INSTITUTE. Presently I charge Af 50.00 which is $30 USD, but the competition only charges about Af 25.00 for a reflexology treatment.

"There are a lot of people giving reflexology here on the Island, especially massage spas. However, none of them perform it like the way you have taught me: the Full Spectrum Reflexology Method. I always explain that my reflexology technique is a little bit different than how the others do it. Their fee of Af 25.00 is about $12,50 USD; which is a lesser charge than mine, but my clients keep coming back and the clinic is wanting to grow. Soon I will have to quit my job and make the jump to full time reflexology practice."

This Islander has very deep feelings about the INSTITUTE and the Full Spectrum Reflexology Method: "Definitely, everything that I know about reflexology I learned from the Modern Institute of Reflexology. It was worth my investment to take the reflexology course and then to do the Transcontinental Classroom by flying into Miami. On board the TCC I was able to receive personal reflexology tutoring from Zachary's hand. It meant so much to both my husband and I to have that experience together.

"Zachary, it was very nice hearing from you again after so long a time. I admire you for your perseverance and for making all the reflexology research that you do. You are always seeking to find out the best way to do everything! You are truly a fighter and an example for a lot of people. God Bless you. Love and Blessing," wrote Marlyn Marval in an Email dated 9/07/2003.

Give Marlyn a call in Aruba @ 011-295-993-6001.

Fight for what is Right!

Have some Zeal for what is Real.

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Make your DREAM come true!

Let the JOURNEY begin.

Indian Sikh Blesses
USA Reflexology Profession.

Amarjit S. Ghuman came to the USA seeking a new life. He grew up in India as a Sikh and received his schooling in the medical professions. One of his internships involved making special insoles for lepers to help protect the feet from developing ulcers that result from prolonged pressure on bony prominence's. "I made over 10,000 of these insoles while working at a Catholic sanitarium. My work with feet in India must have inclined me towards learning reflexology."

Suknindar cooked an Indian meal for Zachary when he visited the Detroit area for a Transcontinental Classroom visit with Amarjit S. Ghuman.

Amarjit enrolled with the INSTITUTE in 1998 and received a Transcontinental Classroom visit in the fall of that year. "During the TCC visit I expressed a desire to become a Naturopathic doctor, but Dr. Brinkerhoff encouraged me to stick to my reflexology pursuit. He explained that all of my experience making insoles to prevent pressure on the lepers feet back in India; could be turned around and applied as reflex pressure to area's needing reflexology activation. He told me plainly that with all of my medical background I could earn my Doctor of Reflexology with just 2500 hours of reflexology practice," related reflexologist Ghuman.

Amarjit is a reflexology tutor for the INSTITUTE and has also built a steady part-time reflexology practice that has given him $600 of extra income each month; and a lot of good reflexology experience toward attainment of his Doctor of Reflexology diploma. "My business name is Homey Care Inc. which operates in the Farmington Hills, Michigan area. I also have another location in Dearborne. Most of my regular reflexology clients have long-standing problems like closed head injury, arthritis and Cerebral Palsy; which have responded well to my reflexology sessions. I have also dealt with prostate cancer clients. In addition I have reflexology recipients who call occasionally, plus a few new ones trickle in by word of mouth."

Amarjit's recent marriage to Suknindar brought him a ready made family, so he has maintained his steady job for now. But Amarjit is steadily building toward a future as a full-time Doctor of Reflexology. "Thank you Dr. Ghuman, for your caring contribution to health care in the USA. We need more reflexology practitioners with your commitment to humanity," stated Zachary emphatically during Amarjit's recent visit to Denver Campus.

You can contact Amarjit Ghuman on his cell phone @ 1-248-752-3497. Give him a call when you are in the Farmington Hills area of Detroit, Michigan. You will enjoy the benefits of his unique Indian style energy work that flows out of his reflexology techniques which are founded on his solid background of medical training and practice.

Amarjit made a break and came to the New World where he became a reflexologist. May his bold move inspire you as it has Dr. Brinkerhoff and others at the INSTITUTE.

"If you do what you've always done;
You'll get what you've always got!"

----- David Steele

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From a Nuclear Trigger Maker
Into a ReflexoCurist Practitioner

Rocky Flats Nuclear production plant.
Denver, CO.

Virgil L. Kale em retired when the federal government shut down Rocky Flats. The facility was the site for manufacture of nuclear triggers for the big bombs. "I used to make nuclear triggers for the USA nuclear strike force, but after retirement Allah led me to the Modern Institute of Reflexology. Here I found a total change in my direction. I went through their ReflexoCure Program and became a ReflexoCurist". Virgil is now a man of peace ... a Lay Minister of Foot ReflexoCure and healing.

"After I graduated from the INSTITUTE my wife suffered a stroke. I began ReflexoCure on her big toes in an effort to help in her recovery. That toe on the left foot really had a lot of pain; which reflected the stroke on that same side of the body. I worked on her three times a week which coincided with her trip to the treatment center. Her continued improvement is partly attributable to the reflexology, but it has been a hard three years," related Virgil to Dr. Brinkerhoff. "I'm getting tired ... but willing to wind this project up and get her maximum recovery."

Virgil Kaleem prepares his wife for a trip to the rehab center with a little make-up and reflexology to the left great toe.

Two years ago Virgil made an important decision and purchased the DRUMmer ReflexoCure machine aka Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager. "When I started using the DRUMmer reflexology/ReflexoCure machine on my wife's toes, it seemed to be less painful and more effective. Last week in a meeting with Dr. Zachary the suggestion was made that I step up the length and intensity of her DRUMmer reflexology aka ReflexoCure treatments a few notches in order to attempt a full recovery. I didn't want to cause too much pain, but if pain will give increased recovery .... then it has a purpose. Now my wife's ReflexoCure (reflexology) treatments are longer and more intense .... but still not too painful .... thanks to the DRUMmer ReflexoCure (reflexology) machine."

In a conversation with Zachary his wife said, "Since Virgil has stepped up the intensity and length of the DRUMmer ReflexoCure (reflexology) treatment ... my rate of improvement has greatly increased. I am doing so much better now. I am feeling wonderful." Both Virgil and Zachary are anticipating a full recovery through the dynamic of this advanced DRUMmer ReflexoCure (reflexology) machine technique.

Virgil caught in action by Brother Jeff's Community Guide Magazine.

Over the years Virgil has seen his greatest ReflexoCure (reflexology) successes helping folks with pain in the legs, back and shoulders. "I have had some cases where the sinuses really improved which made the recipients of the treatment happy. I know this DRUMmer ReflexoCure (reflexology) machine has a powerful effect on the digestive system because I can hear the intestines start to growl when I work on the K1 median point," exclaimed Virgil. "People always seem to feel good afterward ... I haven't had any negative feedback ... yet."

However, now that Virgil has stepped up the intensity of the DRUMmer ReflexoCure (reflexology) machine treatment, he will be getting more negative side effects through the greater dynamic of the increased photo-bio electrical cascade and the resultant disequilibrium/equilibrium action at the cellular level.

Recently Virgil joined the team at the SOURCE: a Healing and Self Help Center at 1570 Humboldt in Denver, Colorado. A few of the many services include: Colon irrigation, Detoxification programs, Healing Touch, Herbal body wraps, Massage Therapy, Nutritional Counseling and of course Virgil's specialty of Foot and Hand ReflexoCure aka Reflexology. "I make $25.00 a treatment over at the SOURCE when part of a package deal. Otherwise a specialty reflexology treatment is $50.00. We have a great team. I look forward to building a wonderful practice at this location."

Virgil is serious when it comes to administration of the DRUMmer.

Virgil still operates his private Reflexocure (reflexology) practice out of his home: Phoenix Reflexology Clinic at 3180 Downing Street in Denver. "I still make house calls for my regulars that have been with me since my early days as a Student in Training. I make from $50.00 to as little as $5.00 per ReflexoCure (reflexology) treatment. The people pay according to their ability. When I do ReflexoCure (reflexology) on invalids there is no charge to them. As a Muslim I have always considered ReflexoCure (reflexology) as a ministry to help people in need. When I found out that the INSTITUTE had a Commission as a Lay Minister of Foot Reflexology ... I called to find out how to qualify. I sure did want that special Commission."

When Virgil found out that he could qualify as a Muslim for MIR's Commission ... he was ecstatic. "Yes, I do agree to abide by the requirements: to love my neighbor as myself, to love my enemies and to include verbal prayer with a ReflexoCure (reflexology) treatment if the people so desire. My patients will know that I am a prayerful man when they see the Commission hanging on the wall and it will encourage them to request prayer during treatment.

If I detect through conversation that a person is a strong Christian, then I offer to pray with them. They always say yes. So I will then pray for Jesus to help me give a good treatment and to help the client to receive healing in their body."

Give ReflexoCure/reflexology a try. Call Virgil Kaleem for an appointment on his cell phone @ 720-629-6174.

If you do what you've always done,
You'll get what you've always got."

------ David Steele

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Make Your Dream Come True!

Pakistani Claims Reflexology Miracles!

On August 9, 2003, Pakistani Ijaz Yamin Ansari discovered the INSTITUTE'S Website and became very excited to learn the Full Spectrum Reflexology techniques.

Dear Sir: I live in Wazirabad, Pakistan, a city of 5 million. I find on Internet that you are working to introduce the Reflexology. I only heard its miracles, and want to study reflexology. My present occupation is Homeopathic Doctor, I am new in it. I am 21 years old. So this interest forces me to search the college which can teach me to do better. I became very happy that you are working at international level and you are also working in distance learning courses. This is the good way to teach the boys who are away from your college. I am really impressed with your reflexology techniques because I never heard about such a method. I want to study reflexology from your college. Your reflexology course is covering more great features than all others. Please help me to get this reflexology course. Thanks.

Yours obediently ... Ijaz Yamin Ansari

Dear Zachary: I have received the parcel by paying 4230 Rs. I am very happy with this and starting my new reflexology career. Dear, tell me the time that on one reflexology point I put the DRUMmer reflexology machine so I can be able to reflex the point. And explain me about the uses of the different DRUMmer reflexology tips. For example what tip on what point is better work or in what disease what tip can better work. DRUMmer reflexology hand piece head gets heated when I use it after 5 minutes, so what can I do with this?

And also send me the explanation on arthritis or gout reflexology points which can cure sooner arthritis pain. I will try my best for doing better and for the development of reflexology in Pakistan, and treat patients with kind heartedness. Thanks for helping guidance.

I do a prayer from ALLAH for me and you and DRUMmer reflexology machine... Ijaz.

Dear Zachary Brinkerhoff: A big patient in the left of picture is resident of our Main Street his name is Zeshan, and he has a well running barber shop. I told him about reflexology's Miracles so he came to me and I treated him with DRUMmer reflexology machine and laser light lamp. Now He is feeling better in his chest congestion and pain with cough. After he is feeling better he will refer some other patients.

Next face which is in the above picture is my elder brother named Sarfraz and next is another brother Ayyaz who is very intelligent. He got 743/800 numbers in matriculation which gave him First Position in District Gujranwala. I am also training him with DRUMmer and he gives some patients treatment in my absence and they all get results.

Next in the picture above is my father name Yamin Ansari with my small sister. He is also a Homeopathic doctor and also doing good job in introducing the reflexology in Pakistan. He also refers his patients to take a reflexology treatment and all of them are feeling better with only one treatment.

Next in the above picture is myself, Ijaz, which is your loving student. In addition to being a Homeopathic doctor I am also a computer hardware engineer. And at the end of picture is also another brother which is reading in class 5 and also has ability to handle both the computer and DRUMmer reflexology machine.

Your Loving Student ... Ijaz.

Dear Zachary: I saw the DRUMmer reflexology machine video more than 15 times. I wish to see the video and way of teaching (which very, very good) again and again when I am in my little clinic. DRUMmer reflexology machine is the miracle of the modern Science technology. It gives result on every body that I apply it as you demonstrate in video. Every one gave positive feedback (feeling better) after 5 or 6 minutes. I was surprised what a wonderful results it gave. I pray to ALL MIGHTY ALLAH: make me to be helpful to HIS human beings. I will try my best to make a sweet smile to those who are worried about their physical and mental condition.

Thanks for your greatest guidance ... Ijaz.

Dear Zachary: I am so sorry that I can not reply you sooner. I am so busy in reflexology studying that I forgot to check my Email in box and away from the computer. I did not receive lesson #2 because my Email box is full now I will send you another Email address so I could able to download my lessons.

Thanks for your emailing instruction and I have also not forgotten you and your spiritual kindness.

Your Loving Student ... Ijaz Yamin Ansari

Dear Zachary: I am very happy and getting very good results with Beamer and DRUMmer reflexology machine. I have only one question about Beamer? Is the red Beamer light equal to the red of colour therapy? Because in colour therapy it has also good results and it stimulates all the body and aura. And tell me about that patient which I cured on first treatment with DRUMmer reflexology machine, but 2 days later he came to me and told me that the problem is persistent Now what do I do with him? He is suffering in arthritis. Also tell me how many lines I could take for one patient?

I cured many patients with only first treatment with DRUMmer reflexology machine and ear reflexology massage. I found that Reflexology is more faster healing method than any other healing method like homeopathy, allopathic, herbal etc.

Yours Loving student ... Ijaz Yamin Ansari

Dear Zachary: Thanks for great guidance. I am always doing reflexology on foot point according to the problem. For this I prepared a reflexology bed chair in Pakistan with remote control. I also always pressure on K1 point with DRUMmer reflexology machine in my daily practices which give good result. As you advise me to go to river and got two stone for K1, so I will go today to achieve this target. Because a big Pakistan river CHANAB is near to the Wazirabad.

Dear can you send me that K1 point diagram which I see on your Website in a big picture and then print out that? When I pressure on K1, I want other people to see it for Placebo purpose.

Your Loving Student ... Ijaz Yamin Ansari

DEAR ZACHARY: I have a Christian patient Name Ravis George. He came to me for his left shoulder stiffness and both forearm pain. After two massage with DRUMmer reflexology machine he is feeling much better. I also give him some Homeopathic medicine to speedy up the process of healing. He is a poor worker and is not able to give me the fee for DRUMmer reflexology machine treatment; that is why I did not ask him for fee because my aim is to help those people who are suffering in problems. If I asked my fee from Ravis, then he will not able to come back to me again for reflexology. I do not want that to happen. I want to introduce the DRUMmer reflexology machine to many, many people in Pakistan not only in my city of Wazirabad. Thanks for emailing me and remembering me in prayer.
Yours Loving Student ... Ijaz Yamin Ansari



The Christian Revis George came to me yesterday with good reflexology result and was very excited about the overall results he is getting with his problem. I am still doing reflexology on him.

Email Dr. Ansari today @ <drijazyamin@yahoo.com>

You Can See Reflexology Miracles Too!

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Israeli Physician Impressed
by DRUMmer Treatment.

Dr. Shimon Rochkind, MD, Sorasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel shows his pleasure and joy following a positive outcome of a Full Spectrum Reflexology treatment prescribed by him for a brain injury patient during 2002 NAALT Conference in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Dr. Rochkind wasn't sure what reflexology was all about when he accepted an invitation from Zachary Brinkerhoff to experience the DRUMmer reflexology machine aka Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager. He had met Zachary at the '98 WALT Conference in Kansas City and visited with him on brief occasions during subsequent NAALT Conferences held here in the USA, but didn't really understand what a doctor of reflexology was?

Reflex Beamer III-3b

It was the last day of the Atlanta NAALT Conference when Dr. Brinkerhoff finally made a presentation when called upon at the Expert Panel Discussion. His brief on the systemic-effect within the human frame (which he induced by non coherent red/near-infrared light energy) had contradicted Shimon's research published 30 years past. However, M.I.R. Research and Development Clinic studies showed that there was a systemic-effect upon the human frame induced by both incoherent and low level laser light. Shimon was a little unsettled with this new report on the systemic-effect.

The day after the Conference Zachary had an opportunity to visit with Shimon about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict while visiting in the hotel restaurant. He shared his viewpoint that the Israeli's had the greatest responsibility to settle their ongoing dispute (with which Rochkind disagreed). When Zachary had made his point ... the issue was dropped in order to avoid any argumentation. Then, just an hour later, Zachary was offering Shimon an opportunity for a free post-conference demo of his profession: a reflexology treatment with the DRUMmer reflexology machine.

Shimon Rochkind, MD, was amazed with the results of
the DRUMmer reflex action.

A combination of humility, professionalism and curiosity moved Shimon to accept the offer and he was startled at his body's response: "I can't understand how that jackhammer machine pounding on the bottom of my foot at 4,400 impacts per minute (which does feel good) can cause me to feel sensations all over my body at specific points. I have never experienced anything like this," exclaimed Shimon, "I just don't understand what is going on?"

Following his brief ten minute DRUMmer reflexology treatment, Shimon was so impressed that he made a request of Zachary: "There is a resident of Atlanta who survived a bullet wound to the head in the Atlanta Trade Center shooting 2 years ago. As a Russian Jew he turned to Israel for help in his recovery, but there is nothing we can do for his remaining paralysis. I have an appointment with him here at the hotel in 30 minutes. Will you give him a DRUMmer reflexology machine treatment? Do you think reflexology can help him?"

Zachary assured Shimon that the reflexology would help and agreed to give his patient a Full Spectrum Reflexology treatment. Thirty minutes later Yosef hobbled into the restaurant leaning on his cane with his wife at his side. As they seated themselves at the restaurant table for consultation, Zachary explained to Yosef and his wife that he would concentrate reflexology treatment on the K1 meridian point located on the bottom of each foot; and also on the ends of his toes ... using the Texas Toe-Nut reflex tip. This would be followed by radiation to the dorsum (top) of his bare feet using the red/near-infrared rays of the Photon Beamer VI-6.

"When you come out of the sedation state following exposure to the Reflexology Beamer, your right hand (now clenched into a fist) will open smoothly and lay flat. This will be an indicator of the ability of this dynamic reflexology treatment to affect the injured area in your brain. This will be a first step ... a means to encouraged you to continue daily self-help reflexology treatment at home in order to attain your maximum potential for recovery which could take up to a year."

Yosef's wife was very pleased when she saw Yosef's hand stay open.

Yosef seated himself in the chair and submitted his right foot for treatment. After 20 minutes of intense DRUMmer reflexology machine treatment to the K1 and then all ten toes, Yosef's feet were put under the Beamer for the second stage of reflexology treatment.

This reflexology treatment was conducted under the scrutiny of Dr. Rochkind who kept asking the recipient: "Yosef, your hand, how is your hand?" Each time Yosef would respond by trying to unclench his fist by pulling on the fingers, but the fist would not remain unclenched. However, Shimon seemed to remain hopeful.

When Zachary observed Yosef's emergence from the sedation state, he turned off the Beamer and commented: "Reflexology treatment is over." Immediately Shimon jumped up from his chair and ran around the table to Yosef's side. "Yosef, give me your hand ... let me see your hand."

Yosef and his wife were told by Dr. Rochkind that insurance would pay for M.I.R.'s Home Study upon receipt of his prescription in order that they have the equipment to finish the treatment program. An Israeli Physicians order!

As Shimon lifted Yosef's hand into his open palm... he pulled his Yosef's fingers back to open the fist. To both their amazement the fingers laid flat and stayed in position ... the hand stayed open ... the fist was gone.

Shimon stood in awe ... looking at the open hand. When he realized that the hand was going to stay open, he look up, pointing his finger at Zachary, and said, "You have a job in Israel."

Zachary knew Dr. Rochkind's invitation to work in Israel was sincere, so he responded with a counter offer: "I will be happy to visit Israel in order to train one person in each Israeli hospital in our Full Spectrum Reflexology techniques; which you have witnessed here today. But I will have to give equal time by sharing my advanced reflexology techniques with the Palestinians too."

Shimon responded immediately: "I perform medical services for Palestinians too. I understand your need to give them equal time."

However, Zachary's trip to Israel was postponed indefinitely by an emergency back surgery to strengthen a Charcot sacrum joint. His plan for bringing these advanced reflexology techniques to Israel through Shimon Rochkind's invitation hit a snag. However, new opportunity presented itself to accomplish the original mission when MIR enrolled the first student from Israel: the Reb Dovid Wheeler.

MIR Student R' Dovid Wheeler treats recipient at his home
clinic in the Judean Hills of Israel.

R' Dovid initially studied with The School of Natural Health Sciences in London via correspondence. He was awarded a Diploma in Reflexology with a grade of 'A' which led to his interest in the offerings of the Modern Institute of Reflexology and their strong advocacy of reflexology instruments. "Zachary, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time last night on the phone. I have been studying your Website for six months and am so excited about this opportunity to get started with your program. Hopefully I will be able to represent MIR here in Israel as we previously discussed," said Dovid via Email.

Dr. Wittman's Reflex-O-Massager
is directed by R' Dovid to the hypothalamus/pituitary reflex point on the great toe of a believing recipient.

The Home Study Package arrived simultaneously with his first child ... a healthy 7.5 pound son. "I did receive the package and I have started to read the material (WOW there is a lot to read) but I also need to work with my wife and new child as well."

R' Dovid's wife has been the initial recipient of her husbands practicum requirement to accumulate 100 hours of reflex experience. "I am so excited about reflexology ... I can hardly sit still. I'm having great results working on my wife Rachel's post pregnancy issues. We have been doing Reflex Beamer work daily (started at 7 minutes and now going to 30 min ) and on alternate days stimulating the key foot reflexes with Dr. Wittman's Reflex-O-Massager. In just two days she noticed enormous improvement."

"On April 5th Meir had another attack, but with a new found intuitive confidence I just jammed my index finger (the thumb I find is too strong for his little foot) into the K1 points. After a few moments he was very much sedated. I felt relieved for two reasons: a] I had always been afraid that I would hurt him (being unable to get verbal feed back about how strong I was working) and, b] Yet knowing that strong reflex stimulus really worked ... and that I should have more Bitachon (trust from above) that what I am doing (whether too strong or not) is the correct thing to be doing. Again, thanks Zacharyah, for your encouragement to be more aggressive in treatment," wrote Dovid in a recent Email.

"I have not been working regularly on Rachel for the last week or so ... since the Reflex Beamer I-1 overloaded my converter. She really enjoyed the Beamer part of the treatment and has missed the comfort and healing of its soothing radiant energy. Her symptoms quickly disappeared after the deep, heavy reflex treatments which I applied immediately after the delivery of our son. Then I lightened up and put her on a regular program: alternating between the Reflex-O-Massager and the Reflex Beamer I-1 every other day. Once the new 240 volt BEAMER III-3b arrives, we will go back to our regular reflexology maintenance program. We are planning to arrange her treatments around Meir's feeding schedule."

Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer III-3

March 6, 2007

Shalom Zachary:

Please find enclosed my tests for this amazing course of study in Reflexology. I hope that they will be okay. It has been an amazing journey that I didn't imagine and can only feel a great love for you in bringing all of this information to light.

May you and your school be truly blessed with much success, and may you only continue to give the warmth, love, and caring that you gave to my wife, my son, and me on our visit to the Institute last summer.

With many blessings,

Rebb Dovid Wheeler
Beit Mier, Israel

People of Israel ... get ready. Full Spectrum Reflexology is now arising in your midst.

'A Little Light
Dispels Much Darkness'

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Saudi Arabian Completes
Reflexology Home Study

Shahrazad Lukanic
Saudi Arabia

"I want to thank the Modern Institute of Reflexology for making the Home Study Reflexology Course accessible in every nation of the world. Thank you for putting this comprehensive program within my reach here in Saudi Arabia," stated Shahrazad T. Lukanic after a year of study with the Institute's Full Spectrum Reflexology Method. "Because your philosophy of treatment includes all viable techniques, both ancient and modern, everyone can feel included and attain the desired reflexology credential."

Shahrazad's travels all over the world have given her a chance to receive reflexology treatments in Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka. As a result of this experience, reflexology became like a passion which inspired her to collect charts and practice on herself and her many loved ones. "My best patient is my husband who was diagnosed with prostate cancer while visiting in the USA. They wanted to operate on him right away, but I begged him not to ... and he agreed to try an alternative approach to treatment."

The cancer cure included hands-only reflexology.

Shahrazad and her husband returned to the kingdom in order to deal with this life-threatening disease. He changed his hectic businessman lifestyle, started a new diet, they both prayed a lot, and she began daily finger pressure on the reflexology points for the prostate gland located on both feet and hands.

Six months later he went in for another test to check for prostate cancer: it was negative. And to this day, according to periodic medical scans, her husband remains cancer free. "After our success with reversing my husband's cancer, he began to encourage me to seek more knowledge in the science of reflexology because of his unresolved lower back pain. My queries led me to enroll with the MIR Home Study Reflexology Program which introduced me to percussion machines and radiant energy ray lamps.

Shahrazad gives Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer III-3b
reflexology treatment to husband in the "magic chair".

Nice footbath.

"My husband's damage in the lumbar area had given him a lot of daily pain, but I have been able to bring that painful condition under control by combining the new technology I've learned with my old faithful finger pressure method. Now, as soon as he arises from the LAFUMA 'magic chair' (this is the name we gave the reflexology chair) following Full Spectrum Reflexology treatment, he is refreshed, pain free and ready to continue the day."

Shahrazad has been blessed with a great variety of successful reflexology outcomes. An MND (motor neuron disease) patient is a very dear friend who was sent home with little hope. He was in such a state of daily degeneration that she offered him a reflexology treatment in hope that it might help. They both prayed that reflexology could somehow stop his downward spiral and begin to improve his quality of life. "My friend tells me that after every treatment he feels like someone filled his batteries. Since he doesn't live here in the kingdom, I taught his nurse how to help him with reflexology when they aren't able to make the return trip for the next needed treatment (his nurse was my first reflexology student)."

What a joy to be part of such a
healing process.

Where do the roots of Shahrazad's calling to reflexology originate? She thinks it occurred at the age of twelve when she was attacked by a virus which paralyzed the upper right side of her body. In those days there was no medical treatment available, so the doctors sent her home with no hope for recovery. But her Mother refused to rest until she found a solution for her daughter's paralysis ... the answer turned out to be reflexology. "I understand now that I was treated by reflexology," stated Shahrazad with a reflective thought.

"I remember how something 'clicked' one day in my body and at that moment I began to improve. Although it took lots of reflexology and many months to fully recover, my Mother never gave up. She wanted to assure that I would never miss another day in school again."

Daughter Nora gives her daddy hand reflexology.

When Shahrazad first began to learn the art of reflexology by practicing on loved ones, she noticed a consistent manifestation that caught her attention and interest. The moment that she would take the feet of an ill recipient into her hands ... a strange feeling would occur. She felt as if she had entered into the inquirer's body. In some cases drops of sweat would begin dripping from her forehead, even though the cooling system might even be on coldest setting.

"After experiencing such a reflexology outcome, I will feel very drained. But following several treatments with the same person this phenomena will usually cease. It is like a heavy load has suddenly been lifted. When this point in the process has been reached, the recipient will confess that they feel refreshed ... feel like a new person. What a joy to be a part in such a healing," she exclaimed with a smile.

DRUMmer machine
Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager

"The DRUMmer reflexology machine has taken the pressure off of my thumb joints when giving the deeper type reflexology treatment required in some cases," she said. "This handheld reflexology percussion device may also enhance reflexology treatment outcome ... when combined with the Reflex Beamer infrared ray lamp. I pray that God Almighty may continue to give Dr. Brinkerhoff the strength to keep up this great work of the Modern Institute and enable him to contribute even more."

Shahrazad T. Lukanic
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Fax: 009662-6711032

The person who says:
"It cannot be done"
Should not interrupt
the Person who is Doing It.

.Chinese Proverb

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MIR Director of Studies has authenticated all Success Stories.
Dr. Eckert's hands know how to find the points - which can be rather painful at times.
Be sure to watch and respond to the recipient's reaction to pain levels.
Reflexologist Gary Stahl is a fellow Canadian and stockholder in MIR Tennessee
Kendall is serious
about activating the pituitary/hypothalamus to help bring equilibrium in the body.
Kendall works directly on the effected hand of a stroke patient
Kendall has had consistently good results with his stroke patients.
Kendall in session.
Kendall is determined to get that neck feeling much better.
All of my stroke and diabetes patients have shown additional improvements after the receipt and use of my new Dr. Riley's Massager aka DRUMmer. The benefit of Instrument Assisted Reflexology was very significant. Salvation of my overworked thumb joints has been a concern and DRUMmer has assisted my ability to continue delivering the reflexologic goods without any additional injury to myself.




Dave gets some Bare Foot ReflexoCure on the beach near his home in Rehoboth Beach.

Walking Bare Foot in the sand is a serious form of daily ReflexoCure self help.
This ReflexoCure client could further benefit with some daily bare footed strolls on the nearby Rehoboth Beach.
DRUMmer hittin' the pituitary under guidance of Dave's hands. "The DRUMmer gives greater stimulus and it saves my thumbs," he said.
Dave hammers M/P joints by Dr. Wittman's Reflex-O-Massager with 9-pointed probe tip. "ROM is great for outside calls," reported Dave. "It is very portable."
Dr. Wittman's Solar Plexus is targeted by Dave with DRUMmer.
Top view of DRUMmer hammering K1 aka Solar Plexus reflex point.
Dr. Bernardin's Chart

Dave does some "Flip-Flopping" as he works the heel with his hands.
Dave doing his finger pressure technique.
Dave onboarad TCC in 2000 holding his Red near-infrared Reflex Beamer VI for radiating the foot reflexes.
Red Near-infrared Beamer in action.
"I'm moving into more ear work soon! Love the tools, they are a big help. My success rate is phenomenal," wrote Dave on 3/25/06.
Dave's certificate of appointment by The Governor to the Delaware Board of Massage & Bodywork.


Dear Zachary: "Just visited the website for the school again and want to say thanks for the space dedicated to my work.

" I am now President of the Delaware Board of Massage and Bodywork and have received permission to teach a course on Reflexology at Delaware Technical and Community College for licensure in the state.

"We are moving as a Board for separate license and requirement for each Bodywork that is a stand alone from massage so that we will not be lumped together and can look to our national certifying Boards for requirements for each one.

" I was finally able to convince the Board that if you need no massage courses to learn and be certified in your discipline then you should be licensed as such e.g. Reflexology Professional Therapist and so on.

"While nothing is final as yet we are on our way.

"Thanks for everything."

Dave Patterson, CMRP

"Hopefully soon to LRT."























Alfred Bird Bear Obes, received his certificate of course completion in May of 2004.
Bird Bear Obes has practiced barefoot reflexology since a boy. "Talk is cheap. I do it in the snow at minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit."
These feet have been walking in the frozen snows of North Dakota.

Nebraska Sand Burr Dr. Obes inadvertantly experienced the greatest reflexologic treatment of his life when he ran barefooted toward a roadside bush in order to unrinate while on a return trip home from the Institute. "The pain didn't register until I reached the bush. I was in the middle of a patch of Nebraska Sand Burrs. By the time I ran back to the car I was in excrutiating pain. I had never experienced a Sand Burr like this. I sat down on the road to pull them out and found that these NSB's had two edges like razor blades. I lost track of time as I sat there & extracted over 100 burrs. My fingers got sliced too. Blood was everywhere. Finally I put on my Sandles and urinated before hitting the road again. The pain lasted about three hours, but the rest of my trip was like a dream. When I got home it felt like my feet were walking on clouds and the benefits of that heavy duty reflexologic treatment lasted about a month. It was a great experience that I wouldn't recommend anybody voluntarily try.

Note special seat; wooden probe in right hand; Beamer III-3b hangs over feet & face.
This hunters bucket-seat holds Alfred's charts and tools which he carries on his reflexology house calls.
As the Beamer III-3b shined down on my feet and face for the 1st treatment ... I stayed in the sedation state for over an hour. On my second treatment sedation only lasted less than ten minutes.
Alfred Rheinhard's face expresses pain as his wife Iris works the Spleen SOURCE Point on his right foot with a wooden probe. "It is a good hurt which produces great dynamic in the human frame," he said afterwards.
Iris Bird Bear shocks right toe with a quartz piezo electrical charge. She creates a closed loop circuit with her left finger which passes a current through the spleen meridians.
Iris Bird Bear Obes uses a natural wooden probe in the tradition of her Hidatsa ancestors.
"This is a wild cat that comes to me when I call to her," said Alfred. "Like a cat ... walking barefooted in the snow helps keep me healthy. This is Nature's Reflexology in full glory and power."





DRUMmer reflexology machine is here used by Sara Hohmann.
The DRUMmer aka Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager is a favorite of many.
Radiant Energy Lamp shines on feet while Sara performs a treatment.
Barb MacDonald spoke, "Reflexology is more helpful for my chronic fatigue than massage therapy. I prefer it. Sara is gentle with me. She starts at the toes and works toward the heel. Does both feet. The effects are subtle for the whole body."
"Most patients love the comfort of the Infrared Reflex Beamer while I work on their feet or hands," said Sara..

















Reflexologist Noah Lee describes his 22 year career to Mr. Zachary.
"I mounted the 'jackhammer' in a box to work her back reflex."
Noah's wife tries out Oscillator during Transcontinental visit.
Noah used his POF machine until the day of his retirement.
Noah demonstrates self-help reflexology instrument board to Rachel Brinkerhoff after her reflexology treatment. "That towel rub on my hands really felt good," she said.











Master Akers uses thumb technique combined with prayerful gripping of the hands.
EAR REFLEXOLOGY Low level laser photoluminescence
to the ear reflexes by Alice's assistant.
It is important for the practitioner to get treated also. This big 499mw laser produces big-time Photo-Bioelectric Equilibrium.
Alice's Husband has been a solid backer of her effort to become a Reflexologist. Here
they stand together
in front
of Tender Touch Reflexology Clinic.





















Jairo Soto Rodriguez and Zachary had a wonderful visit at a Federal Prison during Transcontinental Classroom in 1998.
The Federal Corrections Institute in Miami will continue to be Soto's home until September 2006. Then it is on to Cali, Colombia, and a new beginning.
The Seal of the Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons
Zachary disembarks from the Big Bus on a special electric hoist. Transcontinental Classroom on the road.
The home of Jairo Soto until September 2006.


























is very pleased with the results of DRUMmer
& Photon Beamer V-5.
Dr. Riley's Ultra MASSAGER
is a natural for doing
foot reflexology.
The Original Dr. Riley's Percussor was used exclusively to stimulate the spine as part of a Zone Therapy
DRUMmer finds selected acupuncture point on a client by the guidance of Maurice. Give him a call in Mauritius.

Nicole's REFLEXY is in MIR's Starter Kit.
Get on the road to
joy & health today!
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UAL "FOOT FAIRY" Kathy Graham
holds her favorite:
The DRUMmer aka
Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager.
Nurse Mary Marshall and Kathy Graham work side-by-side at Nurse's Week at Denver General Hospital in 1997.
They are now working together professionally.

Phone: 303.340.1223
A Key to Health
11275 E. Mississippi
Suite 1-S-8
Aurora, CO
The Foot Fairy built her skills by working on 1,000's of UAL employees. She also received substantial tutoring during convalescence; and put in lots of time at shows sponsored by M.I.R.
Kathy Graham earned the title Foot Fairy at United Air Lines.
Kathy is called the Foot Fairy because she is gifted in this great work to which she is called: REFLEXOLOGY.










Dr. Jay Kaufman, DC Chiropractic Reflexology 223 Route 590
Greeley, PA 18425

Jay V. Kaufman, DC:
"The Zone Therapy Theorem put forth by Fitzgerald and Riley was ingenious. It works."
Bids Dr. Jay good-bye before boarding the TCC and heading on down the road through NJ to Rehoboth, Delaware to see David Patterson.
Jay Kaufman, DC
has a new angle on his chiropractic profession:
Foot Joint Micro Alignment Reflex Technique Procedure.
























PHOTOLUMINESCENT Reflex Beamer V-5: Stephanie Fimrite
Is a busy Mother to three children & wife to her supportive husband; but she still gives 15 reflexology treatments
a week in her little clinic. The BEAMER V-5 is
an important part of reflexology treatment.
Mrs. Fimrite works her feet on the TS-930 reflex roller machine during her 15 hour tutoring session in Thief River Falls. The TCC was parked right in front of her house.
Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager is Mrs. Fimrite's favorite instrument of choice.
The DRUMmer combines well with her Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer V-5.

Nicole's REFLEXY is in MIR's Starter Kit.
Get on the road to
joy & health today!
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Only $95!


































On the 2nd day Dr. Zachary answered Hisham's many questions about the course. He had requested a franchise of M.I.R. covering Kuwait, Morocco, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.
Hisham receives a foot bath from M.I.R. Graduate Steve Sharp. Dr. AlJaser experienced every aspect of reflexology during his visit to the INSTITUTE.
The acupressure device created tremendous pain when pressed upon a point. "Very good, very good," was Hisham's response. He showed great ability to endure pain of this procedure.
Rachel Brinkerhoff was impressed with Hisham's ability as a Bodyworker. Here she and Zachary share their excitement about the Kuwait franchise with M.I.R.'s newest representative.
Certificate of Completion
for M.I.R.'s Home Study is presented to Hisham AlJaser at Denver Campus.
















Marlyn Marval comes aboard the Big Bus for her first day of reflexology tutoring in the parking lot of the Airport Hilton Hotel.
Marlyn receives photo-bio electrical stimulation demonstration on SOURCE point for the Colon Meridian with Electro puncture device.

Marlyn holds Road Atlas in her hand in anticipation of a tour aboard the Transcontinental Classroom following two days of reflexology tutoring.

Nicole's REFLEXY is in M.I.R.'s Reflexology Starter Kit.
Get on the road to
joy & health today!
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Only $95!



































Amarjit S. Ghuman
A Sikh from India who chose to make his contribution in the new world through the profession of Reflexology.
The newly weds Amarjit and Suknindar Ghuman shown during a visit to the INSTITUTE in Denver.
Amarjit checked out the new DRUMmer machine during his visit.
"Where is that laser?"
All Amarjit found was the new Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer V-5.

















Virgil applies DRUMmer to the K1 point on a student from Grand Junction, Colorado.
Virgil appreciates the efficiency of the DRUMmer after so many years of using handwork.
Virgil is a dedicated Muslim shown here in his official attire.
Virgil and his wife in the early years when he could ride the front range on horseback. "Now our open range is filled with subdivisions and shopping malls. Things change with time."
Virgil was all smiles the day he received his Ordination as a Minister of Foot Reflexology.
Minister of Foot Reflexology Virgil Kaleem loves to implement the DRUMmer into his treatments.
GUARD TOWER FALLS The Rocky Flats Nuclear Facility has been razed, cleaned up and closed. Virgil has found greener pastures on the other side of the fence.




























Ijaz Yamin Ansari
Wazirabad, Pakistan
Dr. Ansari selects a homeopathic remedy to accompany patient Zeshan's Reflexology treatment.
Zeshan is a local barber who came in for treatment of a painful cough.
Dr. Ansari prepares to stimulate K1 meridian points on bottom of patient's feet.
Dr. Ijaz Yamin Ansari shown in his clinic. Note DRUMmer and Ear Chart in background.















































































Shimon Rochkind, MD
has been involved in Israeli low level laser spinal cord regeneration research for 30 years.
Shimon chats with Rachel and Zachary Brinkerhoff at the NAALT Conference.
DRUMmer reflexology machine in action on K1 meridian point on Shimon's left foot.
DRUMmer reflexology machine in action on K1 creates life-giving rhythm like a this Drummer working his drum set.
Zachary points out K1 to Shimon on Dougan's meridian chart.
Shimon Rochkind, MD shows his pleasure with the result of the DRUMmer reflexology treatment on his patient Yosef.
The Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer VI-6 radiated the top of Yosef's feet following the DRUMmer treatment.
The Perineural Sheath of the nerve fibers is the anatomical pathway utilized to conduct the Direct Current of Regeneration in response to reflexology treatment.
DRUMmer reflexology machine in action on K1 (above) creates Bio electrical Cascade throughout the 12 major meridians of the human frame which promotes self-healing.
Dr. Wittman's

Delivers a percussive reflexology action on Kidney One Meridian. Used by R' Dovid on his wife Rachel to supplement/assist finger pressure reflexology which helped speed her post pregnancy recovery.
Meir Wheeler
at 1 month of age:
Meir's newborn digestive complications were a challenge to both his parents, but R' Dovid says reflexology helped. "I was able to give some comfort when I worked the K1 during the height of his pain."
The Stomach Source Point was too sensitive to Meir's liking on the first attempt; which revealed the level of his problem at that time.
The Kidney 1 Meridian point is a means of activating the whole body through the Meridian system via the Bio electrical Cascade.























































































































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