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All MIR Students are required to develop their own personal ReflexoCure Creed as a requirement of graduation. This creed is developed during their course of study with the INSTITUTE. The graduates will continue to develop their philosophy of practice through the faithful exercise of INTUITIVE EXPERIENTIALISM. Displayed below are some reflexology creeds of the INSTITUTE's Graduates which are under girded by a memorized statement of Thomas A. Edison, Sc.D., "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

Bob's Reflexology Creed

I love my neighbor as myself. I know I will never get to the bottom of human anatomy, as it is beyond human comprehension, but I will do my best to understand it to the best of my ability and be absorbed in the well being of mankind, both spiritually and physically.

I want to excel in helping my neighbor achieve better health. It is my prayer that pride may never cloud my intention to help both the poor and the rich.

As sickness often reduces us to lowly beings that sees us as we really are, thus making that vital contact with God; it may be the recovery of good health that helps us maintain the relationship with our maker, and if I can be used in a small way to help people feel better, it may be the push they need to restore their relationship with God Jehovah, and keep it.

As Dr. Brinkerhoff is part of the long line of the reflexology heritage, that he passed on to me so generously with techniques and health hints, it is also my resolution to share generously all that I have learned, so that people in this remote part of the world (Uganda) may also come to see the power of reflexology, and how reflexology is a powerful delivery system for Botanic Medicine, thus speeding up recovery.

Bob Drescher
Entebbe, Kampala
Uganda, Africa


Stacey Benson's Reflexology Creed

"The gateways to wisdom and knowledge are always open." Louise Day

This quote typifies my journey through life. As a practitioner of reflexology, I feel I learn as much from my clients as they learn from me. It is a practice that requires unconditional love and understanding and an open heart. Often it is the tips of my fingers that do the listening and learning, but it is important to remain open to the physical and verbal clues coming from the recipient. By keeping the lines of communication open and truly listening to the client, an extremely beneficial and helpful treatment can occur. I promise to provide a complete, honest, and humble service.

Recognizing that I have much to learn and that the journey of discovery will never be complete, I will continue to obtain training from Carnegie Melon University, workshops, and continuing education classes. I will also use prayer and meditation as a source of inspiration as I seek answers to challenges that fall before me.

As a seeker of knowledge, I realize that one of the best ways to learn a subject is to teach it. I will use my reflexology practice as a forum for teaching interested individuals how to provide healing and balance to their own bodies. I want to take the mystery out of the method and provide my clients with the skills to effectively treat themselves and their loved ones.

I have felt the power of reflexology in my own life. It has led to physical benefits in my own body. I have watched reflexology change my clients in a matter of minutes and also, over the course of many days. I will lead by example and apply a holistic approach to my healing. Simply using reflexology is not enough, but when we take the time to honor ourselves completely, healing can occur in everyone.

Physicist Stacey M. Benson, PR, LMT
Student Health Services
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

My Mission Statement

I appreciate that we are wonderfully made by the creator
who has endowed our bodies with
the innate ability to heal and maintain health.
It is my sincere endeavor to address
the individual needs of my clients
and help them to recognize
the strength within themselves
to reach their highest health potential.

I will always remain open to new concepts and discoveries;
incorporating these with the wisdom
of ancient and modern healers,
along with my personal skills,
to promote healing, health, joy
and awareness of our awesome natural universe.

--Phyllis R. Washington
Fairburn, GA


I believe that having had the privilege to being the student of many world renown reflexology teachers, energy healers and holistic practitioners, it is an honor to state the following:

It has been a great pleasure to have advanced further my studies in the field of reflexology by having learned and continue learning, the method and techniques taught by My cherished and respected friend and brother - Dr. Zachary Brinkerhoff.

The methods and concepts taught at the Modern Institute of Reflexology are based on the original methods and concepts used by the Pioneers and Revolutionaries of reflexology. A revolution that is continually carried on today by the MIR, with its teaching and techniques. I believe that reflexology is the "Conceptual Signature" of the future of healing! Its disciplines, science, art and service, when properly implemented by its practitioners with the true intention of helping the sick and infirm to rid their ailments, manifest the law of love and positive universal energy handed down by our Heavenly Creator. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!"

I highly recommend the modern institute of reflexology to anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge on the subject and service of reflexology as the true science that it is.

Peace and God's Blessing to All.

Ignacio 'Nachi' Sanchez
Certified Reflexologist and Perpetual Student.

Personal Reflexologist Creed.
by Charles D. Leath

I believe that the body is a divine, example of perfection. As a result of that perfection, the body has all ability to function properly and heal itself, after becoming imbalanced.

Reflexology is a natural tool to assist in bringing the body back into balance, reclaiming its perfect natural state.

Victoria's Reflexology Creed

Embarking on this journey has been a joyous event. The more I learn - the more I realize I have a lot to learn. My desire is to keep that thirst for knowledge going. Not to stay an infant in the field of Reflexocure, but to attain the experience needed to give professionalism and credibility to my practice.

Through this maturation process I hope to help not only myself, but also those who look to me for guidance. To help those individuals learn to care for themselves with my new expanding abilities. And to empower recipients of treatment by showing them that they can control their health through diet, positive thoughts, and Reflexology. Or at the very least - to live a more positive and less stressful life.

We must bear in mind that the only true relief for the world will come when God's Kingdom, promised to us by our Heavenly Father, rules here on Earth as it does in Heaven (Matthew 6:9-10). It's a comfort in this topsy-turvy world to know that all of Gods Promises come true (Isaiah 55:11, Joshua 23:14). So while we await that promise of a "New Heaven and New Earth" (2 Peter 3:13), it is also comforting to know that as imperfect individuals - we can strive to encourage others to attain unto the greatest degree of health possible in this present system of things. Meanwhile, we long for the perfection lost in Eden - yet promised again for us.

Submitted by
Victoria Nanasy
December 24, 2007

My ReflexoCure Creed

I consider the Reflexology profession to be the best holistic choice for me. Reflexology is the most Biblical Medicinal treatment I have researched. I am proud to be a part of ReflexoCure. I want to move forward and learn more each day. I don't ever want to stop learning both new and even better treatment, instruments and procedures.

The beginning of each day I will start with a prayer to rejoice and be glad for a new day. I will thank God for each client that comes to me for a treatment and ask for his guidance in treating them.

I want to take care of myself and be an example to my client's, family and all with whom I come into contact. I want to teach others to love and care for themselves as we all should for proper health.

With reflexology I have learned to expect miracles and give the credit to God.

I want to work as a unit with the other health fields for the betterment of our client's health and learn to recognize when a treatment is out of my professional realm and refer them on for the help they may need to the correct health care professional.

I will not attempt to diagnose, prescribe or cure a disease.

Money is not my goal -- people's health is my top priority. I will turn no one away from this amazing experience of reflexology.

When I go to bed at night -- I want to be happy and at peace with my day. I will thank God for sharing with me his miraculous healing and know he has given me a great gift to share with others.


LaVonna Preble
July 17, 2006


Jane's Reflexology Creed

As a reflexologist, I will aspire to bring comfort and healing to my clients in a professional and caring atmosphere. I will continue to study and be aware of what can be done as a reflexologist to help my clients. I will be reasonable collecting fees for my services.

To be a reflexologist allows me to interact with others on the common ground of humanity. Without preconceptions or expectations, I can connect with others in a comforting way that encourages positive health benefits. I consider their treatment time to be a prayerful time. It is a time devoted to that client. I will strive to be in tune, listening to the client and to my own intuitive and learned knowledge.

As a reflexologist, I hope to help others release their stress and anxieties. I hope to make others more aware of their feet, their bodies, and their right to be. I hope that my clients will feel a renewed sense of relaxation, energy, and respect for their feet. I hope that they might learn what they can do to improve the condition of their feet, therefore their entire body.

Within the simplicity and effectiveness of reflexology, I will aim to be spiritually sensitive to my clients needs. I will use a confident, comforting approach. Techniques will be chosen that awaken their own healing energies and positive responses.

Jane Scott

My Reflexology Creed

I reaffirm the words of
Thomas A. Edison, who said:

"The Doctor of the future will give no
medicine but will interest his patients in
care of the human frame, in diet, and in the
cause and prevention of disease."

We must remember that we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and in charge of the care of our body.

As Professional Reflexologists, we have been given a Gift of Healing. We must use this Gift according to the highest professional standards of our profession.

We must never forget the commission given by our Lord to
"Go forth and heal the sick".

Rev. Howard D. Van Orden, DR
Glendale, AZ

February 9, 2006

My Reflexist Creed

Shaharazad Lukanic

In the name of the God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

In the humble life of loving others, unselfishly helping when help is needed, giving, and sharing; I find the joy of life. Reflexology is as a well from which I can draw sources for that joy.

Never will prejudice toward rich or poor, nor difference in religion or nationality prevent me from offering my skills; as talent is a gift from God and what we do with it is our gift back.

I will continue in my search to improve my knowledge, sparing no expense in my effort to better help my patients discover the way to help themselves within themselves,

Although we do not choose the frame of our destiny, I will strive to contribute within that frame.

Reflexology moved my life with the Grace of Almighty God. So, I will pass this massage to others by touching their lives in order to help them through the stressful day, removing the pain of their life struggle, and guiding them through reflexology treatment to improve their living.

By the Grace of God Almighty I will maintain my own health and be an example for others to follow, and encourage them as well ... every step of the way.

"... And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people ..." (Qur'an 5:32)

Shahrazad T. Lukanic
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
April 12, 2005

Jolene's ReflexoCurist Creed.

Jolene Miles, CR
MIR Graduate

"My mission as a Reflexologist includes a multitude of challenges - I accept these challenges as gifts for I believe that it is not the destination, but the journey that is to be lived.

"I will educate my clients regarding the attitudinal and physical rejuvenation that reflexology may bring, and will deliver the highest quality services to them each.

"I will be a caring facilitator for the wellness of every individual who seeks healing through self-motivation that together we may expedite the removal of debilitating barriers to become balanced in their mental, physical and spiritual selves.

"I will further cooperate with and seek the support of the groups and individuals that share reflexology objectives and beliefs.

"As my endeavors become more deeply rooted through the challenges of this dynamic profession, I will together with God become an architect of my future and the future of reflexology."

............... Jolene Miles
Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Sara Painter's Reflexology Creed

Sara Painter takes a break under five Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer
III-3b's between treatment sessions.

Since being led by the Lord to Dr. Zachary Brinkerhoff and his Full Spectrum Reflexology, I have been blessed with participation in a multitude of miracles. Throughout my lifetime I will continue to be a catalyst for the dynamic results which can be achieved by following Zachary's teachings. I will be humble, recognizing that the truth as taught by Zachary Brinkerhoff comes not through me personally, but it is through the Lord's blessings that the miracle of spontaneous healing occurs through full spectrum reflexology.

Throughout my lifetime, even as Zachary Brinkerhoff celebrates Eunice Ingham-Stopfel for her contributions to reflexology, so will I celebrate Zachary Brinkerhoff for his contributions of the Photon Beamer (my miracle light); Dr. Riley's Reflexology Percussor; and the Full Spectrum Reflexology Home Study Program.

Throughout my lifetime I will celebrate Dr. Zachary Brinkerhoff and Dr. Richard Long for their vision of bringing light to the people, and for making it possible for ordinary souls to afford the gift of ongoing miracles.

Dr. Riley in Action

Throughout my career I will daily thank God for blessing me with the gift of being a ReflexoCurist, and for leading me to The Modern Institute of Reflexology. And I will continue, through Full Spectrum Reflexology, to participate in miracles with all who seek relief.

-- Sara Painter
October 19, 2004
Gillette, WY

David's Reflexology Creed
Nosce te Ipsum --- Know thyself

David Patterson, PR,
was issued a Certified Massage Technician license by Delaware Massage Board allowing him to legally practice professional reflexology.

I consider the phrase above to be the foundation of my work as a reflexology professional. Without this knowledge of me, I cannot help others find balance of body, mind, and spirit. It is this inner work that creates the ability to help others find a peaceful prosperous life.

Responsibilities ------- As a reflexologist, it is my responsibility to encourage others to find balance in their lives without my needing to be compensated in material ways. The largest reward will always be the light of love that ignites an individual to strive to maintain peace and realize their self worth. I will serve with no thought towards prejudice for this is counteractive to promoting self healing in the individual. I will strive to listen and lead, allowing others to glean what is right for them. I will always acknowledge the uniqueness of each person I meet, enjoying the journey to discovery and encouraging them to bring forth their spirit and grow in spirit.

Calling ------ I have been shown through my commitment that I need to relax those who are stressed, anxious, weak in body, confused and spiritually depleted, so that they can find the path towards light and love for themselves and others and open their intuitive skills. I also will strive to lead by example, as that is the best way to show the truth. I will not put myself above those I meet because everyone has their own biography that effects their wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

Practice ------- I will keep my standards high and always work from a professional and caring standpoint in order to realize and respond to the needs of the client and encourage them to take control of their lives. I will explain what is being done in the practice of my profession so that the client can feel secure in my knowledge and skills, so that they may leave with a feeling of confidence and well being. In this way the client will be able to continue to help persuade the body to normalize biologically.

David Patterson
Rehoboth, DE

August 10, 2002

Martha's Philosophy of Reflexology
(Colombian Martha Cecilia's Creed in English)

Niños Colombianos

Since a very early age, I have had an interest in nature, the environment and in simple and natural methods of healing body ailments. Because of this interest, over the years I became connected with various doctors and medical assistants at schools of natural medicine that existed in Colombia, my home country.

After marrying, I came to live in the United States. In my search about natural healing treatments I encountered the Modern Institute of Reflexology and its director, Doctor Zachary Brinkerhoff, III. He oriented me in the fascinating world of reflexology.

I learned from his teaching to focus all my attention only on my patient and to put away personal arrogance in order to better perceive information the patient has for me. Because of Dr. Brinkerhoff's good examples, I learned how to listen, and to be sympathetic to the patient's physical and emotional states and in a harmonious, delicate way how to integrate complete treatment for each individual.

My patient is my ultimate responsibility. I try to incorporate lessons with my treatments by encouraging healthy lifestyles that include a natural, healthy diet, appropriate physical exercises and types of relaxation. (Martha Cecilia Kessler)

Papagayo Colombiano

Mi Credo Sobre Reflexologia
(Martha Cecilia's Creed in Colombian Spanish)

Desde muy temprana edad me interese por la naturaleza, el medio ambiente y su relacion con el tratamiento de dolencias y enfermedades de una manera natural y sencilla. De esta forma poco a poco me vincule con doctores y practicantes de las diferentes escuelas de medicina natural que existian en ese momento en Colombia mi pais de origen.

Luego me case y me vine a vivir a los Estados Unidos. En me busqueda sobre tratamientos naturales encontre El Instituto Moderno de Reflexologia y su director el doctor Zachary Brinkerhoff, III, quien me oriento en este mundo fascinante de la Reflexologia.

Orquidea Colombiana

Aprendi de sus enseñanzas a enfocar toda mi atencion solamente en mi paciente y de abandonar cualquier orgullo de mi parte y de esta manera percibir verdaderamente la informacion que mi paciente quiera comunicarme. Gracias a los buenos consejos del doctor Brinkerhoff, escucho y me entono con el paciente y asi puedo percibir informacion importante que venga de su estado animico y emotional, y de esta manera, lo integro en un tratamiento completo, delicado y armonioso.

Mi paciente es mi responsabilidad en su parte fisica como tambien en la manera de ayudarlo a conocer otras formas de vida mas natural, dieta sana, ejercicios fisicos y de relajacion.

Por ultimo mis sinceros agradecimientos para el doctor Brinkerhoff quien ha sido mi fuente de inspiracion y de admiracion desde el primer momento que entre en contacto con el.

Martha Cecilia Kessler
Cotter, Arkansas
July 1, 2005

Dondrea Braun's
Holistic Health Care Creed

My mission and responsibility in the Natural/Holistic Health Care field - as a ReflexoCurist, Aromatherpist, Reiki Master, Sound Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritional Consultant and Master Herbalist - includes 3 very important components - no one more important than the other but all working together towards one ultimate goal - the complete and balanced health and well-being of my clients.

These components are:

1) True Caring and Right Motive - My motives for entering and continuing to practice in the Natural Health Care field are simple - I wish to serve, support and help my fellow human beings regain and maintain their health and prevent dis-ease of the body, mind and spirit.

2) Education - I do and will strive to further educate myself throughout my life and career in order to be able to better educate my clients in the care and maintenance of the human body. Knowledge is power for the client and I hope to be able to provide some of that knowledge in order to help them regain and maintain responsibility and control of their own health.

3) Example - I will strive to take care of myself and my family in a manner that sets an example for all around me - whether they be acquaintances, friends or clients. An example of love, responsibility, education and health is more powerful than any book, lecture or admonition.

My ultimate goal is to help provide my family, my clients and myself the knowledge and techniques necessary to keep our bodies - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - in a state of optimum health throughout our lives. I will strive to do this with love, patience, tenacity, curiosity, belief, an open mind and accepting spirit.

Dee 'Snoops' Braun
March 5, 2005
Yoder, Wyoming

Joyce's Reflexology Creed


As a professional Reflexologist, I have the opportunity to pursue my purpose in life to help make a difference in helping people to feel better, look better, and be better. To be a part in helping another make health and lifestyle changes. This will be very gratifying and rewarding and my calling in life will be fulfilled.

I am committed to be a part in health and life changing challenges to those who seek my professional expertise. To truly obey god's commandments, I believe we need to give the best we have, and the best will come back to us.

I believe I was created to live in perfect health naturally my entire life. Therefore, I am committed to set a good example for my clients by keeping my mind, body, and soul healthy and energized. I will be a tower of strength to the weak. I have an abundance of faith, courage, trust, love and gratitude that I know will be contagious to my clients.

I will practice habit control which is essential for a happy, long, and pain-free life. I will maintain my high life energy which will benefit my clients. I believe the real reason for not healing is that the body is running out of energy.

As a reflexocurist practitioner of an age-old health practice, I will continue on the path to further my education and improve techniques working with reflex pressure points on the hands, feet and ears and use them to help on the treatment of various body disturbances. I will educate my clients of the benefits and importance of detoxification, good nutrition, exercise, and reflexology to create a healthy lifestyle change.

Precious souls are sent to us throughout our lives to share in our journey, however brief or lasting their stay, they remind us of why we are here on earth. I will adhere to the directive of the Sovereign Creator and continue to live in peace by treating others as I desire that they treat me.

Joyce D. Scharf

Bird Bear's Reflexology Creed

Alfred Bird Bear Obes walks bare footed in the snows of North Dakota to -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reflexology as a professional science is ancient. Making it to an effective and successful craft for our days and developing it beyond that into a dynamic and wonderful healing art is my goal.

According to Lakota legend Sinkpe was a gentle, kind and humble man. Seeing his tiyospaye (his family/his people) in danger of being wiped out from sickness, he went to weep, to fast and to pray for inspiration. Guided accordingly, he was allowed to help and to heal.

I believe that humility is the first virtue above all else, and that simplicity is the mark of distinction, and of truth, and of beauty, and of what elevates craft to art.

Sapientia, pietate, reverentia. By wisdom, by love and by devotion, and by respect, I will practice my profession as a reflexocurist.

The root of wisdom is divine inspiration.
The fruit of wisdom is love.
And the instrument of transferal is respect.

Early on, my Elders taught me that man shall be noble, helpful and good. Nobility is not a rank but a way of life in generosity, in loyalty, in courage and magnanimity, and in benevolent obligation to service.

Always, I will see to it, and always, I will renew my efforts to guard my tongue, to cleanse my heart, and to dream my dream. Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Consideration and accuracy, sensitivity and sensibility, kindness, cheerfulness and alertness, good judgment, calmness and magnanimousness will make my intelligent and faithfully devoted care efficient for the sick and the dis-eased and successful for the clients seeking relief, restoration, revitalization and rejuvenation - and wholeness altogether and bliss (kalokagathia in Greek; wicosanni in Lakota and (with) cante-waste traveling on the canku luta!).

I will strive to treat and to instruct my clients so well and I will endeavor to interest them also in Care of the Human Frame, in Diet, and in the Cause and Prevention of Disease so much as to enable them to share in life lived well, in dreams of happiness, and in visions of hope. In sharing, we give of ourselves and reflect our true purpose in life.

First, with gentleness and firmness I will respond to the conditions and situations at hand.

Second, with openness and patience I will pursue my profession as reflexocurist to the benefit of all, catalyst at best.

Third, with trust and courage I believe in our potential.

Fourth, granted with Peace and Grace, we shall renew our energies - and heal!

Sapientia, pietate, reverentia. By wisdom, by devotion, by respect. In humility. Like - Sinkpe.

Submitted by:
Alfred Reinhard Bird Bear Obes
New Town, North Dakota
February 20, 2004.

Chantal's Reflexology Creed

"My dog loves
Beamer treatment
for her arthritis
and so do my patients."

As a ReflexoCurist of the present and future, I will focus on my Client's being as a whole: Physiologically, Psychologically, and Spiritually.

I will help them to attain health through natural alternatives in nutrition, essential oils, reflexology, and positive thinking.

Above all, I will be a vessel for God to work His healing power through. I believe this because God's Word says, "By Jesus stripes we are healed" ... and God's Word does not return void.

Chantal Papousek
Fredericksburg, IA
March 30, 2004

Cristi's ReflexoCurist Creed

Cristi Romans, RN
MIR Graduate practicing in Burlington, CO.

Through the Art of Reflexology I will provide services through these of my hands and my learning abilities. I will also provide a way to the healing process of each and every patient.

Through my vow of continued learning, it will enable me to help each individual become stronger, healthier and more relaxed through each passing day.

In the course of my work I will give the proper attention to all my patients problems and concerns, and do my best to answer any and all questions. It is my goal to provide the best care I can possibly give.

Through mind, body, and soul I will unite with my patients for their need of help and my ability to give. I will always be honest with my patients about their treatment and the plan of care that together the patient and I will pursue.

Furthermore I will only treat my patients with the kindness and respect with which I would want to be treated.

ReflexoCurist Cristi Romans, RN
Burlington, CO

Bonnie's Reflexist Creed

As a reflexology practitioner I will be the catalyst who triggers the body self-healing processes. I shall not diagnose, treat or prescribe for a specific disease. But I will simply work the mind, body and spirit as a whole to promote the healing process.

Bonnie J Roome, EMT

I shall treat others as I would those close to me. I shall listen to the patient with kindness and consideration. While I treat those patients I will not overreach the tolerance of their threshold and will work within their personal limits.

I shall try to help those that may ask for treatment without prejudice, knowing that every person is unique and deserving. I will be open to truth and willing to grow and develop for the betterment of myself.

And above all else, I shall use my abilities for the highest of good. And shall live my life as an example to all those I may help.

Bonnie J. Roome, CR, EMT
Lakewood, CO
February 23, 2001

Erik's Reflexology Creed

To procure a clientele of many and make my aspirations come true
Leaving no question unanswered, leaving no person without aid
Using my gifts of the Holy Spirit and become
One with the Creator of Life.

My knowledge through practice shall be proven with time
One being dispassionate to all who come and seek His guidance
I shall exemplify the true nature of Reflexology to the recipient.

Erik Z. Whisker
Professional ReflexoCurist
February 12, 2005
Everett, PA

Sara Hohman's Reflexology Creed

Sara L. Hohman uses DRUMmer to reflex stomach meridian Well Point on 2nd toe.

I believe that a new journey in life begins towards healing oneself through body, mind and spirit with reflexology. I believe that I have been given a special gift from our Creator that will help me in helping others with healing themselves and giving each individual a simple approach to better well being.

My calling enables me to show others how they can achieve the sense of wholeness and vitality, and help eliminate illness and pain from their lives through reflexocure. I learned that there is a special force that will let our bodies heal naturally and helps us gain a sense of control, when all other methods have failed. I truly believe that one can succeed with helping others through reflexology and this is the true reward in life that I seek. Some will come to me seeking help and may not be able to afford these services, however, it is my promise to myself that I will help those in dire need and that the material possessions in life are not always what matters most.

Through my practice I want to be able to listen to my clients so I may respond to their individual needs and restore their faith in natural healing in order to be able to teach them how they can help themselves to achieve total wellness.

Reflexology is the power one holds in their own hands to help themselves and others to eliminate pain and illness, and have a sense of wholeness in their life. As I progress in my profession the true awards that I will gain will be my opportunity to see others seek a sense of wholeness, health, happiness ... and to treat my clients as I would wish to be treated by them.

...... Sara L. Hohman
Aurora, IL

Stacy Summer's ReflexoCurist Creed

With the help of the Modern Institute of Reflexology and our wonderful Creator, I feel blessed and honored to be a Full Spectrum Reflexology Practitioner. Although I am a true believer in the power of this therapy, I will focus on the welfare of my patients, which may mean referring them to their medical practitioner.

I will continue to pursue the truth to total health and abide by my own preaching. However, I will not force any beliefs on to my patients, and I will maintain an open mind to any Wholistic, integrative, or conventional practices they so choose to participate.

Reflexology has done wonders for me through my pregnancy and my postpartum recovery. I feel it's my calling to help shed the light on this ancient therapy so that others may benefit.

38 weeks

.... Stacy Summers
Columbia, MO

My Reflexology Creed

Cave Junction, Oregon 2004

Reflexology in my life is a mode to channel Gods Love and healing energies to help all people in need who come to me, no matter their station, affluence, or otherwise.

Further, I will strive to do the best I can with the conditions I may have to work with and to treat everyone in the same manner that I like to be treated.

Martin Pesterfield
Cave Junction, Oregon

| Bridget's ReflexoCure Creed

"I commit to pray
for my clients."

I consider Reflexology to be a complementary, integrative, blended health science, through which a pressure is applied to reflex areas, formed by 7,200 nerve endings in each hand and foot, encouraging improved instruction to each and every organ, gland and single part of the body, thus persuading the body to biologically correct, strengthen and reinforce itself.

Through reflexology, I will attempt to offer an overall health enhancement program, working toward reeducating, re-patterning, and reconditioning the nerves through the neural/electrical system of the body. The sole job description of the nerves is to instruct the body; when the nerves improve~the instruction must improve~hence, the body improves.

My goal is to aid my clients to improve and benefit their overall health status by relaxing a particular area of the body through a highly specialized specific relaxation technique. I hope to improve nerve, blood and lymphatic supply, stop further deterioration, strengthen and reinforce all systems in the body, and to persuade the body to biologically correct itself by maintaining balance. Reflexology is not a belief system, but a health practice without contradictions. It is a safe, effective and reliable process, because it is persuasive, not invasive.

I commit to listen to my clients and respond carefully with the help of my Heavenly Father. I also commit to pray for my clients as they enter and exit my establishment. I believe with reflexology and the grace of God, we can make a difference in the lives of people.

Bridget Rucker
November 16, 2004

Donna's ReflexoCurist Creed

Donna Bean, PR

The reflexology profession is a profession that will allow me to aide my fellow man. Not for material rewards, but for the knowledge that I have been able to assist a client/patient to feel better and to believe in themselves.

I will seek to aid the hurting, restore the strength in the weak, relax the stressed and uplift the sad. To help people understand that as God created each of us, he can also help us heal ourselves.

I will listen to each individual in order to understand what their needs are and respond with words to insure their confidence and faith. I will show by example ways to help heal themselves and to keep healthy.

To always be open to new ideas and techniques in order to expand my reflexology profession. I will always treat others with the utmost respect and compassion as I would want them to treat me.

Donna M. Bean, PR
Gwinnett County, GA
June 26, 2004

Dawn's ReflexoCurist Creed

Dawn C. Horn

It is my endeavor to do the best I am able with the help and guidance of God to bring to balance the mind, body and spirit of each client that seeks my services. I believe that the key to harmony on all levels is the ability to teach the proper care and nourishment of the mind, body and spirit.

Given that Reflexology is the top of the line for healing arts, I will encourage others seeking to learn more about it to be grateful for the contributions of ancient healers. I am in awe of the meticulous recordings, charts, graphs, and cultural contributions from ancient wisdom. I feel extremely fortunate to have been led down the path of reflexology for healing.

I will listen to the concerns of each client and through prayer, meditation and my innate intuitive power implement a concise, thorough, and effective treatment plan to enable the client to balance and heal.

Dawn C. Horn
Avon, Colorado
November 12, 2004

Melissa's ReflexoCure Creed

My purpose as a certified reflexologist is not to pamper and spoil.
It is to help relax the emotionally distraught,
rejuvenate the weak in body and in mind,
help those eager to help themselves,
and those seeking an alternative to traditional healthcare.

My promise to myself is to not carry others
problems and ailments around with me, but to let things go.

Melissa Dorries
January 23, 2005
Cheyenne Wells, CO

Christine's ReflexoCurist Creed

I think reflexology can be a very good profession. There are a lot of people out there today that need help to feel better from all the different diseases in the world.

One of the reasons I started with reflexocure in the first place was to help my ill husband. So I plan to continue daily treatments for him so he can feel better day by day.

As I expand my practice beyond my home, I promise to do my best as a reflexocurist. I will listen and really pay attention to the needs of my patients, because there is not anything that makes me feel better than being able to help somebody.

As a reflexolocurist we can not expect to help every body, but I will do my best job for anybody who comes to me for this beneficial therapy. My hope is to open my own reflexology practice one day and for it to be busy as I strive to help people.

Christine Harlow
March 4, 2005
Fergus Falls, MN

Lisa's Creed

I promise to do my best in every reflex session; to give the support and kindness each person needs. I will try my best for each individual, whether it be reflexing the feet, hands, or ears, using the beamer, giving emotional, spiritual, or encouraging support.

I promise to do my best in every way possible making it known to my clients that it is not I that am doing any healing, but by GODS' grace and tender mercies, and by HIS power, HE heals. I am only the hands HE uses to reflex the patients needs for natural healing.

I promise to do whatever I can and deem necessary in each person that I work on, as one person may need a totally different treatment and result than another person needs.

I will do my best to make each person that comes to me for treatment, happy, satisfied, and educate them on how they must take care of themselves for better health and happiness.

I will, by GOD's grace, try my best to let each individual know that GOD can heal anyone and that HE will help them in ways man cannot.

I will try to be a strong comfort for those in need of better health and those in need of up-lifting and encouragement.

I promise always to have a good and cheerful attitude expanding positive energy to all those who come to me for help.

With GOD's help, I will do my best to be the best reflexocurist the person who comes to see me has ever had, teaching them that there is a natural way of healing at minimal cost, with no side effects, but reminding them that it is not I that heals, but GOD does the healing through my fingertips and hands.

May GOD use me to help others through my knowledge of reflexology.

Lisa Chamblee :)
Virginia Beach, VA

Zachary's ReflexoCure Creed

I consider the reflexology profession as a resource to help uplift the family unit & thereby better the lot of nations. I reconcile myself that the rewards will not always be material since some who seek me out will be broken with no money, but I will daily receive & accommodate myself to each inquirer without prejudice because I acknowledge the uniqueness of the individual. I will therefore seek to discover the interior beauty of each recipient's ... hidden beauty that I have been called to discover and bring forth.

My purpose prescribes that I seek to relax the emotionally anxious, revitalize the weak in body, restore the mentally confused, and rejuvenate the spiritually downcast in order that they might begin to choose the pathway that leads to life with a renewed vigor of body, clarity of mind, and perception of spirit. Likewise, I willingly accept the challenge to maintain my own health and truly live my profession, because example is the greatest teacher.

In the course of a reflexocure treatment I will observe and listen with restraint ... in order to properly perceive and respond to the need of my recipient with words that might revive their confidence and renew their faith. When the recipients intuition and conscience indicate renewal, I can then take courage that he might once again be motivated to take responsibility for himself.

My professional philosophy continues to mature as I seek to treat others as I desire that they should also treat me. And above all, with the help of my Heavenly Father, I will embrace every opportunity to demonstrate His love to my enemies by a prayerful offer of a ReflexoCure treatment --- at no charge.

Zachary Brinkerhoff
MIR Research & Development Clinic
Lakewood, Colorado, 80214

Doctors Prayer

Son of Maimon

"Almighty God, You have created the human body with infinite wisdom. Ten thousand times ten thousand organs have You combined in it; that act unceasingly and harmoniously to preserve the whole in all its beauty; the body which is the envelope of the immortal soul. They are ever acting in perfect order, agreement and accord. Yet, when the frailty of matter or the unbridling of passions deranges this order or interrupts this accord, then forces clash and the body crumbles into the primal dust from which it came. You send to man diseases as beneficent messengers to foretell approaching danger and to urge him to avert it.

"You have blessed Your earth, Your rivers and Your mountains with healing substances; they enable Your creatures to alleviate their sufferings and to heal their illnesses. You have endowed man with the wisdom to relieve the suffering of his brother, to recognize his disorders, to extract the healing substances, to discover their powers and to prepare and to apply them to suit every ill. In Your Eternal Providence You have chosen me to watch over the life and health of Your creatures. I am now about to apply myself to the duties of my profession. Support me, Almighty God, in these great labors that they may benefit mankind, for without Your help not even the least thing will succeed.

"Inspire me with love for my art and for Your creatures. Do not allow thirst for profit, ambition for renown and admiration, to interfere with my profession, for these are the enemies of truth and of love for mankind; and they can lead astray in the great task of attending to the welfare of Your creatures. Preserve the strength of my body and of my soul that they ever be ready to cheerfully help and support rich and poor, good and bad, enemy as well as friend. In the sufferer let me see only the human being. Illumine my mind that it recognize what presents itself and that it may comprehend what is absent or hidden. Let it not fail to see what is visible, but do not permit it to arrogate to itself the power to see what cannot be seen, for delicate and definite are the bounds of the great art of caring for the lives and health of Your creatures. Let me never be absent-minded. May no strange thoughts divert my attention at the bedside of the sick, or disturb my mind in its silent labors, for great and sacred are the thoughtful deliberations.

Grant that my patients have confidence in me and my art and follow my directions and my counsel. Remove from their midst all charlatans and the whole host of vicious relatives and know-all nurses, cruel people who arrogantly frustrate the wisest purposes of our art and often lead Your creatures to their death.

"Should those who are wiser than I wish to improve and instruct me, let my soul gratefully follow their guidance; for vast is the extent of our art. Should conceited fools, however, censure me, then let love for my profession steel me against them, so that I
remain steadfast without regard for age, for reputation, or for honor, because surrender would bring to Your creatures sickness and death.

"Imbue my soul with gentleness and calmness when older colleagues, proud of their age, wish to displace me or to scorn me or disdainfully to teach me. May even this be of advantage to me, for they know many things of which I am ignorant, but let not their arrogance give me pain. For they are old and old age is not master of the passions. I also hope to attain old age upon this earth, before You, Almighty God!

"Let me be contented in everything except in the great science of my profession. Never allow the thought to arise in me that I have attained to sufficient knowledge, but vouchsafe to me the strength, the leisure and the ambition ever to extend my knowledge. For art is great, but the mind of man is ever expanding.

"Almighty God! You have chosen me in Your mercy to watch over the life and death of Your creatures. I now apply myself to my profession. Support me in this great task so that it may benefit mankind, for without Your help not even the least thing will succeed."

R' Dovid Wheeler
Judaea Hills, Israel.

(Submitted by Rebb Dovid Wheeler: "I found this prayer translated into English from the original Hebrew. It is from the great 12th Century Rabbi Moshe ben (son of) Maimon. He was not only the community Rabbi in Egypt, but he was also the personal doctor of Saladin, the Egyptian ruler. This prayer is found in many hospitals and doctors offices. I think you will find it very uplifting and moving. He wrote this prayer for all physicians. It is my fervent prayer that I will not only offer these words, but live up to these words before I open my doors for clients. Dovid")

Maimonides was born Moses ben Maimon on the eve of Passover in 1135 in Cordoba, Spain, to a prominent rabbinical family. In his family tree figured King David and Rabbi Yehudah HaNassi, who had compiled the Mishnah.

His primary teacher was his father, Rabbi Maimon ben Joseph, a Jewish judge, who taught him not only the Talmud, but also the fundamentals of mathematics, astronomy and philosophy.

Maimonides was only 13 when his family was forced to leave Spain. After wandering homeless for many years -- wanderings during which his father died -- Maimonides and his brother David finally settled in Cairo, Egypt. There Maimonides continued his Torah studies, while his brother David, a dealer in gems, supported the family. When David perished in a sea voyage, the burden fell on Maimonides.

Maimonides refused to make money from his Torah knowledge, and therefore, in order to earn a living, he taught himself medicine. Within a short time, he was so famous as a healer that he was appointed physician to the Court of Sultan Saladin in Cairo. He was also appointed the chief rabbi of Cairo.

He was not proud to be living in Egypt, however. It is against Jewish law for Jews to live in Egypt after the Exodus, so he would sign himself "Moses ben Maimon who violates the commandments of the Torah daily by living in Egypt."

In addition to being a famous doctor and healer, Maimonides was a prolific writer. Of his voluminous works -- most of which were composed in Arabic but written with Hebrew characters -- four stand out as perhaps the most famous:

1. Commentary on the Mishnah -- his explanation of the Mishnah

2. Mishneh Torah -- his codex of all the legal decisions of the Talmud.

3. Guide to the Perplexed -- his explanation of how seemingly contradictory teachings of the Torah are in fact part of a complete unified whole

4. Discourse on the World to Come -- his explanation of the Messianic Age which includes the 13 Principles of Faith.

During his time the writings of Maimonides proved highly controversial. Some of his statements were deemed too radical, others were simply misunderstood. At one point, his works were banned, and after his death in 1204, they were burned at the instigation of the rabbis (in 1233).

However, when nine years later, the French king Louis IX ordered the Talmud burned, Jews interpreted this as a 'measure-for-measure' punishment from God for the burning of the works of Maimonides. Indeed, the rabbi who instigated the ban and burning, Rabbi Jonah Gerondi, subsequently repented for doing so and authored the book Sha'arei Teshuva, 'Gates of Repentance,'as a form of atonement for his derogatory statements about Maimonides.

Today the works of Maimonides are universally accepted and revered. Indeed, Maimonides is known in the Jewish world as one of most important of the Rishonim or "the First Ones."

(Courtesy: The Jews of Spain by Rabbi Ken Spiro.)


Wisdom of Maimonides

Teach your tongue to say
I do not know
and you will progress.

The risk of a wrong decision
is preferable to
the terror of indecision.

You must accept the truth
from whatever source it comes.

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