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If you don't change your beliefs,
your life will be like this forever.
Is that good news?

Robert Anthony

Lay Ministry of Foot Reflexology
& Biblical Foot Washing

The many requests from MIR Graduates to receive a special commission as a Lay Minister of Foot Reflexology & Biblical Foot Washing from the INSTITUTE, prompted the beginning of such an issue in 1995.

The issuance of this certificate of COMMISSION has been granted to those students who successfully complete the MIR Home Study or Experiential Freelancer Certificate programs; and who further demonstrated their spiritual aptitude to perform ReflexoCure aka reflexology from the perspective of a Lay Minister which includes believing prayer (the Prayer of Faith). This special certificate was originally signed by Zachary Brinkerhoff and Fr. Bart Nadal, and has been issued to spiritually qualified professional home study candidates at no additional charge. (A stand alone certification was recently inaugurated.)

Indeed, giving is important, but so is receiving. All too often we are unable to recognize a gift, a blessing that is given to us. Life continually presents us with its gifts. Often we reject them. All too often, we are too proud to receive, wanting to be the one who sacrifices and so on. But all of us are spiritually speaking in need. Therefore, it is most important that we are able to recognize the Christ in all acts in which we are given – given advice, material necessities, or given a sharing of another human being's life. Sometimes we are simply too busy to receive; and receiving, taking in, can be more difficult than giving. (Painting & words by Leszek Forczek)

"As a disciple of Jesus the Christ I have practiced reflexology aka ReflexoCure primarily as a Lay Ministry since my initial training by Eunice Ingham in 1967. In 1966 I had been originally commissioned into the Ministry of Exhorter through the laying on of the hands by a Priest of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East at a Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship meeting in Phoenix," explained Zachary Brinkerhoff.

The Lord Yeshua's (Jesus') Prayer
from the Ancient Eastern Aramaic of the Peshitta Text.

(Translation into English)
Our Father in the Heaven,
Hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come. Your will be done,
as in heaven, so on earth.
Give us bread for our needs every day.
And forgive us our sins,
for we have also forgiven
all who have offended us.
And do not let us enter into temptation;
but deliver us from error.

Luke 11:2-4
(Translated from the Peshitta Text by George Lamsa)

"I now want to encourage others (who sense a calling of their Heavenly Father) to perform Foot ReflexoCure aka Biblical Foot Washing as a service to mankind ... to develop their practice within that concept of Lay Ministry. Hence the issue of MIR’s Certificate of Commission is granted as a reminder to the practitioner of his calling; and an indicator to the recipient regarding the practitioners prayerful approach to treatment,” he continued.

1975 Call to Hospital Reflexology Ministry
Lisa Graino of Arvada, CO called on Zachary
to minister foot reflexology so she could get
out of the hospital and go home. She got out.

"Specific religious belief is not a prerequisite to obtaining this certificate, but a burning faith and a desire to help your fellowman: this is the fundamental requirement. A commitment to 'Love your neighbor as yourself' and through believing prayer to 'Love your enemies'... and a willingness to give audible prayer for the recipient when they accept your invitation for prayer concerning their particular problem: these are the primary qualifying factors for consideration as a candidate to receive a certificate of Commission as a Lay Minister of Foot Reflexology & Biblical Foot Washing. These two commandments are a condensation of Jesus' (Yashua's) teachings which he has commissioned his followers to teach the people of all nations."

The more a man knows,
the more he forgives.


Biblical Foot Washing is found to be akin to Full Spectrum Reflexology. For example: When Mary Magdalene washed the feet (see above cut) of Yahshuah (Jesus) she used essential oil, her own tears and rubbed his feet with her hair as she prayed and interceded for his impeding spiritual crush and predestined crucifixion. This foot wash treatment was given with deep adoration, respect, gratitude and love as confirmed by her kissing of Yehshua's feet. It is imperative that a Lay Ministry Candidate be likewise motivated by the love of the Sovereign Creator in his desire to serve humanity through Foot ReflexoCure/Foot Washing.

"Let me bring a little water
and wash your feet
and rest yourselves."

Abraham: Genesis 18:4

Zachary Brinkerhoff now advocates audible believing prayer for the recipient of ReflexoCure (reflexology) when they are receptive to the practitioner/Lay Minister invitation. Three years ago he transited from the mode of silent prayer to praying audibly with those who had requested help for their more serious problems. "Eighty percent of the people I offer to pray with say yes," explained Zachary. "This can be the most meaningful part of the treatment ... definitely the most powerful."

Through Prayer we experience
the greatest of all miracles,
heaven upon earth.

Sadhu Sundar Singh

Reflex Beamer III-3b Sedation-Effect.

Sensitivity to the need of the recipient is a prerequisite to making an offer for audible prayer together. Zachary has found that the Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer's help to prepare the recipients for such an occasion of prayer through the relaxation effect; which appears to increase openness of recipients. "When I see their eye lids beginning to get heavy from the effect of the photon/light energy ... I gently offer to pray with them (never say you want to pray for them). When our Maker is invited into the healing situation ... credit for a good outcome can then be returned to the Heavenly Source. This helps the practitioner/Lay Minister avoid taking credit for the outcome which can be a dangerous thing to do .... producing a false pride. We must realize that 'every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of Lights.' "

Eunice Ingham Stopfel exhorted her students in 1951, "We try to fool ourselves and place the blame for our illness on external things, on the pastures where we happen to be feeding. Instead, it is what we cause to happen in the functioning of our glands within the body, through the type of thinking we have done, that will make the pastures grow greener; and not something on the outside, barring accident.

"Let us then look for the green pastures right where we live, move and have our being. For the green pastures are within ourselves, in our way of thinking, our mode of life. These are the green pastures where David the Psalmist said, 'He maketh me to lie down.' "

Zachary's Zone Therapy/Compression Massage Certificate
granted by Eunice Ingham has hung on his walls since 1967.
Here it is displayed at the Indian Hills House of Prayer in 1971.

Our way of thinking and our mode of life need to harmonize with the teachings of the Beloved Son of the Heavenly Father in order to avoid the negative emotional attitudes that not only destroy our life, but the lives of those around us. These teachings are clearly delineated in what is known as the Sermon on the Mount. So take a little time and read these profoundly simple teachings for yourself in the New Testament ... Matthew chapters 5, 6 and 7. "Therefore whoever hears these words of mine, and does them, he is like a wise man who built his house upon a rock."

Brother Zachary sits in drivers seat of Rescue Wagon
in 1972 with penitent Richard Lee Hook sitting in back

Erik Z. Whisker

One MIR Student couldn't wait for his Home Study graduation before receiving his Lay Ministry Commission. Brother Zachary obliged and the Student expressed his gratitude: "I am pleased to have been granted the Lay Minister of Foot Reflexology Certificate of Commission in recognition of my spiritual aptitude and to honor my extended effort to complete the Home Study Program. I will follow the requirements of this Commission demanded by the certificate; while continuing to obtain the remaining hours (along with my documentation and test papers) required to finally earn my Official Certificate of Completion for the Home Study Course. Thank you Fr. Bart and Dr. Zach." (Erik Z. Whisker, Everett, Pennsylvania, October 2004.)

26 year old Erik completed his studies and graduated with honors on February 13, 2005. "On this day I am honored to have been accredited with my Official Certification from the Modern Institute of Reflexology as a ReflexoCurist. True to the fact, my intelligence, in the yesteryear has progressively increased as I recognize my dedicated time to the comprehensive studies and one-on-one contact with my ever growing clientele. I emphatically state my satisfaction and admiration to Dr. Zachary Brinkerhoff for his endless dedication and love for his "Students-In-Training" of the MIR. Thank you for your time and support. Your fellow ReflexoCurist ... Erik Whisker."

Whatsoever your hand is able to do,
do it with your might;
for there is no work
nor device
nor knowledge
nor wisdom
in Sheol whither you are going.

Ecclesiastes 9:10
(Translation from Peshitta Text)

The COMMISSION to the Lay Ministry of Foot Reflexology & Biblical Foot Washing was recently established as a stand-alone avocational program. This was done in consideration of the many requests by laity/lay persons who expressed a desire to make reflexocure (reflexology) a vehicle for their volunteer effort as a Lay Minister; who need a vehicle through which to offer the believing prayer of faith. Lay Ministry for those desiring to bring deliverance for the sick and suffering, and giving comfort to those in the throes of death.

Lay Ministry Home Study Package

New Item: DVD on hand technique and Bernardin Foot Chart.
A certificate of Minister in Training (shown above) will be issued
with purchase of the avocational Lay Minister Package in order to
identify your objective to become a more effective Laity/Lay Minister.
Order Here

By 11/04/04 three Lay Ministry Candidates who had met the spiritual criteria had been enrolled through their purchase of the Lay Minister of Foot Reflexology Package shown above. Upon completion of the required fifty (50) documented hours of Biblical Foot Washing/ReflexoCure practicum and endorsement by her coworkers, Loretta McMahon was the first to be awarded the Commission to Lay Ministry of ReflexoCure & Biblical Foot Washing. "The Commission Certificate is just so beautiful," said Loretta on the phone. "I just keep looking at it. Thank you so much for helping me develop my ministry."

Jerome McMahon is bedridden at 77 years. Laughter
fills the room when Loretta hammers his right foot,
while the opposite foot yields a peaceful smile.
(Note mouth open in deep laughter.)

"I have been caring and ministering to my dad since he was diagnosed with acute monocyte leukemia; acute refractory anemia with ringed siderblasts; L1-L3 Bulging; L3-L14 degenerative; and L4-L5 compression fracture (which was not addressed when it first occurred). In March 2002 he shattered his right femur, so they put in a titanium rod. While in the hospital getting repaired he addressed a 40 year old injury and had an abdominal umbilical hernia repaired," explained Loretta McMahon about the seriousness of her father's condition.

To have faith,
not to hesitate!
not to doubt!
"Faith is the marriage of God
and the Soul"

Dag Hammarskjold, 1956

"So through the Holy Spirit; organic meals; herbs and vitamins; and a lot of daily reflexology --- my dad is stable. The Reflexology (ReflexoCure) in the anus/rectum reflex areas of the heel and back of the leg relieves my Dad easily for bowel movements. BM's were complicated because he is bedridden. I also focus on the spinal reflex areas of the feet to give him relief --- which really works. I know he gets relief from pain because I can see his face relax while I am doing ReflexoCure. He says he doesn't need his pain pills either. I was only giving him 1/2 of a percocet twice a day, but now I put the 1/2 tablet in a glass on his bedside table in case he wants to take it. I am glad to see him enjoy his days, even if it's in his bed."

Loretta McMahon ministers to her friend Frances.

Retired missionary Frances Wieczorek at 91 years.

"Frances is my inspiration. We have a lot of fun together. She is full of life and energy and is as sharp as a whip. She barely uses a walker --- when her back might occasionally bother her. She has been living alone, so I visit her for fellowship. In this picture I am ministering ReflexoCure to her feet with Dr. Wittman's Reflex-O- Massager. It is a wonder machine to help preserve my finger joints and give joy to the recipient of this wonderful Lay Ministry to which I have been commissioned. I also used the Radiant Energy Lamp on this visit" continued Loretta as she told her exciting story.

Mission Span volunteer Donna Woods is right
arm of Wright's Nutrients Health Food Store
where I work in New Port Richey, Florida.

Loretta won't be performing ReflexoCure in a makeshift manner anymore. She just received the Full Home Study Package which includes the LaFuma Reflexology Chair. Her employer was so impressed with her voluntary ReflexoCure treatment of both his customers and employees that he is going to pay the $2,500.00 cost for her course of instruction with the Modern Institute of Reflexology. If she gets a "B" average instead of an "A"? He will pay for half of it. Meanwhile, Brother Wright is paying her a regular salary to perform ReflexoCure. "Now I don't have to clock out when I do ReflexoCure treatments. I will get my regular wage whether I sell nutrients or give reflexology. I am so happy!!! The Lord has really directed my steps in opening up my new Lay Ministry," she told Zachary on the phone.

Widow Patricia Jozefowicz gets Lay Ministry.

"Miss Pat suffers from diabetes; diabetic neuropathy; fibromyalgia; IBS; chronic fatigue syndrome; and has the onset of Parkinson's. Pat goes strictly by the doctor's prescriptions, but does take some supplements. Since I've enrolled in your Lay Ministry class I've been working on her feet. She had a broken left foot and a bone comes up in the center, so I am very ginger in that area. I use my hands more with Pat. She seems very relaxed when I give her a treatment, but she does not say much afterwards. She is a very good Roman Catholic," said Loretta as she continued her story.

"Miss Pat has been a very good friend of mine for quite a long time. She is 61 with the heart of a teen. We worked together at Wright's Nutrients, but she has retired since her husbands passing in 2000. She has been a real trooper picking up all the manly chores."

JoAnn gets Lay Ministry ReflexoCure on-the-job.

Loretta says that JoAnn Devlin is the Artistic Creative Employee at Wright's Nutrients and that she has long been interested in Health Foods and Organics. "JoAnn has a strong belief in God. She also takes care of her grandson. The day this picture was taken, JoAnn had a discomfort in her upper back, but afterwards she said her back felt better."

Hormone Queen Debra Juergens.

"Debra's specialty is hormones, so we call her the Hormone Queen. She is very spiritual and empathetic. What gives her the edge? She is a good listener. Debra was in Africa in 2001 doing missionary work, but her work now is here in the USA helping her family first (her grandmother & mother & grandchildren & children). Debbie is my soul and spirit sister with whom I conduct spiritual ware fare against the demonic forces. We save a lot of people who come into the store. She is a blessing to everyone she meets ... including atheists and hardcore agnostics.

"One day an atheist came in for some supplement advice and we also gave him the words of Jesus. Well, he kept coming back for more supplements and we kept giving him more of the Living Word from the New Testament. It was on his 5th visit that he asked us to pray for him and now he is a believer in the Christ and testifies to the finished work of Jesus," exclaimed Loretta.

The Lay Minister of Foot ReflexoCure (reflexology) will begin to comprehend the importance of sharing spiritual truth with the recipient when appropriate. Eunice Ingham Stopfel stated: "Everything about this bodily machine in health is functioning according to God's great laws of nature, and given its greatest boost when we are cheerful and happy. Cheerfulness is comparable to a healthy balance in your bank account."

Dr. Stopfel emphasized that we can really invite disaster on our glands ability to function by our negative fears and thoughts which change the metabolic balance and bring about many a serious condition. She observed that fear is a poison that can affect every part of the human organism. "How important then for us to realize that if one is full of fear and worry he can choke off a portion of the normal blood supply to various parts of the body by refusing to stop needless worry."

Eunice suggested a good way to help many unpleasant conditions would be to practice the art of forgiving and forgetting. "A man is what he forgets. The essence of genius is to know what to forget. Referring to the Bible we find the same thought expressed by the Apostle Paul." Philippians, 3:13-15: "But this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded."

Forgiveness is the answer
to the child's Dream of a miracle
by which what is broken
is made whole again,
what is soiled
is again made clean.
The Dream explains
why we need to be forgiven,
and why we must forgive.

In the presence of God,
nothing stands
between Him and us
-- we are forgiven.
But we cannot feel His presence
if anything is allowed to stand
between ourselves and others.

Dag Hammarskjold, 1956

Oversight for the avocational Lay Ministry program is the responsibility of Zachary Brinkerhoff who will personally provide Email consultation and/or telephone prayer for problem solving with candidates during the course of their INTUITIVE EXPERIENTIALISM learning process.

At any time during the learning process a Lay Ministry Student may step into the MIR Home Study Course (like Loretta McMahon) and receive a $300.00 credit towards the advanced vocational reflexology (professional) training program.

As a Lay Minister in Training for 7.5 months --- sister McMahon chose to give all treatments free --- no donations. Now she is on the payroll as a ReflexoCurist Student in Training and has a commitment from her employer to pay the full cost of the Home Study Package. You too can expect similar Heavenly Blessings if you prepare your decisions with believing prayer.

For Lay Ministry information contact:
Zachary Brinkerhoff, Program Administrator
or Phone 1-800-533-1837

We have not come into the world
to be a number;
we have been created
for a purpose,
for great things:
To love and be loved.

The love of our neighbor
in all its fullness
simply means being able
to say to him,
"What are you going through?"

Simone Weil

To Love Our Enemy is To:

Build your house on the Rock
the Word will not fail;
Just follow Jesus
and don't you dare bail.

Give blessing if they curse
turn the other cheek,
Returning love --- pray
no negative speak;

Leap high for your joy, when
come false accusers,
Your calling? to win
evil abusers;

Seek recluse in the court?
no, let them defraud,
Forget stolen goods
don't be like a clod;

Keep the wife of your youth
don't put her away,
Your call? Be holy
or surely you'll pay.

Keep gun in its holster

let sheath grip the sword,
Walk narrow pathway
by grace face the horde;

So, pay all those taxes
don't lie, cheat and steal,
Keep your conscience clear
get heavens fair deal;

Immortal Dad has
a Heavenly Smile;
As with joy we skip
our short second mile.
Zachary's take on Jesus' Teaching.


Do not ask your Maker
to guide your footsteps,
if you are not willing
to move your feet.



Settling Grievances Against You

"If it should happen therefore that while
you are presenting your offering upon the altar,
and right there you remember
that your brother has any grievance against you,
leave your offering there upon the altar,
and first go and make peace with your brother,
and then come back and present your offering."
(Matthew 5:23-24, Peshitta Text.)

On December 22, 2007 I was visiting with my brother Joris and Regina his wife after the family Christmas party when my Cousin Kenny came and joined the conversation. Suddenly Kenny looked me in the eye and ask a question: "Why did you humiliate me during shift change on the Drilling Rig (1956) when you threw my hard hat out in the middle of the mud pit. We shared so many youthful joys together in the wilds of Wyoming and the sands of West Texas that I couldn't understand why you would embarrass me in front of both crews?"

I couldn't remember the incident he described about me sailing his hard hat out into the middle of the mud pit where it floated four hours before it was slowly swallowed (turning up on edge) into the viscous drilling mud. "You seemed to think it was funny, but I was so embarrassed and deeply hurt. Can you remember doing that to me? Why? Why did you do it?"

My brother, my cousin, had a grievance against me. I could see the pain. So I tried to remember. I couldn't recollect the incident, but I took his word for it. I looked into Kenny's eyes - where I could see the agony of the deep wound that I had inflicted. He was still bleeding. Then I got a flicker of his hat - floating in the pit. The rig floor on which we stood. The arrogance with which I acted as I jerked it from his head and sailed it out beyond his reach. Then I was gone. Headed back to town with the crew - laughing at the plight of my cousin.

My wife Rachel and sister Susie meanwhile had joined this intimate afterglow service at our Family Christmas party. This was a solemn moment for me as I faced errors of my past life. My dear cousin with whom I had hunted cottontail rabbits in West Texas and gone fishing in the creeks and beaver ponds of Wyoming had been callously wounded by my teenage arrogance. I leaned closer and looked directly into Kenny's eyes. "Brother, that was an awful thing for me to do. Will you forgive me for humiliating you?"

He tilted his head and and leaned forward - returning my gaze as he said, "I'll have to think about it, but first I need to know why you did it. Why?"

Well, I have had two weeks during which to think about both WHAT I did that day and WHY. I have finally recalled the whole scene described above. First, the WHY of my actions. Well, I was an 18 year old male experiencing his hormones - wanting to play "big shot" at the expense of my 15 year old cousin. It was a cowardly thing to do - picking on someone younger. But then Kenny was no weakling as he proved when his Father Ken once put the boxing gloves on us at their home in Casper, WY. I didn't know much about sparring back then, so younger Kenny had an advantage with the coaching of his Dad. I never won the bout and after my first loss - I preferred to avoid going to his house. I didn't like getting my nose smashed and brains rattled. Maybe on a deep unconscious level I was getting in my jab for my previous thrashing. You know - tit for tat. The way of the world.

Following my encounter with the Sovereign Creator (which occurred during a prayer asking for help at the age of 19.5 years) it pleased God the Father to reveal his Son Christ Jesus in me. Immediately I began to follow the teachings of Jesus as given in His Sermon on the Mount. I made restitution to many people whom I had wronged in my life. I sent money to people and companies I had stolen from. I asked forgiveness for sexual transgressions, but obviously there were people I had offended who never heard from me - I wasn't able to recall them all.


January 8, 2008
Dear Cousin Kenny:

From the moment I became aware of your grievance
against me - I sought your forgiveness.
Regardless of the motivating factor at the time,
you must remember - I was without the love
of my Heavenly Father and the fellowship of Yashua (Jesus).
Please let me know what else I might do to help bring
reconciliation between us - besides this public
declaration of guilt and petition for forgiveness
which I told you I would present on the MIR Website.

The best love offering I can give you at this moment?
A personal introduction to the same Jesus who enables me
to desire reconciliation and ask for forgiveness.
His Spirit within me deeply desires
to help effect this reunion of our Spirits.

So please read Matthew chapters 5-7.
This is my new life. It can be yours too.
If you open the door of your life to
the leadership of the Beloved Son,
we can reestablish a new fellowship
within the eternal fraternity of Jesus' family.
Meanwhile we can again enjoy our limited earthly ties.

You can Email me or call 1-800-533-1837.

I look forward to our next visit.

I think lovingly of Big Ken quite often.
I miss him a lot.

Much Love,

Your Cousin - Zachary


January 26, 2008
To My Dear Cousin Zachary:

Today and always in spirit ..The Modern Day Daniel Boon of The Woods ..I have reviewed your heart felt offer to finally recognize how serious your actions were that day in the summer of 1956. It only took almost a life time for you to even remember that unthinkable act of sailing my only hard hat, that didn't even have its first dent, off into the mud pits. Of course I am sure you truly do not remember it slowly sinking out of sight. That was my Hard Hat, my first Hard Hat, my badge of courage. And you just threw it away ... right in front of my crew and your crew, guys I didn't even know...and they all laughed. Do you know how painful and embarrassing it was to a 15 year old kid trying to prove himself, and move up from a lowly boll weevil? I was the 5th man on the Daylight crew. Do you know what its like to be the 5th man? Your the guy that gets to go down to the blow out preventers and apply the rubber mud strippers to the drill pipe while standing in waist deep mud when your coming out of the hole.

Its tempting to accept your offer, and forgive you when I think of all the great times we have had together while in high school in Denver ... The old 37 Chevy with the Bell on the firewall, stopping at Bus Stops, picking up cute girls, and the 57 Austin Healey ... Man we were cool cruising downtown in that new red machine. And of course the hunting, fishing and camping on Garden Creek (I think we still have some food buried up there), and not to forget your greatest gift to me "The Possible Bag" ... These were great memories. So, while I am seriously considering forgiving you, I need to know if you truly understand my pain and how that awful event has impacted my life.

Very truly and lovingly yours,

Your Cuz Kenny B
"The 5th man, daylights, Rig-T22, Brush, CO"

February 5, 2008
My Dear Cousin & Brother of the Woods - Kenny B:

My heart was filled with anticipation as I opened your Email. I was blessed to know that you were "tempted to accept" my request and forgive me, but needed further assurance regarding my awareness of your pain that has lasted and affected you until this very day. In this first Email from you I have read your well thought-out words - expressing your pain; and how that awful event has impacted your life. I assure you that I have shamefully lived with that memory as explained by you in detail (I could see the hat sinking into the mud - based on your memory of it - and I accept your memory of it without equivocation) since we first discussed it - and - I want you to know that I confessed in detail my "sin" against you at the weekly prayer meeting (they joined me in a prayer of repentance on my part and a prayer of healing and comfort for your emotional wounds inflicted by me) of a new community church Rachel and I are attending near our home in Golden.

"And Jesus said to his disciples, 'It is impossible but that offences should come; but woe to him by whose hand they come! It were better for him that an ass' millstone were hanged on his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, THAN TO CAUSE ONE OF THESE LITTLE ONES TO STUMBLE.' "

You were young and tender and innocent before your Heavenly Father - and what I did deserved the Ass' Millstone solution. This is what Jesus had to say about such crudeness exhibited toward you by my youthful arrogance. I was spared the Ass' Millstone, but got the wheelchair to help me bear my just desserts of paralysis. I have always said (since my paralysis in 1958) that I deserved to die for my many youthful transgressions - but got off easy at the age of 19 years with loss of half my bodily function. It was better to become a paraplegic and through that devastation find the right pathway - than to be a reject at the end of my formerly wayward life.

I am reminded again of the words of Jesus: "For if you forgive men their faults, your Father in heaven will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men, neither will your Father forgive even your faults." This is why I am quick to forgive offences inflicted by my family members, wife, friends and/or enemies. I need lots of continuing mercy and forgiveness from the Heavenly Father - as well as my wife and dear cousin Kenny B.

He that is forgiven much - loves much. When my Heavenly Father forgave me for my sins against heaven on May 25, 1959 - I experienced a piece of heaven come to earth - my body - which conversion has lasted to this day. Your forgiveness of my transgression against you will liberate me to love you and others even more than I am able at this present moment.

I remain an admirer of Kenny B. Even more-so now that I understand the burden of my offense that you have carried all your life.

May you be liberated through the Love of Jesus and the love of your cousin Zachary B.


Dearest Zachary:

The eldest of all the cousins. Thank you for your response. After reading your message, I can only try to understand how tragic and difficult your physical condition has been for you all of these years. But I believe you are being very hard on yourself. I don't believe your teenage "transgressions " were sufficient to deserve life in a wheelchair. Bad things happen to all who live, some worse than others, for no apparent reason. Your paralysis could have been initiated as a result of the time when you fell out of the car as a child. You certainly were not a bad child. Why did that happen to you? There are no answers. I have fortunately survived many very close calls with disaster. I am one of the lucky ones. Zach, you have to look to the fact that you have also survived, and so you are one of the lucky ones as well. I don't mean to put myself in your place and pretend to understand or appreciate what you have been through. That is only for you to know.

However I do forgive you for throwing my "Badge of Courage" into the Mud Pit in front of all the Roughnecks that laughed. Thank you for your apology. And I feel closer to you as a result.

Your Loving Kenny B.

Prayer of the Lay Minister

Heavenly Father:
I surrender this session to you.
I ask that my interaction with your creature
be motivated by Your purposes.

I surrender all distractive thoughts
that might arise from my past
and ask, in this moment, to be filled
with Your wisdom.
May Your Holy Spirit work in me
to impart your healing power,
for of my own self
I can do nothing.
Let your love flow through me
in order to dispel all fear;
and may your sovereign council induce
the spirit of a sound mind.
Enable me to reflect your magnificence
so that the conscience of our recipient
may become enlightened
regarding your perfect will.
And may I minister reconciliation
through Your work
and Your thoughts
and Your love.

In the authority of
your Beloved Son.

Reflexology Creed

I reaffirm the words of
Thomas A. Edison, who said:

"The Doctor of the future will give no
medicine but will interest his patients in
care of the human frame, in diet, and in the
cause and prevention of disease."

We must remember that we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and in charge of the care of our body.

As Professional Reflexologists, we have been given a Gift of Healing. We must use this Gift according to the highest professional standards of our profession.

We must never forget the commission given by our Lord to
"Go forth and heal the sick".

Rev. Howard D. Van Orden, DR

Let the JOURNEY begin!

Dr. George Parnell's
Lay Minister Testimonial
August 23, 1993

Richard H. Long, DC (retired), DR
Director of Reflexology Research
4086 Youngfield
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Dear Sir:

I am George Parnell and reside in Auburn, CA. I was born February 21, 1907. I received the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart and life on April 7, 1946. As a boy the health of people was of interest to me. After coming to God through Jesus Christ I learned from Genesis 2:7 that "the LORD God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living soul".

About the late fifties I got some material on Zone Therapy. I liked what I read and it was not long before I had a few clients. In 1960 I was exposed to two books by Eunice D. Ingham titled, "Stories the Feet Have Told through Reflexology" and "Stories the Feet Can Tell through Reflexology." These two books were of great interest to me. From that point on I bought every book on the subject that I could find. I began my practice of reflexology in 1960, and what a joy to hear the results from the clients.

I also became aware that God had created reflexes in these bodies. He put reflexes in the feet and hands so that people like myself could work those reflexes and help needy people to relax and experience a new hold on life. In 1981 I was told that the International Institute of Reflexology was holding a two day seminar in San Francisco, so I attended. It was so rewarding that I went to many follow-up seminars over the years which resulted in about two hundred hours of training. To date I have a little over thirty three years of practice.

I have studied anatomy on my own for many years. This exposure has convinced me that success as a professional practitioner is based on knowing and then seeing an image of that anatomy reflected on the feet. I also learned to work the ten zones along with the endocrine system and the spine using the thumb and finger techniques. I believe this is the foundation to becoming a professional reflexologist.

It has been a real joy over these many years to see people relieved of blocked colon, sciatic nerve, hiatal hernia, and other discomforts. This is naming just a few of the ailments that I faced in my practice. There were many highlights (I have also learned that there is no benefit for the client who suffers from lack of water intake).

Again, I want to thank you for this offer to be among the first to receive the new issue of the experiential Doctor of Reflexology certificate. which will be determined for qualified leaders in the profession by the MIR Doctoral Board. I will try to answer any further questions as to my qualifications that your group may have.

I am certified by the International Institute of Reflexology (IIR) and the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB). Also, Christine Issel and I started the Sacramento Valley Reflexology Association (SVRA) where I also served as president for three years.

I still have a practice and enjoy it.

Thanks again,

George C. Parnell
ARCB Reflexologist
9980 Mt. Vernon Rd.
Auburn, CA 95603


"When you encounter
difficulties and contradictions,
do not try to break them,
but bend them
with gentleness and time."

– St. Francis De Sales

Its in the Valley I Grow

Jane Eggleston

Sometimes life seems hard to bear,
Full of worries, troubles and woe.
It's then I have to remember
That it's in the valley I grow.

If I always stayed on the mountain top
And never experienced pain,
I would never appreciate God's love
And would be living in vain.

I have so much to learn
And my growth is very slow.
Sometimes, I need the mountain tops.
But, it's in the valley I grow.

I do not always understand
Why things happen as they do.
But I am very sure of one thing,
It's in the valley I grow.

My little valleys are nothing
When I picture Christ on the cross.
He went through the valley of death;
His victory was Satan's loss.

Continue to strengthen me, Lord,
And use my life each day,
To share your love with others
And help them on their way.

Thank you for the valleys, Lord,
For this one thing I know,
The mountain tops are glorious,
But it's in the valleys I grow!


Filipino Foot Doctor
Testimonial of Ministry

October 21, 2005

Brother Zac,
It is my pleasure to know you. I feel excited knowing that I am not alone doing this wonderful natural healing service which is our avenue for bringing comfort to the needy who have an illness. I have returned to the USA after training nearly 200 foot doctor missionaries in the Philippines where I grew up.

I was born into a village without a modern doctor. To this day my village only has a foot doctor who does natural healing. I used to pick some herbs and run errands for him which allowed me to observe him doing the healing. I became the product of that foot doctor: that is why I am a true believer of natural healing (such as herbs and massage). But my focus was always on SPIRITUAL HEALING more than anything else.

By the year 1960 I began seriously learning through another foot doctor in our neighboring village by doing in-service training. It is inspiring to think that foot-work is what I have continued to do from my graduation until this very day. I always sought improvement in my foot doctor ministry by going to schools of reflexology and reading books.

Now I am preparing my application packet in order to present my qualification for the Doctor of Reflexology certificate issued by the Modern Institute of Reflexology Credential Confirmation Board.

I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Warm Regards,


Healthful Filipino Fruit Feast

"If you do what you've always done;
You'll get what you've always got!"

------- David Steele.

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Loretta McMahon
was the first student to graduate from the Lay Ministry Program.
She shares her story on this Web page.

"The Tsunami of chemotherapy had devastated my life, but the jackhammer, Reflex Beamer & Believing Prayer have saved my life spiritually and physically," said Mary Gallagher. MORE>>>

Minister of Reflexology Noah Lee (Mennonite) gave Mr. Zachary a word from Jesus: "Why do you call me Lord, Lord and do not the things that I say?"
This Question changed Zachary's life.
It can change yours.
Dr. Noah Lee, DR
Father Josef Eugster shows how human touch can be of importance in the prayer aspect of the healing process.
Harold Van Orden, DD, was a Certified Medical Missionary that treated with Reflexology in his clinic in Butler, NJ.
See Creed
First Dutch Reformed Church of Brooklyn
Joris Derickson Brinckerhoffe was the first elder/minister of The Old First Church of Brooklyn. His descendent (Zachary Brinkerhoff) has also filled the pulpit of a (Dutch) Reformed Church of America in Denver as a substitute minister.
Photoluminescense of the Red Blood Cells helps gain spiritual insight necessary for realignment of the conscience with the will of the Eternal Creator.
Zachary demonstrates on Fr. Josef how the ears can be an important point of contact for silent prayer within the ministry context.


Dr. Wittman's

is a 36-speed solenoid percussive device that helps to facilitate a more effective reflex stimulus than hand/finger work alone.
This lesson teaches a Biblical approach to Reflexology as a modern form of Foot Washing.
Foot Washing by Hostess Marie Agnes for Dr. Robert Ivker, DO in 1988. Socks go on the feet in preparation for ReflexoCure by Zachary with his notorious Jackhammer. Biblical Foot Washing is part of Full Spectrum Reflexology.

Sadhu Sundar Sing:
"I chose to walk barefooted as I preached across India and in Tibet as a servant of Yesu. It was a point of obedience for me to follow his command to His 12 disciples. I
have no special posture for prayer. I may sit, or kneel or stand. I use no words. I think only of those things that I have been reading, of the things I have been doing or intend to do, of the people I know, of myself and of Yesu. Such thought is prayer and in such prayer, God speaks, not man."


Sadhu Sundar Sing
made many barefoot treks across the Himalayas into western Tibet where he gave witness to Yesu among the villagers and the Buddhist enclaves. He was known as the 'prophet of the bleeding feet' due to blood splotches left by severe cuts on his feet inflicted from sharp rocks of the precipitous trails he trod. In February of 1929 he made his last missionary tour into Tibet from which he never returned.


Sadhu Sundar Sing
"The Cross is like the fruit of the walnut-tree. The outer rind is bitter, but the kernel is refreshing and strengthening. From the outside the Cross has neither beauty nor goodness; its essence is only revealed to those who bear it. They find a kernel of spiritual sweetness and inward peace."


Indian Hills
House of Prayer

Zachary reads a letter of thanks to co-minister Tom Brinkerhoff. It is from a past guest at the House of Prayer. In 1971 she had received spiritual deliverance through a combination of deep pressure foot reflexology followed by the laying on of hands - accompanied with believing prayer in the name of Jesus (Yesu).


Street Ministry Team
1970 to 1973
Dean Hunt, Tom, Zachary & four other brothers made up the core of street ministers who ventured into the by-ways of Palm Springs, CA and then across the nation with the Rescue Wagon before establishing the House of Prayer in Indian HIlls, CO

"Once we brought home an addict that turned out to be a 4th cousin to Johnny Cash," said team member Mark Lowrie. "His name was Richard Lee Hook and he was instantly sobered up through our fervent prayer. We still have his dramatic testimony on audio tape in our files here at MIR."

Jun Castillanos
has never charged a price for Foot ReflexoCure in 20 years as a Lay Minister of Reflexology & Biblical Foot Washing. Jun now operates in San Diego: "I have had every daily need provided by Jesus as I have faithfully ministered to people through prayer and Reflexology. I have seen many miracles happen through my hands." (Jun is a Filipino who earned a Freelancer Professional Certificate from the Modern Institute.)


Cancer ReflexoCure
This Amish brother came to Marcel Poiron for ReflexoCure in Winnipeg, Canada. It took 11/2 years of treatment with Wittman Percuss-O-Flex and Herbal Bitters for complete healing of Sarcoma Cancers. Spontaneous Healing anyone?

Inset Close up
Five years after Amish received ReflexoCure Marcel took this photo to confirm eradication of the four Sarcoma Cancers that were on this left leg. Spontaneous healing anyone?

Amish Farmer
Our Amish brother also had several cancers on his neck photographed on first visit to Marcel for ReflexoCure (reflexology) treatment


Marcel Poiron
employed the old Percuss-O-Flex machine with herbal bitters to help eradicate the Amish Cancers. It took 11/2 years of regular treatment for the body to heal itself.
This report is given in loving memory of
Marcel Poiron of Winnipeg, MB
See Tribute Here


Randy Brewer
is my wonderful husband who helps me care for my Dad. Randy is a real blessing: he supports me in everything I do. He tries to minister to everyone he meets as a Christian who is faithful to plant the Good Seed.

When Randy & I first met - passing through a doorway - we both felt our hearts and souls lock. So, I can honestly say he is my heart and soul mate.


Loretta McMahon
On Wednesday and Friday I work at Wright's Nutrients, 6630 US 19, New Port Richey, FL.

Kathy & Jeff are the owners who are very busy having seminars at schools, churches and support groups such as celiac, fibromyalgia, weight loss, etc. They are very active in the Lutheran Church. I am truly blessed to be working in a Christian owned and operated Health Food Store. I am having a blast & to see results so quickly is truly remarkable.God bless you Zachary.


Bare foot in Arches
National Park
Youngest Student of Lay Ministry Program is 16 year old Gabriella Martinez. Here she hikes along the dirt pathways in Arches. Original Garden of Eden ReflexoCure. Lala says you should try it too. "It was fun practicing what I was taught in my lessons."


Arches National Park
"My Barefoot hike went through the Double O' Arch. For an hour I walked through nice sand, then rocks & stickers, and had a section of rocks/sand where I glissaded down the path. I stubbed my toe in the darkness, so I treated it by squiggling my foot deep into the cold sand. The piezo electric charge in the silicon crystals took all the pain of injury away."

















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