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This twelve lesson program has been designed like a many layered cake which has been sliced into twelve pieces. Dr. Brinkerhoff identifies each lesson as a slice which gives the student a taste of the whole; whereby learning is facilitated by exposing the mind to these small bits of each subject listed below. Thus, starting with Lesson #1 the learner will have enough reflexology information to initiate a treatment and thereby able to gain a fair level of confidence based on the positive feedback from the recipient ('Oh, that feels so good' or 'I am so relaxed' or 'Wow, my headache is gone').

Reflexologist Harvey Lampell, DPM visits Dr. Brinkerhoff's booth in
Australia. Dr. Lampell gave every participant a Foot Joint Alignment
treatment during his presentation. This technique is taught through
MIR's Home Study Package on DVD.

  1. HISTORY: Each lesson will contain a historical observation of the development of Reflexology in order to create a link with past generations of practitioners.

  2. THEORY: Eleven theories will be presented in order to make the student aware of the development of the archetype known today as FULL-SPECTRUM REFLEXOLOGY™ METHOD.

  3. BODY SYSTEM: The eleven body systems will be examined over the expanse of the course and the effect of reflex activation on those systems for the purpose of curing disease and a means of maintaining a functional level of health within the integrated body.

  4. ORGAN UNDER THE SPOT LIGHT: We will give an in-depth look at twelve important organs, their normal function, typical dysfunction and their response to reflex stimulation.

  5. HAND REFLEX TECHNIQUE: Diagrams given to support video demo.

  6. A PODIATRIST SPEAKS: Prominent Doctors of Podiatric Medicine will be quoted regarding the subject foot joint reflex alignment pressure technique which they bequeathed to the reflexology profession.

  7. TOOL DESCRIPTION: Recommended reflex stimulus tools, instruments and machines will be presented in each lesson. Some of these will also be featured in the video training films.

  8. CASE HISTORY FROM THE FILE: Interesting cases will be studied from the experience of Drs. Clement Wittman, Marcel Poiron, Zachary Brinkerhoff and others.

  9. DISEASE UNDER THE MICROSCOPE: We will examine the fundamental causative factor of the 12 allopathic types of disease and their anticipated response to reflexology.

  10. HEALTH HINTS: Important suggestions for regaining and maintaining health to which reflexology is complementary.

  11. YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED: Vital questions will be addressed by Drs. Marcel Poiron, Zachary Brinkerhoff, Mildred Carter, Robert Timm, Joel Wallach and others.

  12. PROFESSIONAL SUGGESTIONS: We will discuss professional and ethical guidelines that are necessary to a successful practice.

  13. ADVISORY BOARD DOCTORS make observations on reflexology practice.

    "Parties who want milk should not
    seat themselves on a stool
    in the middle of the field
    in hope that the cow
    will back up to them."

    – Elbert Hubbard

MIR Reflexology Tent: Lowry Air Force Base
MIR Graduates & Students give reflexology treatment
to employees at US Air Force Accounting Office in Denver.
(Lowry has been decommissioned and closed.)

Bulgarian Physical Therapist
Uses ReflexoCure Treatment

"I was granted a full scholarship to attend the Academy of Physical Education in Pottsdam outside Berlin, Germany. At this school I learned two systems which were new to me and which have ever since stood me in good stead.

"First there was a German way of administering massage called 'Deep Fascia'. This method utilizes a manipulation by kneading of the muscles beneath the skin. Today in the USA we refer to it as 'rolfing'. To perform it properly requires a thorough knowledge of both bone and muscle structure. The masseur must have hands practiced to make every move meaningful.

"The second technique was 'Zone Therapy'. In America this is now referred to as 'Reflexology'. All organs of the body have nerve extensions which terminate in the soles of the feet. If pressure is applied to the correct points on the bottom of the foot it can have an immediate effect upon the desired organs and upon those muscles which surround them.

"The great Irish Professor of Medicine, Dr. William F. FitzGerald, a leader in the fields of neurology and physiology, (introduced his newly discovered techiques) of Zone Therapy to the medical profession (before taking it to the chiropractors). Today, however, relatively few American doctors or therapists are familiar with this way of affecting relief from pain and, in some instances, actually bring about cures.

"Recently Mildred Carter, who studied the works of Drs. Fitzgerald and Joseph Riley, has published here in America a book explaining this method and how it can be used. At first blush the idea of affecting the heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, and other organs of the body by pressures applied to the soles of the feet may seem meretricious.

"I assure you it is not.

"Reflexology in the hands of a knowledgeable therapist is a valuable tool. In actuality its effectiveness is similar to that achieved by acupuncture. I don't for a moment want to give the impression I believe all types of human ills can be treated by pressures applied to the soles of the feet. I do say without hesitation that in certain types of physical disorder; Reflexology is the quickest and most effective modus operandi available.

"Occasionally I have come across aches and pains which could be relived in no other and which suddenly evaporated under this method of treatment. Specifically, I have been successful in treating chronic headaches and sinus with this technique. I have never, in all my years of practice as a physical therapist, come across a headache I could not help within five minutes of commencing reflexiological treatment."

Excerpt from My Fabulous Life (The Story of an Athlete, Trainer and Therapist) by Dimiter Alexander Spassoff, pages 41-42, Star Publishing Company, Inc., 1979, Boynton Beach, Florida.

Lives based on Doing or Being
are More Liberated than
lives based on having.
E.Y. Harburg

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Dr. Ordorff's AcuReflex Roller works meridians on the top of foot.
Alfred B. Obes, MD receives his Reflexology Certificate upon graduation at the Institute from Director of Studies
Zachary Brinkerhoff
Dr. Brinkerhoff's Knuckle Probe is good to work Dr. Riley's Zone reflexes in soft tissue of the forearm and leg.
Nicole's ReflexoCure Probe is on a roll: searching for K1 and other sore reflex points.
Dr. Wittman's
shown working the K1 Meridian point aka Solar Plexus reflex area.
Acu Reflex Roller easily activates the spinal reflex points along the instep of the feet. You can save your thumb.



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