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MIR Transcontinental Classroom first hit the road in 1998 The objective was to traverse the USA in order to tutor students in completion of the Home Study Correspondence Course. Through the Internet people began to request a stop in their town for a treatment with our specialized percussion reflexology and the Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer V-5. Sometimes the Big Bus would be on the road for two months at a stretch; always under the command of Zachary Brinkerhoff. This pictorial page of living history is designed to share some of the highlights and blessings encountered while visiting students, graduates and patients along the highways and byways of this vast and diverse country. However, in 2002 the TCC operation ceased with the Skipper's disintegration (failure) of his sacroiliac joints.

On The Road Again - 2005
Rocky Mountain RV Rollers
Bobby Whitlock comforts his wife Evelyn
as Zachary impacts the K1/Solar Plexus
with the DRUMmer on her right foot.

The Transcontinental Classroom went on the road again in 2005. It was a trial-run by Zachary to see how he would hold up after over two years of gradual recovery from his emergency back surgery. His first outing was with the Rocky Mountain RV Rollers which is a chapter of the National African American Recreational Vehicle Association (NAARVA). When he offered to ply his trade with some free samples on that first outing --- there were some takers. And the numbers of recipients grew as the word spread throughout the camp. "I worked on lots of feet late into the night," he said. "Only one person in the group had ever had a Reflexology (ReflexoCure) treatment. She helped coax the others to give it a try and a great time was had by most who participated."

The RV Rollers believe in business meetings. It is a form of
socialization that most members enjoy. Zachary & Rachel felt comfortable in joining the NAARVA Colorado Chapter since
they had joined the national association in the year 2000.

The Transcontinental Classroom made three short Colorado runs during the summer of 2005 in an effort for Zachary to again get acclimated to operating the Big Bus. "People keep asking if I am going to start student visitation soon. There is great interest in the service that the TCC provides, and for over two years I have had to disappoint many students and other folks seeking treatment because I had to keep delaying. I simply had to wait before undergoing retraining due to my new limitations," he said. "Now I am faced with demands at the Institute that tend to keep me grounded here in Lakewood, CO."

The Rocky Mountain RV Rollers Business Meeting is
still in progress and Jackie Houston has a big smile
as Jessie Hopkins (right) joins in.

Zachary certainly wants to get back on the road again. He envisions having a direct satellite connection so he can attend to students through the MIR Website on a daily basis. "I love driving across this great continent in anticipation of the next MIR Student in Training who awaits the arrival of the Big Bus. But the challenges of the road are demanding and I want to be in peak shape before I venture beyond the borders of Colorado," he said with far away look in his eye.

"Trust your hunches.
They're usually based on facts
filed away just below the conscious level."

– Dr. Joyce Brothers

PORT ORANGE, FLORIDA: When the TCC stopped to see Kim Kling in Port Orange, she had just won her case in open court by a pro se appearance before the judge. "I remember now scared I was as I went into court, but I remembered what you said about trusting our Heavenly Father to deal with the judge. Well, he ended up letting me practice as a Freelancer Reflexologist; I just had to do it under a different name. The judge liked my suggestion: Rapid Response Foot Treatment. So that is what I call what I do, but that's all right with me. I am just happy to be able to practice my profession.

OHIO: Judith Dearth started off with a bang as an M.I.R. Home Study Student. Working on people and having fun. But somewhere along the line she got sidetracked like some people can do. So TCC came around a second time to help Judith get refocused. "It was so great to have Zachary and Rachel stop by again. This time for free just to help encourage me to get going. We always go the local restaurant for a meal together; this time they paid. I was so glad to see them."
Not everyone who starts the Home Study course will graduate, but M.I.R. will make every effort to help inspire you to a happy finish.

COLORADO: TV SHOWTIME'S 'Penn & Teller' Camera crew loads up after Truck Stop shoot with truckers. The crew was skeptical, but became believers in reflexology after witnessing 100% positive feedback from 15 truckers who received just a 5 minute Dr. Riley's Massager treatment on feet. However, Penn & Teller's Bull---- program didn't reflect the crews belief.

VAN NUYS, CA: Fox Family Theater's 'Discovering the Unknown' ran a segment on reflexology. During the filming onboard TCC the Director gets a free sample of the Anodyne LED's on the ears and POM to the feet: "Wow"!!!! The whole crew was impressed. 3 days of filming and a lot of hard work. It was a true-life 'Hollywood' experience.

MIAMI PRISON: Jairo Soto Rodriquez completed HSCC in Miami's FCI and here receives a visit from Dr. Brinkerhoff for Finishing School. "When I am deported back to Columbia I am going to start a little reflexology clinic and help many people," explained Jairo. "I am so honored you came to visit me in prison." I talked with Jairo's fellow prisoners that day and they all testified to his 'unofficial' work in reflexology. Nothing but positive for Jairo: he graduated with honors.

NEW BRENNEN, OH: Nicole Schmitmeyer grips Dr. Riley's Massager while onboard her TCC visit. M.I.R. received all patent rights to her invention: Nicole's REFLEXY Tool. Nicole bartered for HSCC Program and advanced 500 Hour PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA. "It was a win-win situation," said Nicole. Her REFLEXY Tool is included in the Starter Kit & Home Study. It is excellent to stimulate the K-1 point on the bottom of the feet and also performs as a meridian probe.

Larry Rollins brought his new bride onboard the TCC during a stop in Dallas, TX. Larry (an old friend of Zachary's) has a very severe back condition, but Charlotte seems to think he is hamming it up. Just a little.
"I told Zachary I wanted to steal his laser. But it was his only demonstrator, so I refrained myself ... which I regret."

This is a close-up of the Photoluminescent laser action: LaserFlex 785 nanometer frequency and 499 milliwatts of pure photo-bioelectric energy.
Larry told Zachary, "I had no trouble getting into my cowboy boots the next morning. That is an almost impossible everyday task to do. I felt great for about 4 days. Amazing."
The North American Association of Laser Therapy held in Atlanta (NAALT) brought together the TCC and this MD from Einstein Medical Center in Germany. He offered to set Zachary up in Germany with the most experienced bone surgeon he knew, but Courtney Brown, MD in Denver intervened and performed the pioneering Charcot spinal surgery. After 7 months flat on his back Dr. Brown declared the bone graft development: a miracle and extraordinary; and a statement that he was pleased with what the 80 cat scan pictures showed. (The German doctor loved the reflexology treatment.)
Johnny Johnson of El Cajon receives a reflexology treatment from Zachary Brinkerhoff back in 1969. This is the inside of the Zone Therapy Clinic which operated out of Niland,CA at the Fountain of Youth Mineral Spa. This was Zachary's first professional experience and it went well working 6 days a week and 12 hours a day. "That first season set a professional pattern that would carry over the years. It made me what I am today; it surely built confidence at the deepest level. That experience has enabled me to stand against bigoted opposition from the orthodox medical community."

TAIWAN: The TCC attended Fr. Josef's reflexology class. Fr. Josef liked the POM jackhammer because of the dynamic power. M.I.R. respects his deep knuckle technique which can be very painful at times, but the results are excellent. In fact he liked M.I.R.'s techniques so well he stated: "I am going to refer my USA handicap students to your INSTITUTE."

ALNA, ME: The group that attended Fr. Josef's class experienced a lot and had a great time learning together
On Sunday Fr. Josef served Mass to eight attendees. A wonderful time was experienced by all.

SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA: Ed Fong's team came on board the TCC for a live demo of Dr. Riley's Ultra Massager dubbed the DRUMmer. Ed and his two associates each bought their own DRUMmer. They have made this dynamic percussive massager a major highlight of a reflexology treatment at their Sacramento Clinic. "The specialty brass tip makes it so easy on the practitioner to apply," said Ed.

Reflexologist Fong was able to keep his clinic doors open when Sacramento demanded he obtain a permit. The permit was granted on the validity of the Professional Freelancer Certificate issued to him by the INSTITUTE.

A special swing through MS especially to see Noah Lee. Rachel was impressed with Noah's treatment which included the percussion machines, finger pressure and a unique towel rub on the back of the hands. "It was wonderful," said Rachel. Noah is a Mennonite who paid for his farm in just 22 years doing Reflexology. He is an inspiration to all reflexologists.
Nurse Nancy Barkdoll, LPN, was doing nail care on the feet when she took MIR's Home Study. She called for TCC and the Brinkerhoff's paid her a 1-Day visit. Nancy did well over the next two years. On the next TCC visit she had opened two clinics and was beginning to teach reflexology. She went ahead to get her M.I.R. Professional Diploma and then her Massage Therapy license. Nancy loves her new career in Reflexology
BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA : Kerry Tolbert was happy when the TCC stopped at his home for the second time. "It was so inspiring to have Dr. Brinkerhoff and his wife drop by to visit in my home. I got to work on Rachel in my new Reflexology Room. A friend helped me fix it up ... and everyone really likes it." Kerry had a surgical intervention to help repair a skin breakdown; but he is back up to speed now. "I appreciated Dr. B. praying with me too."
CHEYENNE WELLS, CO: Rancher wife Alice Akers has run 'Healing Touch Clinic' since graduation 6 years ago. "I wish I had found M.I.R. 30 years ago," said Alice.
The local hospital has been sending patients to Alice for several years now, but it hasn't always been easy: "I remember when the local pharmacist tried to give me some bad publicity, but he lost that battle. My reflexology work is too good for him to discredit. He finally realized he was only hurting himself, so he eased up. In fact he called just today and wanted an appointment."
"It was the highlight of that trip to work with Stephanie Fimrite," relayed Zachary Brinkerhoff. "She hung in there for 15 hours of TCC with only two short breaks. Neither one of us ate anything." Stephanie is the Mother of three young ones and has a supportive husband. "I had averaged around 15 people a week, but that is too much with 3 kids and a husband, so I've cut back a little since #3 came along. It was my dream-come-true to have my own successful business. I am so grateful for Zachary sharing his wisdom with me ... he was used of my Heavenly Father to get a new direction in life. My whole life is different now. I couldn't be happier."











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MIR Transcontinental Classroom
Zachary & Rachel take a break in a Flathead Lake (Montana) Daisy Field in 1999.
Evelyn Whitlock
The DRUMmer impact on the K1/Solar Plexus was a new & thrilling experience for Evelyn. Her expression tells the world a story.
KOA Reflex Clinic
Zachary set up his TCC ReflexoCure Clinic at the Monument, Colorado Kampground of America. "I set up my chair outdoors in my neighbors Space (22). There was lots of action for the DRUMmer that day and into the night."
Barbara James also benefited with the K1/Solar Plexus reflex activation, but her husband Willy wasn't up for a ReflexoCure rounder. This was definitely a new experience for this group of RV Rollers.
When Dolores Williams saw her husband free from foot pain after the treatment - happiness filled her face with a big smile. "Where is your Clinic? I'm coming in for more ReflexoCure," said Michael with an ear-to-ear grin of his own. "My feet feel really good."
The RV Rollers Wagon Master Russ Cole passed on a ReflexoCure, but his wife took her turn to try and help control the edema in her feet and ankles. "Walk barefoot on the gravel driveway and you can create and maintain your own state of good health," said Zachary. He made sure each recipient walked stocking footed on the gravel after their treatment. "This is Garden of Eden Reflexology." (There was lots of ohing and ahhing going on in the ReflexoCure area.)
Wagon Master's wife Joan Cole waits her turn for a shot at Reflexology for the ankle via the sole. It took a little coaxing, but she reclined in the ReflexoCure chair and gave her feet to the DRUMmer. Only one in the group had experienced reflexology and DRUMmer was even a shocking experience for her too.
Roberta Gaskin finally got her turn for DRUMmer ReflexoCure action as the darkness of night enveloped the campground.
President Joellen Davis wasn't first in line, but she excitedly took her turn in the Reflexology Chair. She was a good sport about this new experience and is indeed a dedicated leader of the RV Rollers.
KUWAIT VISITOR: Zachary 'loading up' with assistance of Hisham AlJaser of Kuwait. A tour of the TCC was on the 6 day schedule of events during Hisham's visit to USA. Hisham left Denver with his HSCC certificate and an M.I.R. Franchise for a branch in Kuwait. He was training the first 50 reflexologists for the Middle East 4/4/03.


Hisham was impressed with the size of the Safari Sahara Motor Coach: 35' long by 8.5'.
It is a real challenge
to maneuver the TCC through freeways of
big cities like Toronto, St. Louis, Los Angeles & across that George Washington Bridge
into Brooklyn, NY.
But when you pull up
to a students house
and see their big smile ... it is worth it all.
When the TCC is passing slow cars on the freeway; they see our advertisement on the back of bus. People have called on their cell phone or from home to get a treatment. As a reflexologist you always have your vocation 'there' in your hands.

A TCC emergency; tow-car has gas tank rupture on freeway; Fire engine comes to rescue; Fireman prevent explosion; Disaster averted; Zachary & Rachel express gratitude; TCC heads to Tallahassee
for tank replacement.

Zachary takes a little snooze en route to the next stop. The TCC is spacious and the couch provides a nice place to stretch out and rest. Better here than behind the wheel.

Rachel wants 2 deluxe tostada's; 1 bean burrito; 2 tacos with the works; lots of hot sauce; and a big Sprite to go.
Zachary??? He will blend-up the other half
of his seeded watermelon from
Super WalMart and
have a rich, creamy Super Melon Drink.


Dr. Brinkerhoff unloads from the TCC while the camera rolls for SHOWTIME'S filming of Penn & Teller: Bullshit. He stopped here to visit nurse Cristi Romans who had just signed up for the course. Two great days of filming and a fun time was had by all participants.


Somewhere on the road another upload. This powerful hoist lifts Zachary from the ground; right up into Big Bus and sets him right on the deck. Dr. Brinkerhoff loves to travel across the country. Some of his trips last over two months. "I just take my time going from student to student; trying to time the intervals between students. I love this."


Larry Rollins (seated in chair gazing out window of TCC Bus) told Zachary in a recent phone conversation:
"I am telling you the truth when I say that
my back didn't hurt me at all during those 4 days after that darned laser treatment."



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