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Modern Institute of Reflexology, Inc.
M.I.R. Research & Development Clinic
4086 Youngfield
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Fax 1-303-237-1606
Telephone: 1-800-533-1837
web site: www.reflexologyinstitute.com
Email: zachary@reflexologyinstitute.com

M.I.R. is a registered Colorado corporation; approved and regulated by the:

Colorado Department of Higher Education,
Division of Private Occupational Schools
DPOS Standard Certificate #1229.

The Division of Private Occupational Schools Board has approved the Full Spectrum Reflexology Program in the format of a Home Study Course coupled with tutoring. This program has been designed for training professional reflexologists to fill the growing need for effective, economical, preventive and restorative Heath Care that is easily supplied and administered to the general public through the medium of professional practitioners combined with self-help procedures. M.I.R.’s Reflexology Program (formerly under CIP 12.0405 Massage) is in transition toward a new category of CIP classification:

Certified Instructional Program
CIP Code 51.9999
Health Professions & Related Clinical Science, Other.

This is a comprehensive program for training professional reflexologists through INTUITIVE EXPERIENTIALISM: theory (mechanisms of reflex action); hand and instrument reflex application techniques & procedure; foot joint micro-alignment reflex technique procedure; reflexology history both ancient and modern; anatomy of 12 body systems and the physiology of their integrative function; reflexology’s effect on the fundamental cause of disease symptoms; reflexology and the prevention of disease; contraindications for and side-effects of dynamic treatment; professionalism in the market place; malpractice/liability insurance provision; laboratory practicum; reflexology as a ministry; advantage of home study and open book questions; and the vital role of tutoring.

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----- David Steele





Updated: 10/20/05

Zachary Brinkerhoff, DR, M.I.R. President, Director of Studies, Clinic Operations.
Dr. Richard Long
MIR Development Clinic presents diploma to Alice Harrison & husband from Greece.
Probe stimulating K-1 Meridian.
Specialty probes crafted by Dr. Long.

1938 Ingham
Reflex Chart

Photoluminescent Reflex Beamer I-1
radiating top of recipient's feet.
Fr. Josef shows his famous knuckle technique.



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